How Bad Hosting Can Impact your Business: Disadvantages of Bad Hosting

The website is the essential part of business, and its presence online reflects the worth of your business and its reputation. Any company would need a good website to create an impression for their brand on the internet. Most webmasters want to develop a user-friendly website with great design, style and premium and interactive content.

But these days, it has become difficult to get a good host for a website as there is so much of competition and every other company is providing web hosting services.

Most of the time people get confused with technologies and infrastructure web hosting companies use. They believe that every web host uses the similar network platform and technology. This leads to the wrong choice of company, as website owner start to compare the prices of the services offered instead of the quality of hosting services.

Many people also believe all web hosts work in the similar environment and provide the same kind of hosting to different websites. Hence, to save some money, they go for the cheapest options.

However, if you select an incompetent host for your website, it could spoil your reputation in no time. And before you know it, your brand name starts suffering. Following are the disadvantages of a bad web hosting company.

How Bad Hosting Can Impact your Business Disadvantages of Bad Hosting

Inactive or sluggish websites


Because of high-speed network connections today, the speed of the internet has become very high. Even the heavy websites open in no time. Earlier, people used to wait for a web page to download but today, the attitude of people have changed, thanks to high-speed internet connections. If a website is slow or down, it annoys the user.

Online visitors don’t have the patience to wait for a page to download. As we say time is money, so no one wants to waste their time on the poor activity of a slow website, and they lose interest in a matter of seconds. As per a survey, if a website or a web page takes more than 3-6 seconds to download, visitors move to the next available option, which we think is very surprising.

Everyone is aware of brand names such as Amazon, Yahoo, Google, and Firefox. The websites of these companies only take a second or two to download since these companies invest heavily in their website hosting, security, and maintenance to make sure that the visitor doesn’t have to wait. This leads to increases in sales. Learn more on which kind of provider is most suited to your particular project with this guide..

A normal or small web hosting firm offers low-priced services to lower their expenditure or investment. These companies do not use problem-solving and tolerant technologies because they are expensive. Hence, their networks are slow, and sites they host take more time to download when a visitors tries to open a page.

This delay in the display irritates the potential customer who then tends to move to other available websites with similar content.

The users today are knowledgeable and do not waste time on websites that are slow. They feel that this kind of business approach is unprofessional and untrustworthy. Today, customers believe that the companies which take their business seriously prefer web hosts with reliable and high-speed networks.

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The speed of the website is also one of the factors that a search engine looks for while ranking the sites. If anyone has noticed, Google search engine record the speed of website also. So, in this competitive era, the faster speed is considered better and is one of the important factors to decide the ranking of the site.



If your website is down, it is not good for your business. It leads to create an atrocious impression of your site and company both. It tends to irritate the client, and hence, your website fails to attract the potential customers. It is a severe loss for the business. If the downtime per day is more, then the website is almost non-existent on the net.

A web hosting company is considered inefficient if it does not provide better resources and infrastructure for your site. In fact, most of the time, the lower-priced hosts are unable to give you reliable services and qualified personnel to manage the website professionally. If the web host is not able to handle any kind of crisis well, then the website may go down for longer periods of time than expected. This could spoil the reputation of the company, and the revenue generation would decrease drastically.

This situation is the worst nightmare for any business.

Therefore, it is imperative to know the online availability of your website whether it is accessible to the user or not. The site can be monitored with various tools available online. If you are not careful enough, it ‘s hard to know the accessibility of your website, especially when the downtime is for shorter periods during the day. Effective online presence is most crucial to outrank other businesses and generate revenues. And it cannot be achieved by an offline site.

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Insecure websites

Inadequate security solutions may lead to hacking of your site. It is crucial for the website owners to secure their website with the best security tools. Phishing websites can easily target a bad web host. If the network systems have not taken all the safety measures, then it becomes easy for hackers to get access to the vital business details including extremely critical information.

A bad host can impact a business terribly and can ruin the good image of a firm even before you notice it. This puts your business in some serious trouble. Security issues are the most serious threats to a business and could put you through irreversible loss. It can damage not only your reputation but also your credentials.

Hence, you should be very careful while selecting a good host for your company. Instead of going for cheaper options, it is crucial to look for quality services and up to date equipment along with latest security measurements.

