[Updated 2018] Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms

In the ever growing market and ever growing competition, you have to be better and should possess better knowledge and skills than your competitor in order to thrive. There are various marketing techniques out there which can help you to gain visitors to your product or service.

Affiliate marketing is one such technique which basically means you pay someone else to bring in visitors to your place through the referral links that has been provided in the first place. However, its not an easy task to manage each and every affiliate program day by day therefore to ease the pain there are many affiliate management programs available out there.

So, without any further ado let’s discuss the top best affiliate marketing tracking software platforms 2018

1) Voluum :

It’s one of the 2nd fastest growing company in Europe and 3rd fastest growing company across all of EMEA. Voluum Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software is one of the best to control track, assess and even optimize your affiliate marketing techniques.

Voluum - Performance marketing tracker

It comes with four different plans; Pro which costs around $99 per month, it includes 1,000,000 events with $0.04/1000 events. Agency, about $399 per month which includes 10,000,000 with $0.036/1000 events. Enterprise, $999 per month with 30,000,000 included events and average of $0.03/1000 and the final one is the custom which contains epic and legendary included events.


  • Easy deployment and instant setup within minutes.
  • You can start tracking as soon as you sign up.
  • Infinite scalability is present.
  • There is no data limit and repeatable campaign setup is present.
  • Extensive reporting is provided
  • Results are real time and granular.
  • One click optimization is present.
  • Redirects are much faster than compared to traditional software.
  • Available as mobile app too.
  • It can be accessed anytime, anywhere.



The first one on the list is the CAKE software that can be obtained from the “getcake.com”. CAKE enables companies to track, attribute and optimize digital marketing return on ad spend in real-time. It comes in three flavors one is for brands, second being for networks and the third one is for lead distribution.

Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software - Cake

Its a simple and easy to use tool. The versatile dashboard provides complete view of the overall performance of your networks, managing contacts and analyzing results as well.


  • It provides multi-channel tracking which involves tracking from different channel simultaneously and thus reducing the hassle to track every channel separately.
  • One of the cool features of CAKE is its multi-touch attribution which supports models including time decay, linear, engagement, customized as well as first and last touch.
  • Reporting and data visualization has never been this easy, see the top and underperforming channels as well as manage them. Other features that come under this category is customization of the user and sharing your views across the organization.
  • Lead Generation and distribution include automated collection, validation and distribution of leads in real-time with the top most industry tools.
  • Going beyond revenue generating conversations to see what is actually driving conversations comes under event tracking.
  • Real time reporting is present there to ease the pain of reporting. Real time reporting includes exporting data to a CSV file, accessing data via API and scheduling specific reports in real-time.
  • Mobile tracking using available SDK and helper files has never been this easy.
  • Reports can be customized and shared across your organization.
  • Account control access and roles can be assigned to every user and what kind of permissions they have.
  • Coupons can be tracked by source using advanced attribution options.
  • API support are available and changes can be made using those APIs.
  • Actions can be taken when a revenue-impacting fraud is recognized and custom alerts can be set that recognize abnormal campaign behavior.


3) Link Trust

Linktrust is a management and tracking SaaS affiliate solution that includes ad network management and lead management. It was founded in 2002 and its headquarter resides in the United States. It’s almost integral with every leading marketing site out there such as Google, PayPal etc.

Affiliate tracking software - Link tracker

It provides three pricing options; Advertiser (setup costs around $600 and $570 monthly), Network (setup cost around $2000 and $1750 monthly) and Lead Gen (setup around $500 and $1250 monthly). Linktrust has shown 14% positive growth and generates 106707 pageviews. This software can be obtained from “linktrust.com”.


  • Simple and elegant to use. Everything is present in one dashboard.
  • Provides a successful management affiliate program while tracking affiliates marketing efforts and performance.
  • Allows tracking and managing of the performance of the calls, leads and sales across all of the marketing channels.
  • Lead management allows you to capture, validate and manage your online leads. Allows you to track you leads and their sources. Furthermore, they can be optimized.
  • Fraud detection allows you to detect and to prevent any fraudulent activity from happening.
  • Mobile tracking lets track user engagement with the unparalleled server sided technology and powerful real-time mobile reporting
  • Different geo locations users can be routed to specific landing pages to improve the customer experience.
  • Easily installed with shopping carts to provide the real-time performance report to everyone.
  • Separate client/affiliate portals can be made to provide them access to monitor and analyze performance.



