AltusHost Review Detailed Pros and Cons: My Honest Opinion

With more and more web hosting providing companies coming up on the web these days, it gets a bit difficult for the people looking for such hosting providers to choose one from them. There are various aspects of a hosting provider that should be considered and kept in mind while searching for a good web hosting provider because each one out there requires a hosting provider with an abundance of quality in it.

We will discuss about a web hosting provider in the following section of this article.

AltusHost is a web hosting provider having its roots in the Europe and data centers on the Amsterdam and Stockholm. The company was found in the year 2008 and ever since than it has only become better and provided with the sincerest hosting to their clients. In a very short duration of time, they have managed to gain 10,000 valuable customers worldwide.

Altuhost review

AltusHost provides you with some services such as VPS hosting, shared hosting, domain registrations, SSL certificates, and dedicated servers.  They have data centers in Amsterdam, Stockholm & Sofia.

VPS hosting

Altuhost review VPS hosting

The virtual private server hosting provided by the AltusHost has four things in total including the setup, software installation, security monitoring and most importantly the 27/7 technical support. There are two different types of VPS hosting provided by the AltusHost namely Linux VPS hosting and the Windows VPS hosting. Each of the mentioned different types of VPS hosting includes different pricing and packages.

The monthly plan for the Linux VPS hosting starts from 11.96 Euro which provides you with XEN virtualisation, a very pure form of SSD, a full root access and a number of different EU locations. The windows VPS hosting along with the XEN virtualisation is remote desktop ready and has a monthly starting plan of 31.96 euro.  VPS hosting has the following features; –

  • It provides you with a very high level of control and a full root access to your virtual server.
  • It has a very fast provisional, with a delivery timing of 2-24 hours after placing the order. The average delivery time is 3 hours.
  • The VPS hosting is very flexible and lets you scale vertically anytime.
  • If you but the control panel along with the VPS the 24/7 managed support is included in it.
  • A 24/7 technical support is always provided to the customers.


Dedicated server hosting

Altuhost review dedicated

Three different levels of dedicated server hosting are provided to the clients. The different dedicated server hosting is the standard servers, high-end servers, and the customer server. All the three dedicated servers have a free set-up but different monthly price.

The standard servers have a monthly price of 119.95 euros, and it provides you with a 16 GB of RAM storage, a bandwidth of 25 TB, I gigabyte of network connection, a DDoS protection and a delivery time of 2-24 hours. The drives are 2x 1 TB.

The high-end server hosting has a monthly price of 149.95 euros. It provides you with an upgradable RAM of 24 GB and drives 4x 1 TB, a bandwidth of 25 TB and rest all features remain same as that of the standard server.

The customer server has a monthly starting price of 199.95 euros and provides you with an upgradable RAM of 32 GB and drives 4x 1 TB. Rest all the features remain same as that of the other two categories. Let us discuss a few common features of dedicated servers: –

  • It provides you with a physical, legal and a software protection for your data.
  • Altushost provides you with an enterprise level hardware.
  • It provides you with a network which is fully premium.
  • It provides you with the value for money services.
  • If you are willing to move from some other provider to the AltusHost, they provide you with a complete migration feature.
  • It provides you with a 24/7 technical support.

SSD web hosting

Altuhost review SSD hosting

It provides you with a pure SSD web hosting. It has three different levels of SSD web hosting the SSD basic, SSD standard and the SSD Pro and each of this plan provides you with a free trial and an annual and biennial billing period. The SSD basic web hosting plan starts from 4.5 euro for a month and provides you with a 10 GB of pure space for your files, 250 GB of bandwidth, and an annual or biennial billing period.

The SSD standard web hosting starts from 9 euros for a month and provides you with a 20 GB pure SSD storage, a bandwidth of 500 GB. The SSD Pro has a starting plan of 13.5 euros for a month which provides you with 40 GB of pure SSD space and a bandwidth of 1 TB. Some features of SSD web hosting: –

  • It provides you with a number of different applications to choose from.
  • It provides you with some free data backups.
  • It has a 45 days money back guarantee feature which provides you with a return option.

AltusHost Internal Screenshots

AltusHost web stats

altushost web stats


AltusHost themes Installation

altushost themes Installation


AltusHost CMS Installation

altushost CMS Installation


AltusHost Backup


Altushost backup



AltusHost DiskUage


disk usage


AltusHost Main Client Access Area

Altushost cpanel vew

Final Verdict: Yes You Should AltusHost

Altuhost review testimonials

The AltusHost is an incredibly amazing web hosting provider. It provides you with a number of different features and exclusive plans associated with every different hosting.

It provides you with a free trial for each kind of hosting and value for money kind of hosting. With the quality of the services, it has managed to create a great number of clients and is blooming more in its area of work. It provides easy payment options including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and much more.

It is completely customer friendly and provides you with a 24/7 customer support and a great level of protection to all your important data and files. It has a partnership with the Global sign SSL which has supported some different highly attractive SSL offers.

In my opinion, AltusHost is one web hosting provider which is quite different and better to many of the web hosting providers and is ideal for the people looking for perfection in the web hosting services.

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