How to Switch From One Web Host to Another (Step-by-step Guide)

Maintaining an active and responsive business website or blog is highly essential to make social presence felt especially in times of increased internet access. Since most internet users are in need of a reliable source for seeking data and information, the overall functionality of websites should also be improved to a great extent.

If the visitor does not get a smooth navigation service, a proper download or upload speed and more, it is likely that he will lose interest in the platform and quickly make a switch to another website.

So, it is necessary at such times to get a proper web host provider so that you can continue your live site smoothly and without any hassles. Moreover, protection of data is vital, and the only right provider can offer such necessary benefits. Premium web hosting facilities are regarded to be quite beneficial in such situations.

So, opting for the appropriate service provider is all you need, to make your platform manageable, be in control of it and gain lucrative deals for furthering your business needs.

For a website to function correctly, having a domain name is not enough these days. As technology is actively on the rise, high level of responsiveness is in demand. Besides being registered with a legit domain name, a website should also draw in more viewers by making the platform more accessible.

Whether you are a business owner or an individual blogger, web hosting facilities are said to deliver full functionality on a reasonable budget.

Offering you easy to manage website building tools, better and accessible control options and active customer support, and several other features are genuinely essential for a high standard web hosting service.

Proper web hosting services are said to deliver exceptional deals because they also protect the overall system in the best possible manner.

Facilities offered by the web hosting servers

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Besides being an active website builder, web hosting services also provides site statistics and advertisement credits to most owners as well. If you want to have your server or hire one, then you can quickly select from a wide number of options that are available currently.

To set up the server, all that people require is a powerful computer system with a high-quality computer processor and an efficient operating system like Windows and Linux.

Hence for website owners, the responsibility gets widened, and necessary efforts are to be made to offer the best support system. The need for a web hosting service is considered to be essential these days, to secure and manage overall operations in the best possible way.

Several benefits offered by active web hosting services are highly convenient for people. It is up to the interested clients or website owners to choose their suitable hosting service and derive multiple opportunities from it. For those who are aren’t satisfied with their web hosting services, can quickly switch to other hosting facilities if required.

There are times when website owners may not be satisfied with the nature of a web hosting server and may want to shift to another current web host for their benefit. All that they are required to do is sign the paperwork, rent hosting space and choose a suitable package.

For high-quality domain management and a secure response system, active web hosting systems are said to be quite significant for business owners and individual bloggers. Most website owners often resort to web hosting systems that allow people to post their website or web page on the internet.

People are required to follow few simple steps and enjoy excellent services, to move to a newer web hosting service.

Determine regarding your web needs

People are required to own a domain name that is to be purchased, to connect to such active service platforms. By offering proper data space and an active internet connection for web pages, such servers become quite useful.

What requires mentioning is the fact that such transferring is regarded to be quite convenient for most clients. Though a lot of people may find it quite difficult, yet the latest advancements have facilitated such shifts in an effortless manner.web-servers

If people are not satisfied with their web hosting servers, they can quickly change their provider to a better one in future. For those who are under the impression that switching to a new host tends to be a complicated procedure, need not worry any longer. Shifting from one web host to another is considered to be helpful in several ways.

Hence if people feel that another active web hosting server is delivering more number of benefits, they can quickly move to other sources and alternatives if they wish to. But first and foremost, they have to understand the overall working and operations of the web hosting services.

Since they are not able to store your website files and help you connect to the network in a faster manner, switching to other web hosting systems is highly recommended. There are several types of web host services that are available for potential customers. Interested clients can choose from varied solutions like:

They are said to deliver customer satisfaction and meet web needs of their clients in a short span of time. Hence people can determine their choices in the best possible manner. Moving your website’s files to another hosting service is quite an easy task these days. Users have been able to derive more convenience, with added presence of advanced technology. Be it database support, bandwidth space or site backup, such servers can offer the much-needed support to systems with much success.

Several people transferring website data and resources from one server to another can find the process to be a bit complicated but with the support of original and detailed instructions they can pursue their interests in a more defined manner. For those who wish for a smoother transfer and no hassles of downtime and termination, usually receive suggestions not to make their web host switch private.

