[Updated] List Of 12 Top Best Time Tracking Software 2018 : Detailed

If you have the luxury of employing remote workers, or if you are a remote worker yourself, you also need a way to keep track of the time spent working on projects.

Thankfully, there is an app for that. In fact, there are several apps that help people with time tracking. To help you accurately keep track of all of your remote employees, or your work as a freelancer here is a quick rundown of all the best time tracking software that is currently on the market.

List Of 12 Top Best Time Tracking Software 2018 With Details Features


1) Time Doctor

Time Doctor is one of the best time tracking software programs on the market. It is also one of the most comprehensive tools on the market. Time Doctor makes it easy for you to see how much time your remote employees are spending on projects and exactly where they are spending their time.

Smart Employee Time Tracking Software - Time Doctor Review

With Time Doctor, you can easily browse customizable reports that show you time logs, screenshots, time spent on various tasks and projects, and more. Additionally, you can calculate payroll based on the reports, which makes invoicing a breeze.

What are Time Doctor’s best features?

The best features of Time Doctor include the following:

  • Time tracking
  • Screen shot monitoring
  • Chat monitoring
  • Clients feature to track time with clients
  • Customizable reporting, time sheets, and more
  • Web access
  • Mobile app accessibility for iOS and Android
  • Payroll module
  • Integrations with top project management software
  • And more

Time Doctor is comprehensive, flexible, and accurate and recent reports show a 22% increase in productivity with the use of Time Doctor.

You can learn more about Time Doctor’s pricing and features here.

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2) Hubstaff

Hubstaff may stand out in the crowd as one of the more widely known time tracking apps. Hubstaff allows you a 14-day free trial to experiment with their time tracking software, screenshot monitoring, and more.

With Hubstaff it’s easy to know what your employees are working on and how much time it is taking them to complete certain projects. This knowledge empowers you to make better business decisions and assign tasks more appropriately to your employees.

Best Time Tracking Software - Hubstaff

What are some more of Hubstaff’s features?

Hubstaff’s main features include the following:

  • Time tracking
  • Screenshot monitoring
  • Weekly limits
  • Project budgets
  • Automatic payroll
  • GPS and location monitoring
  • URL and app monitoring
  • Attendance scheduling
  • Smart invoicing
  • Team dashboard
  • Calendar timesheet views
  • Advanced reporting
  • Integrations
  • And more

Hubstaff is one of the more comprehensive time tracking software programs. Their pricing is based on which package you select and how many users you plan on having. For more information, visit Hubstaff’s website.

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3) Toggl

Toggl is another top time tracking app that you may want to check out. Toggl focuses on making time tracking easy. With just a simple click of a button, you can start and stop your timer. And, you can track from any device you choose. One of the best features about Toggl is it tracks from anywhere on the web.

Toggl Time Tracker - best time tracker app

You don’t have to open Toggl each time you want to track a project. Toggl also provides visual reports that help you understand where you are spending time and which projects are over your time budget. With Toggl, it truly is easy to take a quick glance and see exactly how time is being spent and where you may need to make adjustments.

What are Toggl’s top features?

The top features of Toggl include:

  • Time tracking from anywhere on the web
  • Desktop and mobile use
  • Visual reports
  • Team time management
  • Insights and reporting
  • Projected profitability charts
  • Report automation capabilities
  • And more

Toggl has 3 plans including basic, premium, and enterprise. Learn more about them here.

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4) Harvest

If you’re interested in spending less time worrying about tracking and more time having your employees actually do the work, then look into Harvest. Harvest is one of the more popular time tracking apps and it lets you track time spent on projects from anywhere on the web and/or a smartphone.

Harvest Time Tracker - best time tracking app

Additionally, Harvest has an intuitive interface that makes reporting and tracking easy. Harvest also has some additional finance features that make payment and invoices a cinch.

What are Harvest’s top features?

The top features of Harvest include:

  • Time tracking from any device
  • Daily timers
  • Weekly timesheets
  • Time tracking from your workflow with project management app integration
  • Custom reporting
  • Easy interface
  • Fast invoices and payments
  • Expense tracking
  • Support team
  • And more

Harvest prices range from free for a solo account and $12/person per month for a Team account. Learn more about pricing and features here on Harvest’s website.

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5) Scoro

Scoro is a great time tracking app and works management solution for professional and creative services. Scoro touts that their software helps you get your work done, stay organized, get paid for all work done, and be in control by managing your business with a single solution.

Scoro - best time tracking software

One of Scoro’s top features is their organized dashboard that shows you tasks you’ve completed by day, confirmed jobs, monthly confirmed projects, billed monthly time, revenue earned each month, accounts overdue, and more.

What are some other top features of Scoro?

Other top features of Scoro include:

  • End-to-end work management
  • Organized dashboard
  • Project management capabilities
  • Work management with scheduling and tracking
  • Billing automation
  • CRM and quoting
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Customization
  • Integrations with top project management apps
  • And more

For more information about Scoro’s Plus, Premium, and Ultimate packages, visit their website here.

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6) Paydirt

Looking for an app to help with time tracking and easier online invoices? Then, check out Paydirt. Paydirt focuses on helping you keep track of the work you are doing for certain clients and also helps make sure invoicing them is easy. They also have a nice visual dashboard that helps you quickly and clearly understand how much time you have spent on certain projects and where you may be lacking.