4) Omnistar

Omnistar allows you to easily create and manage an affiliate program for your business. Omnistar has been ranked #1 affiliate software. Most of the reviewing sites has reviews this software more than 4 stars.Omnistar- Affiliate Tracking Software Marketing

It is easily deployed and takes at max 10 minutes. Omnistar offers five options which ranges from $48 to $300 per month. It totally depends on your need. At last this can be integrated with every payment and carts out there.


  • Sharing has never been this easy, OSI social share widget allows customers and visitors to start promoting your business; includes promoting via google, Facebook and even by sending mails.
  • Rewards can be issued using coupons, discounts, commissions or even gift cards.
  • Users can be promoted to customizable thank you pages, so that when a user lands on the thank you page can promote you.
  • Lots of prewritten email templates are present which can be used by the partners to send to their clients, family and friends.
  • Every new customer can be turned into a brand with the auto sign up feature that comes with this software.
  • Built in live chat is present and 24/7 customer support is there to help.


5) IDevAffiliate

It has been in market since last 15 years and has been one of the leading affiliate tracking software out there. To achieve more sales, it can be added to your corresponding websites which increase traffic and increases more search engine ranking. It can be deployed in mere minutes and through the built-in frontend templating easily integrated into the existing website.

iDevAffiliate - Affiliate Tracking Software

It is available for $150 but there are other flavors available too; Gold which costs around $250, platinum a bit more I.e. around $350 and the last one is the costliest one, black edition which costs around $400.You can even lease it by paying monthly fees.


  • It lets you design your own payout structure.
  • Tons of options are present there such as email templates; these are prewritten email templates which can be sent by admin to its client, family or even friends.
  • Social media plugins, QR codes and banners are available too
  • It can be customized and edited to your own will.
  • Html/CSS templated, language packs, color scheme, and logo are present too.
  • Many built-in securities are present which prevent any fraudulent activity and alerts when one happens.
  • Real-time reporting is present which involves export of reports in PDF, CSV and Excel sheets.


6) LeadDyno

On the formation of the new account on their website, it provides a subdomain for you in the leaddyno.com. This subdomain then can be further customized with your website/company logo and colors. iframe mode present with these allows you to even embed it in your sites. New people can be recruited with the email invitation feature.

LeadDyno - Easy Affiliate Network

It comes up with different plans such as starter, accelerator, builder, boss, rainmaker, baller, and VIP.These plans varies according to the no of the visitors and the in the prices.


  • Emails can be sent to welcome new affiliates.
  • Easy deployment which can be done in mere minutes.
  • PayPal affiliate tracking
  • Google ads click costs are always creeping up, it provides a more comprehensive commission based clicks which always provide a reasonable price.
  • Easy integration into websites.


7) Affiliate WP

This is one of the best products when it comes to WordPress sites or blogs. It not only promotes products and services but it integrates with the most popular plugins and provides real time reporting for your corresponding affiliates. It tracks any kind of referrals via caching as well as coupon tracking.

AffiliateWP - Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

There are three kinds of pricing plans available on the affiliate WP; Personal which costs around $40,Buisness which costs about $99 and the last one is for developers known as developer which is for $199.

  • Accurate tracking and results
  • It allows complete integration with different websites, mainly with WordPress websites and blogs
  • Real time reporting is also there which reports without any delays.
  • You can have unlimited numbers of affiliates which can help to actively participate and promote your business.
  • Different coupons can be connected together and can be linked to different affiliate accounts.
  • Easy affiliate management is possible such as viewing of the top and underworking affiliates.
  • It also provides a feature with which you can allow a new account creation for the ones who register with WordPress account on your website.
  • All in one dashboard is present for the easy access of the affiliates.
  • Different rate types can be selected depending on the choice; global, per-affiliate and per-product basis.
  • Customized URL can be allowed to be used by the affiliates; either they can use their own or can use their WordPress username in URLs.
  • Expiration date can be set on the cookie.
  • Customized emails are already present which can be modified to their use.
  • Data can be stored to external CSVs.
  • Detailed logging can be done.
  • Provides quality assistance and world class support.




8) Hitpath Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

Hit path is one of the affiliate tracking programs that assists companies in the online marketing space. The main aim of the company is to provide a proper affiliate network. This software is one of the SaaS products.HitPath - Affiliate Tracking Software Marketing

The company was founded in 2005 and their headquarter location is in US. One of the difference while considering other affiliate software’s you can sign up for free demo before getting into contact with a sales representative.


