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On March 27, 2015
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When it comes to smartphone managers (software applications which help you manage different types of files and other apps on your smartphone/android) MoboRobo has to be one of the most popular ones. Since 2012, millions of users across the globe have taken advantage of its powerful features, simple and friendly user interfaces and high quality in-app online resource.

MoboMarket for PC


Thus banking on its credibility the team has developed another management app by the name of MoboMarket. The aim here is to take the user experience to whole new level. That is why they have expanded the domain of the app and made it available for PC. This way one can easily manage his or her smartphone in a simple and efficient manner.

This fact intrigued me and I decided to download the app and see for myself.

First, let’s talk about the interface

MoboMarket User Interface

MoboMarket for PC Interface 1


It is remarkably simple but still accommodates most of the features. As you can see You can connect your smartphone via USB and also use Wi-Fi Connection. This is a huge plus when you need to manage some files in urgency and you do not have a data cable. You can use your Wi-Fi connection to sync the phone with your desktop or laptop and take care of your management needs.

We can also see that the options are highly categorised once your phone is synced you can view different types of files by categories like apps, music, images, videos etc.


MoboMarket for PC interface 2


We can see for instance that in the apps sections it will show you different apps that you use which are on your phone as well as your PC. It also connects to the internet to find more interesting applications for you. Thus, it always keeps you updated with the latest and most interesting apps in the market which saves you a lot of time and effort.

MoboMarket for PC interface 3



There is a slight hassle when you are connecting your phone via USB. Your phone should have the USB debugging mode enabled. You can easily do that by following the steps in the above image. Once that is done you can enjoy the benefits of its services.

MoboMarket for PC Wi-Fi Connection

In order to connect through Wi-Fi you need to have the app installed on your phone. This is because you will have to scan the QR code with MoboMarket to connect as you can see in the image. The process is not as complex as it sounds as you can easily get the code on your phone and then enter it and start managing your files.

My final take on the interface is that it is quite simple but brilliant. It enables you to manage and update your smartphone as well as PC easily. It has a wonderfully friendly user interface. It supports all smartphones except Windows Phone (which is kind of a drawback for Windows phone users as they do not get the advantages of its awesome features.)


What else is unique about MoboMarket for PC?

  1. We have already seen the unique and simple interface above!
  1. It syncs seamlessly with the Mobile App

Unique Features Of MoboMarket

When you combine and sync both apps on your PC and on your phone you are a guest to added functionality. You can transfer contacts, backup your phone data on PC/on your phone.

The added bonus is that it recommends apps by evaluating your needs based on your previous downloads. I find this to be an impressive feature because I am always on the lookout for good and interesting apps. Nowadays, who doesn’t?

There are a host of other unique features which deserve mention like:

The Device manager provides key utilities like device information, app management, contacts management and even SMS management. You have full control over your downloads and updates. You can manage your phone contacts from your computer. You can also simply send and receive SMS on your PC after syncing your phone using MoboMarket. It has a built-in media manager which simplifies management of your photos, music, videos and other media.

The resource manager also adds functionality to the entire app. It allows you to download free apps on your mobile through your PC. You can save your mobile data storage for more important things now! You get regular updates about new and rising apps and tool for your phone. It lets you know about the trends and what apps people are using so that you do not miss out on anything interesting.

There are also advanced functions like Backup and Restore which allows you to backup contacts, apps, call logs, photos, texts and what not. You can enjoy your user experience more by using the Full-Screen Display and Screenshot feature which enables the PC as a display for your device

All-in-all, the whole app packs a solid punch. It provides the right mix of functionality with the minimalistic user interface which enables a smooth and enjoyable user experience. It provides both direct syncing through USB and wireless sync too which is commendable.

The features completely complement the interface and allow for a whole-hearted and satisfying user experience.

After personally using the app and its features I myself have decided to stay with the app and use it more to keep my android smartphone updated and interesting. MAC and apple users can also use this app. Sadly, there is no alternative for Windows Phone users but I am sure that the Mobo team will come up with something for sure.

Here is a video tutorial on how to install Mobo Market:

MoboMarket for PC is a tool which empowers you with functionality and efficient smartphone management. It is a must have tool if you are an app lover and a hard core android user!

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