Time Tracking Software Paydirt

What are some other top features of Paydirt?

Here are some of the top features of Paydirt:

  • One-click smart time tracking
  • Easy invoices
  • Visual overview of your projects
  • Ability to catch up on lost time
  • Time estimates for projects
  • Intelligent reminders
  • Time tracking from anywhere
  • Ability to accept credit card payments
  • 52 currencies and 17 languages for international clients
  • Integrations with top time management apps
  • And more

Paydirt packages and pricing ranges anywhere from $8/month for a single user and $149/month for an agency. To learn more about pricing for Paydirt, click here.

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7) Freckle

Freckle is a great time tracking app as well as a data tracking app. With Freckle, you can download your data and turn it into a chart or send it to a client. Freckle also helps you categorize your clients and keep track of time spent on individual projects, rather than time spent working in general.

Freckle Friendly Online Time Tracking Software

Freckle will also help you determine your time limits. For example, you may be wondering if you have enough time to take on a new client. Freckle will help you determine that. Additionally, Freckle will help you see which employees are over-utilized and which are under-utilized to help you assign projects more efficiently.

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What are some additional features of Freckle?

Here are some other features of Freckle that may be of interests to you:

  • Time tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting
  • Entry approval and audit logs
  • Email support
  • And more

Freckle is more on the expensive side of things with price ranges from $49/month to $499/month, depending on how many users you have and which features you need. It’s probable that you can find a time to track app for a better price, but if Freckle is what you need, then it’s probably worth it. For more information on Freckle, visit their website.

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8) Hours

Hours is aptly named considering their main focus is to help you account for every hour. If you are simply looking to determine how you spend your time while at work, then Hours is a great place to start. Additionally, you can start an account for free to see how you like it and if it’s a good fit for you and your company.

Something to keep in mind is Hours is an iOS app, so if Android is your phone of choice, then you’ll need to find another option.

Hours - Time Tracking App Online

What are the primary features of Hours?

Here are some of the main features of hours:

  • Frictionless time tracking
  • Ability to switch between multiple timers with the click of a button
  • Insights and reporting
  • A big timeline for each hour of work
  • Hour tracking for all your team members
  • iOS compatible

For more information about Hours, or to get started for free, visit their website.


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9) Timely

Timely is yet another awesome and completely automatic time tracking tool. Since everything is automatic, you can rest assured that you will never fall behind on your time sheets. This helps ensure that everyone gets paid the correct amount on time. Additionally, this app works to automatically log hours of your team.

In other words, you no longer have to worry about hounding them to submit their hours. Timely also works across all platform and all devices including the Apple watch. They also give you a free 14-day trial to see if you like how it works before committing to purchasing one of their plans.

Timely – best Time Tracking software

What are some other Timely features?

The top Timely features include:

  • Basic time tracking
  • Active project tracking
  • Memory history
  • Control page for your team
  • Ability to mark things as billed
  • Project tags
  • Priority support
  • And more

To learn more about which features are included with which plan, and how much each plan costs, visit the Timely website.

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10) Dashable

Dashable works to ensure your agency isn’t wasting any unnecessary time or resources on time tracking. With Dashable, all you need is Dashable to make sure time tracking is on par. Additionally, Dashable touts that it’s easy to set up their software and that it only takes a few seconds to get the ball rolling.

Dashable -Top Time Tracking Software

What are some additional features of Dashable?

The main features of Dashable include:

  • Project time tracking for agencies
  • Autocompletes activities for easy tracking
  • Customizable recaps and reminders
  • Timesheet approval manager
  • App integrations for top project management software
  • Invoice generator
  • Detailed reporting capabilities
  • 14-day free trial
  • And more

For more about Dashable’s features, benefits, and pricing, visit their website today.

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11) Tick

Tick offers a 30-day free trial to learn the ins and outs of their straightforward time tracking app. Tick understands that time is your inventory and the more time you have, the more inventory you can move. That’s why they have a simple time tracker to help make sure things keep moving along smoothly at your company.

With their simple time tracker, you can enter your time from anywhere. They also have budget tracking to make sure you are spending time where you need to spend time and to allow you to make adjustments when necessary.

Time Tracking Software - Tick

What are some of Tick’s other features?

  • Streamlined communication tool for freelancers and firms
  • 3-step time card
  • Running timer
  • Instant budget feedback
  • Time tracking from any device
  • Integrations with top project management software tools
  • And more

Tick has packages that range from free to $149/month. For more information or to start a free trial, check out the Tick website.

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12) My Minutes

If you’re looking to scale it down a bit and need more of a personal time tracking app, then My Minutes is a great app. My Minutes is an app that only works with iOS, so you’ll have to have iOS capability for this app. My Minutes helps you with time tracking, setting goals, and staying motivated to get the things done that you need to get done. This is a great app for freelancers and independent workers.

My Minutes - Best time tracking app

What are some other features of My Minutes?

Here are the main features of My Minutes:

  • Time budgeting with setting a maximum or minimum time allowance for a task
  • Ability to set repeat tasks
  • Motivational streaks built into the app to keep you going

For more about how to install My Minutes, visit the My Minutes website.

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Over To You : Top Time Tracking Software 2018

I hope you like the list of Find and compare Time Tracking software 2018. Free, interactive tool to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors. Which is your favorite time tracking software you have been using share it in comments below 🙂

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