Hence one of the first measures that website owners are required to pursue is a reasonable and quality purchase of the internet host. Determining the cost, required space, the overall configuration and settings, interested web owners can get the best support for their website. With least complications, the overall registration of their domain name and address is also precious. Registrations have been done typically in service platforms like Network Solutions, GoDaddy and others.

Free site migration features

A feature that deserves special mention when it comes to availing reliable web hosting solution is free site migration. Numerous website owners wish to get least involved in such migration work and leave the effort with the internet host solutions only. Apart from easy switching from one site to another, several hosting companies are said to offer free site migration. Several web hosting enterprises are providing such benefits to most website owners, to win newer customers. Learn how to build a site with awebsite.

Whether you are a professional business owner, a young entrepreneur or personal blogger, free site migration can bring in immense support. Hence if you want to prefer such alternatives and wish to leave the movement work in the hands of the hosting companies, then you can easily opt for such excellent services in future. In a way, the trouble involved in switching to other web hosting servers gets reduced significantly.

Besides the facility of free migration procedures in some web host servers, few hosting services are also known to activate your newly migrated site within a short span of time, for example, 15 minutes to 48 hours. If compared to other platforms, they are regarded to be quite prompt and efficient with their services which in a way ensures that people receive much convenience and least fuss during such shifts.

Two days is the maximum period that is taken to make the overall move from one web host to another. Once they have crossed this time span, the site is sure to get activated with the new web host server. The DNS website will be fully functional and updated.

Many hosting companies, including some good ones that I recommend – InterServer, InMotion HostingBlueHostHostWinds, YahooWebHosting, Dreamhost, JustHost, etc etc, will help transfer new customers’ sites to their server for free.


This unique facility also ensures that sites receive the least chances of facing any downtime. Migrating from one server to another is said to be very fast and accurate. People will meet with satisfactory results within a short period. A smoother DNS change initiates activation within a matter of few seconds.

Due to such outstanding efforts, most website owners have realised the fact that such a switch is necessary and required by all business and other professional sites to get maximum results and increase efficiency levels.

There is another factor that also has a major standing when it comes to matters of new web hosting migration and registration. Switching your website’s DNS record should be one of the primary factors that have to be made sure and checked by site owners.

As moving DNS record to the platform backed by a different and new web hosting solution is sure to attract a good amount of viewers and increase the level of traffic. Some users are said to track history before moving their DNS record.

It is considered to be quite a critical and essential function since it lessens the scope of error and misdirected steps.

What people are required to do is go to the domain settings and DNS zone file and choose the name servers that they wish to activate. Such DNS name servers usually look similar in the following example.

Users have to follow the same format while they activate such changes for their new site. Below is the exact form of how such name servers might appear online.


“” with your host’s actual domain name

And hence interested service users are required to follow the same process while they update their DNS zone records with least hassles.

By waiting for the DNS record change to propagate through the internet, users only have to wait for the overall switch. It is only after the DNS change and switch goes successful and live, that website owners are required to inform their former hosting companies about the discontinuation of their services.

Otherwise, it might just be another possibility that their web hosting services will stand to be terminated by the former web hosting server and will fail to go active in the newly migrated web hosting server. Hence in a way, switching to DNS records and details are much valued and surely preferred by most web owners nowadays.

Follow simple steps for secure web server transfer

You need to reconfigure your applications and files and go to the new location for moving to other web hosting solutions. Website owners need to point their domain’s DNS to the new host.

Switching to a new web host server has become quite simple, easy and effortless. For those who aren’t satisfied and wish to transfer their web host from one service to another are highly recommended to understand the required steps and current procedures that is involved.

Website owners and clients are supposed to follow few very simple steps, to avail such beneficial transfer.


  • Firstly, business website owners are required to transfer their old files and critical web applications to their new hosting account. Through FTP, clients can connect to such mediums with least fuss. If required, people can connect to other hosting accounts and download their files locally. It is only after that they should upload their files in the new main folder.
  • Since transferring vast database tends to be time-consuming and may involve hassles, creation of a new database in a hosting account stands recommended. For it is here that interested users can import and export information from their old hosting account.
  • Once done with such process, the need for reconfiguration also lies to be highly relevant. Such methods are said to vary depending upon the particular application that people are using. After the successful reconfiguration, clients have to change their name servers for their domain name as they are moving on to a new host.

