Hide My IP Review 2018: Making Your IP Address Anonymous

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  • Switch your IP every 10 Seconds
  • Change your visible location


  • Hide My IP doesn’t work with e-mails

In today’s world everything is done online, from banking transactions to paying your bills to shop. Whether it’s a big company or a common man, everyone is using the internet for their financial needs and sharing data and information.

Before sharing your credit card details or banking details on the merchant website, have you given a thought how safe it is to share these confidential data online.

This was my main concern when I was paying my bills online. So I started looking for tools which can protect my bank details from being compromised and save me from the hackers.

After doing some research, reading reviews and going through tons of websites I finally came across Hide My IP

Hide My IP Review

It has made my online transactions really secure. It is paid software which can be downloaded. It guarantees my online anonymity and stops hackers from gaining access to any kind of sensitive personal information like my IP address and more. When we normally surf the net, there is a direct link between our computer and the websites we visit.

But when you use Hide My IP a proxy server is set up, which relays information between your computer and website. In this way the website can’t trace your real IP. It will consider the fake IP to be your real one. Now, you must be thinking where this fake IP comes from.

Well Hide My IP  selects a random IP from a list of hundreds of anonymous fake IPSs from all around the world which are installed in your web browser, email client etc. Also you can sync other applications with Hide My IP

It has a 14 day trial version. So I went for the trial version first because I wanted to make sure it does the job. And after using it for 14 days I was very happy and satisfied with the software

I believe the entire working is for your benefit. Not only you get anonymity on the internet, it also protects you from hackers and phishers as they will recognize the fake IP as your real IP and will end up attacking the fake IP.

The process is just a simple, Hide My IP icon will appear on your internet browser after you install the software. And the best part is that it is compatible with almost all browsers like internet Explorer, Firefox, Google chrome, Netscape and opera and much more.

If you want to surf the internet normally anytime then you can click on the icon again and it will stop working.

There are various useful features in Hide My IP

Hide My IP Review

Switch your IP every 10 Seconds. The advance setting in the software enables you to do that. You can access more IP addresses and locations and the interface is also pepped up.

You can change your visible location. You can use your fake IP and show different locations like China, Canada, and Brazil etc. This can be useful when you have some online operations and can’t afford to share your location

The best thing about Hide My IP is that it is very easy to use. Even a technical newbie can use this software.

All I want to say is that Hide My IP is an amazing tool for digital marketers and everyone who uses the internet to be honest. You can switch the IP every 10 minutes, and leave cookies and other temporary internet files to be deleted automatically. You can use the trial version to give it a shot and get familiar with it and if you are happy and satisfied with the software, which I am sure you will be, you can buy the full version.


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