KeepVidPro Review: Download Youtube, Facebook & Vimeo Videos

With online entertainment channels being available at large, watching videos and listening to songs have become a major time pass for many. It is almost like a post work stress buster that one cannot do without.

Videos could be stated as by far the most entertaining because a mix of audio and visual treat is definitely engaging. Songs on the other hand will be the soothing soul of your stressed out body.

Whether you want to listen to romantic numbers or electronic dance music, tunes are bound to amp up your energy for the day. Now the problem comes in when you like the videos and songs too much and want to continuously keep on listening to it and watching it.

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Now doing so through YouTube or several other video sharing channels is not as easy. You are hardly going to find an option to download the videos or the songs.

This is the case with most channels. Now going online every single time and using up internet data is not a feasible option either. For such cases, it is imperative to get a download manager that can effectively take care of the videos and songs for you.

Downloading your favourite videos and songs with KeepVid Pro

Without the help of a manager to take care of your downloading needs, it is going to be almost impossible for you to keep any of your favourite videos intact. Hence the necessity of a downloading system is extremely important.

Now there are several such products available in the market, but if you are looking for one that comes with proper user friendly techniques, ample features, flexibility, compatibility with more than several sites, should be free from internet virus and even avoid sources that may be a potential risk to your system then KeepVid Pro can serve as an excellent option for your personal entertainment needs.


KeepVid Pro is one such download manager that will give you access to nearly 10,000 odd sites so that you can effortlessly download videos and songs as per your choice. Apart from the popular site of YouTube, there are channels of Vevo, Dailymotion, BlipTV, Fox, Break, FC2, Ustream, Vimeo, LiveLeak, Lynda, BBC, Metacafe and more. So if you are in the mood to have a great collection of all your videos and songs without having to go online all the time then this is the perfect way to download the same.

There is a special feature enabled for YouTube through which you can actually facilitate the download of an entire YouTube playlist or channel. This can be done with the help of one single click, which means you will not have to waste time with individual downloading.


Need of KeepVidPro

Even though there are several similar downloaders available, KeepVid Pro is much safer and reliable. At first you can try the free version and then move on to buying the kit all together. There is a personal license available and also a business one. This means you can use it for individual, family and corporate uses.

The flexibility of the product to offer a wide range of channels at your disposal that rarely any other downloader manager can boast off; separates KeepVid Pro from the rest. Moreover there is a multitude of features available for both video and music freaks.

Following is a list of attributes that KeepVid Pro provides in order to maximize your entertainment needs and also those that separates it from the crowd of other downloading manager products:


  • There is an availability and accessibility to more than 10,000 sites for downloading videos.
  • Downloading several channels and playlists at one single click is made possible.
  • Now if you want to hear a video and not see it, then you can even convert it to MP3 format.
  • Recording of online video is made feasible.
  • Subtitles are also going to be made available with KeepVid Pro.

Videos in three ways

There is flexibility of getting your favourite videos in three different ways as follows:


  • You can click on the download option at the top corner of the browser and initiate the process.
  • Copy the URL of a video you want and paste it in the option provided.
  • Directly record the video while you are watching it.

The friendly interface will guide you through the process of downloading as per your preference.

With a simple click, you can explore several options of downloading, recording, converting and more.

Convert videos to your preferred format


If you do not want to watch the video and want less internet usage in downloading then converting in it to MP3 is the best option you have at hand. This is made effortless through KeepVid Pro. In this case you will not have to download the entire file and with a simple click you can make the conversion. Extracting audio files can be similarly facilitated. Now MP3 is not the only format that the videos can be converted to.

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There are more than 150 active formats available to which conversions can be made such as to MP4, MKV, M4V, ASF, MOV and many more. Hence there is much flexibility that you are awarded with.

Keep KeeoVid Pro handy: Record video


Considering that High Definition makes a big difference in picture quality nowadays, KeepVid Pro offers a solution for downloading HD videos as well. Now the one great feature is that you can even convert videos into HD format. Management of files is extremely necessary.

You cannot have the videos in place of music and vice versa. Hence converted videos and downloaded videos are kept separately so that each file is in place of where it is supposed to be. FLV and MP4 videos can even be imported and this makes the download manager of KeepVid Pro, different and more user friendly than the rest in the market.

Keepvid Pro Pricing



There is much you can do with KeepVid Pro. Right from downloading to converting, recording, managing and playing your favourite videos, this unique manager is going to allow you in the best of terms to get entertainment on a different level all together.

The effortless management and downloading of videos can be done by anyone due to the extremely easy methods involved. So go ahead and grab the free version if you want to give it a trial and then purchase the kit altogether for accessing a long benefit of video downloader and manager.

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  1. Hi Jitendra
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    Now I know one more tool that can do everything. I mean all videos to be downloaded from internet is the task of one application only.
    Thanks for sharing. Downloading, downloaded, using. works great

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