Plenty other significant aspects have to be kept in mind as well.  The active presence of two accounts should not be terminated during the process of migration to move from one server to another. In such cases, the data and website information might stand to be vulnerable and can get lost. People should also back up their files and share it with the new account via the process of FTP.


A database transfer takes place via SSH or cPanel’s phpMyAdmin. With the help of a very delicate phpMyAdmin panel, you are only required to re-download it from the old server and shift it to the newer account.

Check functioning of new site and account

You are only required to have a backup database and can easily find your way with the new account. It may stand to be a relevant question when users might ask what they should do when their database itself gets corrupted. Also before they make their final move, they are required to check that the new site account is functioning in a proper manner.

If you want to preview your newly hosted website, then you can use temporary URL in IP numbers as well. Few sites are known to provide a development platform that can stage and preview your mobile and professional website under the newly migrated web host.

It allows people to get a better understanding and provide an adequate remedy to even the most difficult situations for both short and long term operations of running websites.

Once people have loaded the old files into the new hosting configuration, sites can function with least disruptions and prevent privacy interferences.

Thus, apart from backing up all of your files to your hard drive from the existing web host server, responsive web owners are also able to create a hosting account and enjoy an unlimited level of the internet hosting solutions and superior facilities.

Important aspects to keep in mind

For those with a WordPress account are required to access the dashboard to check whether their database can pull up correctly or not. If you cannot access the dashboard at this point of time then here are few simple instructions which might help you to gain back your data successfully.


  • You can reload the database by writing over the new data
  • You have to determine the point where the corruption error is occurring and try to upload files from the old site to the newer one.
  • Checking the new server after uploading files might also help.

If such methods fail, then you are recommended to opt for auto database repair from your WordPress platform. Though it might need to get involved in coding, this alternative is perhaps the most secure way to get your database back and ensure a smoother shift to a new web hosting server whenever you require. In some cases, people can opt for such transfers at free rates as well.

Though there are owners, who may not put emphasis on such process, restoration of database stands to be quite essential for long term purposes. You can happily house yourself with reliable web hosting services and get to promote your website in a better way. Purchasing a new host service is hence highly recommended for website owners to get ultimate benefits

To promote your business in the best manner, the need for configuration also stands to be quite vital. It might just happen that you are losing out on potential viewers and facing a good amount of business loss.

Another critical aspect that is confronted by people while initiating a transfer to a new account is the subject of emails. Not just limited to backing up essential resources and website files to the new server, users are also said to set up their email accounts and secure them while they migrate to other web host servers. Though e-mails usually do not get transferred, people can archive their emails in their old account and access it later.

Hence what stands to be true is the fact that switching from one web host to another is quite easy and done in a simple manner. There are certain things that people should be familiar with before they venture out to change their web hosting servers.

Manage typical downtime issues

Apart from frequent downtime issues, changing site structures and missing links are also quite common these days. It has been a well-known fact that most websites are said to face downtime while they are in the process of switching.


Making the switch from one web host server to another will be a better alternative, but website owners might face huge loss in business even here. It can be avoided effectively if the scope of downtime gets lessened. To make sure that website owners do not suffer any downtime while making such transfer, they are said to keep everything in order. For zero scope of downtime, people have to ensure that their new site is working correctly and is active.

Much value is attached to these migration services. They can gain maximum benefits when it comes to such transfers. People are only required to find a new host who is both reliable and cost effective as well. Not all bloggers and website owners can afford high-quality web hosting solutions.


Hence for them, migrating seems to be the only way out to make the most of their website requirements and demands. With constant efforts to attract some viewers and maximise web traffic, such active migrations are considered to be a much-needed change that brings in a good amount of profit.

When it comes to utilising such online resources and web building tools, it is the presence of web hosting servers that comes off as a great usefulness in such matters. As they offer affordable rates, most website owners can opt for web host migration facilities with least financial worries. Also switching to better web hosting server can also help your professional and personal sites to deliver more qualitative and responsive services.

Website owners are highly recommended to inform their users beforehand to lessen the overall customer inconvenience and possible losses. By informing them with prior notice, they can reduce the strain that is faced by the system during the web switching process.

