DSIM Founder Kunal Choudhary Interview: Should You Join DSIM ?

Here is a interview of DSIM Founder Kunal Choudhary , I got a chance to meet Kunal and my first question was how you deal with DSIM reviews.  Yes I was very straightforward with Kunal and we had good long chat about his work and my product SchemaNinja. Lets know more about Kunal here first: Kunal is a kickass affiliate marketer who made millions in commission by promoting various niche products. He got associated with DSIM and designed the curriculum for internet marketing training program.

DSIM has now trained over 8274+ people with an average positive feedback of 8.6/10. Kunal provides consultation to companies in website planning and development, creating online marketing strategy blueprints, lead generation, SEO plans and Facebook marketing/advertising over 5 years of experience as an affiliate marketer worldwide (mainly US & India).

Facebook advertising- Spend over $3,65,000 on Facebook advertising till date with total revenue of $6,15,000 approx.

What is DSIM ?

Digital Marketing Course Delhi Bangalore Kolkata REVIEW

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is a trademark of “Kixx Media Pvt. Ltd.” as a leading Internet Marketing Training provider for Corporate, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Students.

DSIM is very famous digital training institute in Delhi and Iw as glad to be there. I saw the institute and it was full of vibrant energy. When I entered into the area I saw various DSIM trainees testimonials and the way they branded DSIM is pretty cool. Kunal was down to earth guy and he asked me about my work. I showed him blog and my product. I showed him what new features my product SchemaNinja will have in coming months and he was really impressed with new amazing features.

He told this product is boon for affiliate marketers who are making money online. They can easily earn more sales through SchemaNinja.

I told him that I want to make this product as best recommendation plugin in WordPress. Kunal will itself use this product soon. Thanks to Kunal who appreciate my hustle in blogging.

I met lot of DSIM trainees there and they were so good and helpful. Interview with Kunal was for around 16 mins and I did ask him how he deal with negative reviews of DSIM. He answered very politely. You need to check the interview to see his answer. So did you join DSIM tell me your opinions. For success nobody can gaurantee you, you guys needf ot put efforts in your business or work. Blame yourself, take risk in your life. Just like I took risk in my life at right time, most of the people fail in their life because they listen to their friends, family & society. So instead of blaming insututes for no proper training, not making efforts will not help you achieve anything in your life.

Make good social circle and interact with like minded people and see your 10X growth. Your friend circle impacts your growth.

Here is interview with Kunal from DSIM(Delhi School of Internet Marketing):

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Jitendra Vaswani is the founder of SchemaNinja WordPress Plugin, prior to SchemaNinja he is the founder of big internet marketing blog BloggersIdeas.com. He is successful online marketer & award winning digital marketing consultant. He has been featured on HuffingtonPost, BusinessWorld, YourStory, Payoneer, Lifehacker & other leading publication as a successful blogger & digital marketer. Jitendra Vaswani is also a frequent speaker & having 5+ yrs experience of in Digital Marketing field. Check out his portfolio( jitendra.co). Find him on Google+, Twitter, & Facebook.


  1. Hi Jitendra,

    Glad to know about DSIM through your post. I was unknown before about India’s 1st digital marketing training Institute. It’s a matter of great happiness for all Indian. It will help to trained with quality education to a new generation’s interested people.

    I think, India’s some people only are aware about Internet marketing. And opening a perfect training institute will provide them the real platform to know better about internet marketing. Also, it is situated in well place where it will be easy to come for training from India’s various state.

    Thanks for making familiar of DSIM. Have a nice day.
    – Ravi.

  2. Nomi

    I just land on your blog through google, i read many posts of your blog and i found is very informative!
    I recommended your blog to everyone on the Blogging World!!!

  3. Hardik Tiwari

    Glad to read more about Mr. Kunal Choudhary, funder of DSIM. I’m an ex-trainee of DSIM and come up with a blog on DSIM that gives complete insight to DSIM. Although i am not good as you Jitender but still i want to share mine reviews as well. http://dsimreview.in/

    Hope you all will find it informative and helpful. thanks for the post Jitender .

  4. ashimc

    Great to know about Dism. When i am was bangalore i always tried to join Dism but i couldn’t. Dism is pretty awesome.
    Thanks to know more awesome about dism.


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