AdsBridge Review: Powerful Link Tracker and Landing Page Creator

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Intelligent Tracking Software


Real-time statst


Traffic distribution system


Online support


  • Intelligent Tracking Software
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Automatic campaign optimization
  • Multi-user access and roles
  • Ready-to-use templates


  • Visits over limit
  • No refunds


AdsBridge is an intelligent ad tracking platform and traffic distribution system.  It can actually do a huge range of other things that will help to keep all your decision-making information together in one place. Along with the basic tracking features, AdsBridge provides advanced functionality like auto-optimization, multi-access option, LP builder and more that can boost your campaign performance and make tracking effective.

The system’s key benefits are:

– totally cloud-hosted solution

– tracking & advanced TDS

– dedicated support team

– affordable pricing plans

– works best for scaling


Along with its vast options and nicely designed interface, you will definitely appreciate the easy process of setting that saves time and turns your day-to-day work into a piece of cake. No matter if you are a newbie in the business or an experienced affiliate marketer, AdsBridge is a tracking platform that will come in handy!


AdsBridge Best Affiliate software web tracker and landing page builder review

It is all in one tool which gives you an opportunity to improve the quality of your campaign and create one, without going through the complex processes. With the help of  drag and drop landing page builder  and existing landing page templates, anyone can create professional and attractive landing pages.

So let me tell you why I chose AdsBridge over other tools

Split Testing

Adsbridge split testing

For those of you, who are not aware of what split testing is: It is a process in which you make changes in your landing page and track the difference in conversions and traffic. It is one of the most important things when you are selling a product; it is good for marketing research, future planning and forecasting.  

There are many different factors in which split testing can be carried on. For newbies and not so technically sound internet marketers, split testing can prove to be complex and confusing, but not if you are using AdsBridge. Every landing page has an in built split testing function, you don’t have to create multiple landing pages, using its efficient editor you can make changes to the existing landing page and track the difference in performance easily.

There is also an inbuilt web and mobile tracking and traffic tracking distribution system using which you can break down the traffic and users visiting from desktop and mobile devices.

Stats Tracking

Adsbridge Stats tracking


Every internet marketer needs a stats tracking software and they have no option but to buy it, but it does not end there, after that you need to register a domain, set up hosting, install the software on your server and figure out the entire configuration, and if you have done everything correctly then only you can start tracking.

Sounds like a lot of complex steps right? But this is not the case if you are using AdsBridge, it gives you full access to stats and tracking tools without going through the nightmare of installing, downloading, integrating and setting up a hosting service. You will get access to the tools for every landing page you create; there is no limitation on number of landing pages.

As soon as you create a landing page the tracking system starts working and starts tracking every visit, click and conversion, literally any tech noob can work like a pro on AdsBridge.

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With the help of their tracking system you can setup and schedule campaigns on the basis of location, type of traffic, source of traffic. Trust me, when it comes to selling, these stats will be the key factor in increasing your sales.

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Conversion Tracker

Adsbridge Conversion Tracker

With the help of conversion tracker you will get the stats and details about the traffic and its conversion rate, all you need to do is add a tracking pixel on your website.

Campaign Optimization

adsbridge campaign

With the help of this tool you can configure and optimize your campaign on the basis of stats and data you have collected and increase your conversion rate and revenue.

Automatic campaign optimization

Automatic optimization is a new exclusive tool designed to simplify the work of affiliates. It provides various algorithms based on the combination of optimal control strategy and probabilistic approach that help monitor all statistics and reduce risks.

Targeting Options

adsbridge targeting


One ad cannot leave a lasting impact on every visitor, the success of an ad campaign depends on the geographical location, language, and the device visitor is using. That is why AdsBridge has a targeting feature using which you can setup ads on the basis of location, device, time and day even browser.

Landing Page Editor

 adsbridge landingpage

There are a lot of landing page templates available in AdsBridge, you can choose any of those templates, they are divided by categories like health, travelling, etc and start editing using the editor, you can customize the landing page in whatever way you want, or you can start with a blank page and start adding your own text, image and videos.

Campaign Wizard

Adsbridge have a campaign wizard which will  guide you to all steps of campaign creation from setting up a traffic source to final campaign URL. This whole process will make your experience very smooth.

Test campaign URL

Now Adsbridge gives you feature to test URL to make sure that your funnel works properly and all  landing pages are set properly. You can test clicks, redirects and can filter out campaigns without actually changing the actual results.

Conversion status in the S2S postback

This new feature in Adsbridge allows you to test the conversion was successful or not. You can also check the revenue rates in the Adsbridge dashboard.

Unique redirect rule

This new feature in Adsbridge drives you to direct traffic to various campaigns by sending same user to different offers & landing pages.

Exit pop-up in visual editor

Adsbridge allows you to set up exit popups through visual editor while creating landing pages thus reducing number of bounce users.

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Signing up with AdsBridge


Adsbridge 3

You can sign up with AdsBridge for free, it is easy and simple to join and the process is really fast unlike its competitors. You don’t have to fill in a long list of details; all you need to enter is your first and last name and your email address which you need to confirm by clicking the verification link they will email you. As soon as you verify your email, you can start creating your landing page and make money.

Once you have completed the sign up process, you will immediately get access to the dashboard; you will find many options like campaigns, domain, traffic sources etc. Now, you might get little confused if you are using a tool like this for the first time. Don’t worry, if you are facing issues, then they can provide you one on one demo session, where their staff will give you a step by step demonstration and help you create your first landing page. They also have a blog where newbies can learn tips and tricks of affiliate marketing.


AdsBridge Pricing

After registration, each user gets a 30-day free trial or 50,000 visits with a basic set of features like traffic distribution. Plus, you can test a landing page editor and create 3 landing pages for your campaigns. Once your Basic plan runs out, you can choose a suitable subscription for your business. And if you feel like this platform meets your entire requirement, you can subscribe to an annual plan which eventually will save you 15% in a year and leave you out of the worries about auto renewal or prolongation.


If you are looking for a tool which can help you create impressive landing pages and maximize your sales and revenue then AdsBridge is perfect for you. You don’t have to go to a website developer every time you have a product to promote; you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars every time you have to build a landing page.

AdsBridge gives you complete freedom on customizing your page as per your need. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for tracking software and have to go through the hassle of downloading, installing and integrating them. Any tech noob can use AdsBridge to create attractive, professional and impressive landing page.

AdsBridge is the newest and most  advanced tracking platform for internetmarketers! It stands out from the crowd because of their low pricing and premium built in features.


  • Advanced TDS & tracker
  • High-speed redirects
  • LP builder & hosting
  • Lander templates
  • Competitive pricing

I have been using AdsBridge for a while now to create landing pages of the products I am an affiliate to, and I have nothing but good things to say about this tool. So, go ahead and sign up with AdsBridge for free and start making money.

>>>>Start Tracking and Optimize Your Marketing 30 DAY FREE TRIAL

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