Bad Customer / Technical Support Services

The customer support service is also an important factor to be considered while selecting a web hosting company. A bad host does not take the accountability of the support required 24*7 for the website hosting. With a website on the internet, there can be any technical or security issue that a webmaster can face. If the client support is not good, it will lead to the problems and unresolved issues that might put the reputation of the business on stakes.

If the network faces any problem and the technical support team is inefficient, then it is almost impossible to manage the quality of the website. These factors contribute to serious security threats and business losses. Qualified technicians can only resolve any issue with the network, server or equipment. And if the customer or technical assistance provided by the web host is bad, it can directly damage the business and hence, revenues.

Lower Ranking

A bad host can lower your ranking and damage your reputation to a great extent. It is not only risky for your SEO but also the credibility and quality of your business. With the selection of the wrong host, the online presence of your website can be compromised that can reduce your traffic and potential customers immensely. The slow sites are detected by search engines quickly and hence, down rate the rank of your site.

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Adverse Impact on Revenue Generation

No matter how strong is your marketing campaign or how good your products and services are, if your website is slow or down, it will directly impact the revenue generated by your company. Web site users prefer the sites, which download at fast speeds. A slow site can damage any successful business as it represents the business capabilities and defines your resources.

We all agree that the first impression is the last impression. Hence, if the web page of your site takes longer than 6 seconds to download, the visitor gets impatient and move on to other sites. This type of situations hits the businesses directly as you are dealing with real customers here.

Safety concerns and Security Issues

Your company needs best and most secure networks to host your website as there are many security threats present on the internet today. The technology that the hackers use is very up to date and a little loop-hole in the security may lead to severe loss of delicate information and can impact your business badly. The security threats can be handled by hosts that have a serious team of professionals and technician having all the resources and equipment available at their disposal.

This can only be achieved by a great and considerate host. This type of host might cost you some extra money, but you can be assured that your information is safe.

Decline in the growth of business

If your web hosting company is bad and the quality of services they provide are poor, then it can reduce your sales. Whether the slow download speed or the down website, security concern or technical issue, all these factors can affect the growth of your business directly. It doesn’t not only harm your reputation but also spread a bad name in the industry.

Insecurity amongst clients and reduced transactions

With a bad web hosting company, your website can crash anytime. This leads to reliability issue amongst the potential customers. The impression given by a slow site is not very good, and people are reluctant to put their personal information on these kinds of websites for any transaction. Even if someone likes your product or service, and suddenly the web page freezes, it will scare the customer, and he might leave the page irrespective of the quality goods or services being offered by your company.


It is critical for any business to create a strong relationship with the customers. And the website is one of the main places where the customer can go and interact. If the site is slow or down, the visitor would think twice before investing his time and money.

Good or Bad Host????

Above points will clearly demonstrate the importance of a good host for the success of any business. Sometimes it is better to invest in web hosting services for the better image of the company. You can hire a good host and rely upon then without compromising on the quality of business. We do not say that cheapest hosting services are always bad, but from the business point of view, one should concentrate on the quality and reliability of the hosting services.

Those extra bucks you spend on security and reputation management always help you in the long run.

Selecting a wrong host can quickly spoil the reputation of your business. Low investment can be effective in short term, but in the long race, it can hurt your reputation as well as profits. Initially, the low priced host looks like other expensive good hosts, but gradually when the issues start arising, and they are left unresolved, you realize the importance of the efficient hosting partner.

They not only take the complete responsibility of your site management but also save your website and company information from constant security threats. This increases your reputation and revenues both.

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The right kind of web hosting company manages your websites and saves you from many headaches caused by the technical challenges on the internet. Their significant customer support team is available at any point of time to guide you and help you with any issue. Hence, always ensure that the hosting company you are going to hire has the secure network, reliable data centers, high-grade servers, efficient technical staff and 24*7 customer support.

This might cost you extra bucks but is beneficial for the reputation of your business. The visitors do not get annoyed and can happily use your services.

If the interaction on the website is good and the visitor can smoothly sift through the pages of the website, the click rate can easily be converted to sales. And with fast speeds and effective security, any user happily shares the personal details of the transaction.

Therefore, a good web host plays a paramount role in attracting the client towards the website and helps achieve the goal of successful business.

Recommended Hosting

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