  • User friendly and easy to use.
  • Multiple affiliate APIs
  • Suppression data management
  • Provides unlimited storage caacity
  • Flexible in nature.
  • Allows third party installations and management.
  • Built in security to prevent frauds that includes fraud screening, reporting and third party protection.
  • Multiple currencies are present depending on the need and the place.
  • Report settings can be customized
  • Training and tutorials are available for noobs.
  • Mobile tracking is present
  • Real time call tracking is also there.


9) Mobidea Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

Mobidea affiliate trackers

Mobidea is all about allowing affiliates to be independent. Independently managing their affiliate work and eventually being financially independent.

And recently they have released their Mobidea platform with Integrated affiliate tracker capabilities.

There are some features which is worth mentioning it here.

Features of Mobidea Tracker

  • You can start directly using it, just after completing the registration process.
  • Rates of Mobidea are competitive. Mobidea has fast payments, which helps affiliates who struggle with cash flow issues.
  • They have over 2500 offers to share with their users. And the affiliates have complete freedom to choose their offers.
  • The Mobidea tracker is also reliable in segregation of the traffic sources and hence the user saves the time for manually doing it.
  • Superb support of 24*7 throughout the week via Chat, Email, Skype.
  • The beginners will not face any hassle. Interface is user-friendly nad easy to decipher.
  • No limits of data or event.


10) Hasoffers

With the idea of making a reliable, scalable and flexible system, twin brothers Lucas and Lee brown founded the Hasofffers in 2009.This affiliate tracking software has gained worldwide popularity due to its ease of use. Besides using it as a network this can be used as an ad agency to advertise your store.HasOffers by TUNE -The Leading Performance Marketing Software

They provide a 30 day free trial which includes every feature that is present in the actual product. There are three plans that are available for Hasoffers, first one being the pro which costs around $279/month, enterprise which costs around $799/month and the custom plan which lets you to customize your plan on your need.


  • Provides complete 2 way API
  • 24/7 email, chat and phone support
  • Maintains activity fraud score.
  • Multiple currencies are present.
  • Different languages are present; non-English.
  • All in one dashboard.
  • Reports can be exported to CSVs.
  • Ad server logging can be done.
  • Batch upload conversions.
  • Pre-generated reports are available.
  • User can be customized and their roles can be modified to the need
  • Captcha signup verification
  • Attach creatives to ad campaigns
  • Optimize ad campaigns based on performance.
  • Optimize offer URLs based on performance.
  • Allow affiliate access to each campaign.
  • Advertiser access to stats, ability to create offers and import data via CSV.
  • Download any data in CSV format.
  • Multiple offer links
  • 5 sub IDs tracking
  • Tiny and encrypted URLs
  • SEO friendly tracking links
  • Auto generated creative Code



11) Impact Radius

Impact radius was founded in 2008 by the experts who previously founded commission junction, savings.com and lead point. They are transforming the way advertisers handle media and marketing partnerships.Impact Radius - The Smarter Way to Manage Your Digital Marketing

Their suite of products enables digital brands and agencies to maximize their return on global ad spend by providing a single trusted view into the consumer journey from ad impression through acquisition across all devices and channels.



  • It allows the tracking of promotion codes and linking of those codes to certain affiliates.
  • The results and the tracking are 100% accurate.
  • It provides SEO friendly links; these links can be used and cached by SEOs.
  • It allows call tracking.
  • Ad hosting has never been this easy.
  • Simple, elegant and flexible.
  • All in one dashboard.
  • Results are displayed in graphs and views which provide a comprehensive view of the result.
  • Involves real time integration
  • Real time analytics are present.
  • Flexible tracking methods are available.


12) ClickInc

Clickinc provides a nice GUI for the user with no programming background knowledge to setup and manage their entire affiliate tracking and lead management system.Affiliate Program Software - ClickInc

It provides friendly SEO links which directly links to the sales page instead of the coded links. Basic plans include $25 a month and it could be increased to either to $69 or $149 monthly plan.