Most website owners have also been recommended to work in close association with the new site for reducing the process of downtime. In this way, they are also able to prevent the chance of termination of their old web hosting account. If people have any queries about the transfer process, they can quickly seek the assistance of active customer support services. Website owners should also monitor their site uptime closely and ensure that everything is working alright.

You are only required to be aware of the latest updates that have been incorporated in the sphere of web hosting services and enjoy a good amount of features and a higher level of functionality of the overall website. For a successful content management system and practical e-commerce solutions, these web hosting service providers are said to pursue half the work.

Familiarity with important aspects before changing web servers

Users have also been recommended to monitor their site closely to ensure that most operations are managed successfully on the new hosting account. While transferring data assets from one platform to another, it often leads to misplaced documents and links. As most visitors are likely to experience 404 errors, the need for site restoration is vital.

internet warning message, 404 error

Many cases exist where websites lose out on great graphics and sources while initiating successful transfers. You need to be aware of non-active links and make sure that your site is fully functional and responsive. To get a perfect website environment, facilitating a better web host server is regarded to be an essential pre-requisite for maintaining a better website.

Most trusted web servers could be of great help when it comes to maintaining websites, for assisting you with such procedures. After all, you surely do not want anything that could affect your site and lose out on traffic and reduce profit levels by any means.

Defining errors and minimising damage caused by broken links has to be avoided by site owners at any cost. But in case your visitors are shown the error page, people can transfer a page to a new location or even shift the entire directory to a new place for better results. In case people wish to alter their overall site structure once they move to a new web host, redirecting dynamic pages to a new location is also possible.

Ensure better web operations

Most clients have been suggested to seek certain features that are essential to ensure a more reliable and fuss-free transfer to certify better services and expertise. You can opt for better operations and gain multiple benefits. Here are the few key elements that clients need to make sure of before they opt for web hosting transfers. The following are a few major requirements to be met before a website owner associates themselves with another web hosting transfer.

  • Correct and well managed operating system
  • Successful data transfer and databases
  • Good technical support
  • Necessary scalability
  • Free site migration and lastly
  • Performance and reliability

Without the needed scalability, the overall capacity to save and store web data and resources will also become less to a great extent. As they are also very reliable regarding services, potential users have emphasised on such services for their benefit. For those who have an active operating system, will also be able to enjoy a continuous and 24X7 technical support system for their convenience.


Meeting such requirements of a better quality web host provider is one of the most initial steps for successful transfer of web hosting server accounts. The other equally important component is the confirmation of domain ownership. Without domain name and settings, people will hardly be able to conduct their website.

Ideal for small business and start-up ventures

On a small budget, profit-seeking web owners can maximise their web requirements and get outstanding facilities. At the end of the day, it does not help if people face with less responsive and lousy website and server. When it comes to utilising these current resources online, most business owners are said to opt for such services and increase their profit earning ability as well.

Adding to the overall advantage is the fact that they can promote their website in the best way and with least scope of bigger investments. With a variety of hosting solutions, people get access to such providers who have different configurations and setups done successfully.

Due to their cost effective packages, successive transfers do not stand to be a significant time burden for website owners. In fact, they are highly suggested to resort to such effective procedures since it can make their platforms more prominent and earn a good amount of popularity due to their fast response and maximum functionality.

To sum up, one can say that moving your site to another web hosting server is somewhat similar to shifting into another apartment but on a virtual platform. Hence availing such facilities might stand to deliver long-term benefits to most website owners in recent times.

You have to ensure that most of your assets are provided for and protected in the best way. With 100% uptime, great loading speed, amazing features, opting for an efficient web hosting solution is said to be much needed and hence have an added value.

Be if full control of web platforms

Since site owners are required to be in complete control of their web platforms, the need to transfer domain registrars and name servers are also regarded to be quite important. It is only after the DNS system is functional that they will be able to enjoy enormous benefits of a better web host server in the long run.

Though we are all aware of the fact that such web hosting facilities and its consequent transfers can be a little stressful, yet such migration is regarded to be entirely necessary when it comes to making the most out of your business website.