  • Merchant are now able to create and manage coupons and can even assign them to certain affiliates.
  • Allows you to make performance affiliates group
  • N-number of tier commissions can be set now
  • Email to affiliates can be sent now.
  • Cookie expiration dates can be set for each affiliate individually or common for all.
  • WSWYG editors are available for email/message affiliates, basically used for formatting texts.
  • Merchants and affiliates can now exchange messages.
  • Lifetime of the cookies can be set for the tracking cookies
  • SubIDs can be created to individually track campaigns and traffic sources
  • Dashboard displays manually or automatically approved affiliates.
  • Traffic status is present which allows for real time comparison of traffic in past and present.
  • Search option is there for in-depth search.
  • Graphs has been provided for visualization.
  • Fraud detection is present for preventing and capturing fraudulent activity.



13) Everflow.io

Everflow - Smart Tool For Marketers

Everflow is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms in the market. Everflow has built and scaled advertising and affiliate networks to billions of clicks and generated hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue. Plans start at $200 per month.


  • Actionable insights via big data.
  • Secure, private partitioning of all your data and traffic.
  • Cloud based pivot tables.
  • Hyper-fast response time.
  • Rich visual interaction.
  • Live data, graphs and reports.
  • Eliminate cap overruns for good.
  • Advanced alerting system
  • Multidimensional analytics
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Real time network



14) Afftrack

Afftrack is the only enterprise to provide unlimited count clicks which can save up to $87000 a year. It is one of the best SaaS solution founded in 2009 and since then it has been used in numerous networks.Afftrack - Track Every Click

It provides the necessary tools to evolve a company and taking It to next level. Other solutions lack mobile friendly interface whereas it provides a very mobile friendly interface. One of leading options available on the Go.


  • 100 % real time analytics
  • Provides free proxy detection service which detects fake IP addresses. Useful in fraud detection.
  • Fully 24/7 phone and email assistance is available.
  • Invoice and billing options are available too. These can be generated on the go.
  • Inbuilt file manager is available to manage and modify files.
  • Provides unlimited offers, affiliates and advertisers.
  • Client-side tracking
  • Cookie less tracking is a plus point.
  • Prospect management CRM
  • Geo targeting
  • Global unsubscribe lists.
  • Frequency caps
  • Server to server tracking is present.


15) Post Affiliate Pro

It’s a very powerful affiliate tracking software which provides many multiple unique tracing features. It has been founded in 2004 and ever since it has been one of the most used software’s in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Tracking - Affiliate Program Software Post Affiliate Pro

Three plans are available; pro, ultimate and network.  Pro costs around $97 per month while network costs around $477 per month.


  • Supports all kinds of affiliate links depending on the need.
  • Allows multiple currencies.
  • Direct link tracking allows you to directly track back to the corresponding link.
  • Private campaigns can be formed which allows only certain affiliates to view and manage. By default, all campaigns are public; allows everyone to see and promote them.
  • Protect against fraudulent transactions.
  • Multilevel marketing is a marketing strategy which is defined on their website which states “It compensates affiliates not only for product sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of sub-affiliates they introduced to the affiliate program.” With forced matrix feature which allows you to define the tree and this can positive influence on your MLM scheme.
  • Split commission is one new feature that has been added to it, which allows you to reward all the affiliates which has participated in the sale.
  • Depending on the sale, high selling affiliates can be awarded high commissions with performance rewards feature.
  • Text link banners, html banners and image banners are some new additions.
  • Discount coupons are provided which allows the customers to buy your products at cheap price.
  • One of the best features is the site replication feature which allows you to replicate you site for every affiliate.
  • Themes are provided for better User interface.
  • Multilingual support.


16) Clickmeter

Click meter is one of the elegant affiliate programs out there which provide scalability and efficient management. It works by converting a link to a smaller URL which is used by the affiliate which when clicked get redirected to the main site.ClickMeter - affiliate tracking

While this phase the info of the clicking user is fetched by the clickmeter. Four plans are available for use; small, medium, large and x-large. Small is free to use, medium costs about $29/ mo, large around $99/mo and x-large for $349/mo.


  • Clicks composition bar
  • Email and audio notifications
  • Fast sharing
  • Private/public share
  • Sharing notification via mail
  • Allows you to monitor latency, 500 and 404 errors.
  • It can be integrated with many platforms such as word press etc.


Over To You : Which Is Your Favorite Affiliate Marketing Tracking Softwares 2017

Affiliate marketing is one of the useful marketing technique which helps in revenue generation by promoting your products. Hence, the demand for the right kind of the affiliate software is a must, which allows you to manage and track your events efficiently. It is important to follow the best practices in order to gain maximum output.

So, I hope this article helped you in finding the best affiliate marketing softwares platform 2017 for tracking all your Affiliate Marketing programs!


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