Even when it comes to establishing small businesses and start-up ventures, these hosting facilities can offer great solutions. They are said to be helpful and provide ample amount of support to web owners in the long run. As the overall methods and required steps seem to be quite easy to follow, most people have been able to derive plenty of opportunities for website promotion in the long run. Since everyone aims to create a more professional looking website, the need for reliable and functional web hosting solutions is also very necessary these days.

Though we are all aware that there is a dozen of web hosting solutions that are available in recent times, the only thing that people are required to do is choose the best package and the one that is most suited and convenient for their web needs and requirements online. As people can get tech support during such migration, they can reduce their initial worries and hesitation that are related to such profitable web host switching.

Since most beginners are required to have better control of their network resources, the scope for navigation among beginners also gets better with each level. Hence it is quite recommended to switch from one web host to another when website owners feel dissatisfied with their present web hosting solutions.

Get unlimited web traffic with a better web host server

For those who wish to entertain viewers with a better web hosting solution can be rest assured when they rely on basic web hosting servers. To run your e-commerce solutions effortlessly, active support of web hosting server can be of great relevance.

Besides free website scripts, e-commerce features, multimedia facilities, these web host servers are also known to offer a list of beneficial features like unlimited domain hosting, disk storage, add-on domains, FTP access and network file managers. Hence if business and website owners feel the need to migrate to another hosting solution, then they are highly recommended to do so.

To sum up, here are the few first and necessary steps with the help of which interested website owners can successfully switch from one web host to another without facing any complications.

  • Evaluation of site – People should understand the current hosting company needs and determine their preferences in a much-defined way.
  • Easy downloads and export of website files and databases for future references and needs – Using the conventional FTP process to perform such tasks is a great recommendation to most website owners.
  • Easy uploads and import of site files and essential databases – You might want to upload your files with FTP process into your public_html directory and create the database within cPanel. An efficient web host server is sure to help you with such activities.
  • Testing website and other resources- Not just confined to overall evaluation. Having your new website tested is also quite important. People can access their new website by using their account’s temporary URL. In here, they can edit their profile and website, host, file nature if it is required.
  • Getting started and setting up e-mails –There is an essential need to configure your e-mail settings and facilities. Migrating current e-mail accounts to the existing servers is also necessary.
  • Successful point and registration of domain – Before they test the website again, site owners might even want to point their newly attained domain on the new web server. Website owners only have to modify their website and domain name servers as per the registrar needs and requirements.

Therefore, once website owners get a deeper understanding of the overall web host operations, they will be able to gain more control regarding timely site transfers for upgrades. For their professional and personal platform to function properly and be more responsive to the needs of viewers, they need to follow some steps and useful procedures.

Only then will they be able to achieve a well maintained and responsive website that is bound to attract a considerable amount of online viewers. It is only through such processes that the overall efficiency of several web hosting servers will get a significant boost.

Many hosting companies, including some good ones that I recommend – InterServer, InMotion HostingBlueHostHostWinds, YahooWebHosting, Dreamhost, JustHost, etc etc, will help transfer new customers’ sites to their server for free.

Get a smoother and hassle free web hosting transfer

For those who want to enjoy these services, the first and foremost thing that they are required to do is sign up for such services.  Hence for a smoother and hassle free web hosting transfer, interested clients can easily refer to reliable online tutorials that offer such detailed processes for web hosting server transfers and that too with least scope of downtime and possible losses. Thus moving your personal blog/site or business website will no longer be as difficult as it was before.

Users have been offered with ample time and individual space to move at their pace. By following the measures of the stated instructions and keeping important reminders in mind, most active website owners are sure to get best results that will benefit their platform for long-term development and progress.

Moving your personal or business website and blog is not as daunting as it sounds. Take your time and follow these guidelines and you will be feeling at home before you know it. Many have been benefitted to a great extent with such useful and well-detailed tutorials and procedures online. Only if you have followed all the procedures to the tee, it will be possible to make the required changes and shift that you have been planning to do for so long.

If there is any such confusion arising while making the change or migration, then you can always follow such guided tutorials for gliding through the process effortlessly. So opt for a web host provider that offers you maximum benefits and also guarantee services to you for the betterment of your website goals.

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