Moosend Review 2018: Should You Buy For Email Marketing ?

Electronic mails have entirely changed the way of communication these days. Almost a couple of decades ago, the electronic mail service was introduced to the world and in a matter of a decade it took over completely and is now the first thing that comes to our mind whenever we think of communicating.

E-mails have been known to be helping us out in a number of different matters, be it, marketing, communicating, publicize different stuff and many more. So’ here in this article I will be enlightening you about a email campaign tool Moosend review.

Moosend is an email campaign managing tool, it allows you to manage your email campaign with efficiency. The email campaign tools are the most important tools for all the marketers because it allows them to communicate easily with a large number of pupils at a single time as well as it makes marketing of different products easier for the marketers.

The Moosend tool is basically web based and requires a well established network for its proper functioning. It has a number of different features which makes it easy for the marketers and the business pupils to use it.  Even allows you the insight of the email that you sent, you can make out if the email is opened or received or bounced after you sent it to the other person. It even allows you to make all your system automatic. It has the simplest UI among all of the other software in the market.

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From the top leading companies to the new start-up companies, all are using Moosend software these days for email campaigning and all other related stuff. They use Moosend software in order to design as well as to send their email campaigns  the clients and also to manage as well as to grow their mailing lists. So, let me give you an insight of al the remarkable features that the Moosend has to provide you.

Moosend Dashboard

Dashboard overview

Moosend Review features pricing

Moosend campaigns setup

Moosend campaigns setup


Moosend Review features integrations

You can integrate with Mailchimp, Optimonk, Salesforce, Drupal & Google Contacts.

Moosend Review features integrations


Moosend Review features


List of features:-

Moosend Review features pricing as you go

  • The price starts from an amount of $25.00 per month
  • It comes along with a free version for a stipulated time period as well as has a free version of it too.
  • It has a deployment of the cloud, the SaaS as well as the web along with it.
  • Also it does provides you with training in the way to use the software through documentations, webinars as well as it provides in person training.
  • It supports both the online as well as the business hours along with it
  • It has this remarkably amazing feature which responses automatically.
  • It has a list of certain behaviour driven rules associated with it.
  • It has the feature of the bounce tracking which allows you to check if the email that you sent has been bounced or not. It immediately notifies you if something of that sort has happened.
  • It comes with this amazing feature of the SPAM Compliance which lets you to limit any kind of SPAM.
  • It has the Click-Through Tracking feature that helps you to track all the details of your email campaigns with the help of just a click.
  • It has all the database in the Contact Database.
  • It allows you to carry out the Drip Campaigns with efficiency.
  • It has the function of the email which is in one or the other way triggered by the event.
  • It has a very wide range of the Image Library.
  • It has various frequency limits associated with the mailing feature.
  • It allows you to manage your mailing list with efficiency.
  • It provides you the remarkable feature of the Multi variate Testing.
  • It has the feature which allows you to manage the newsletter with ease.
  • It allows you keep a check on the spam and notifies you of that too.
  • It allows you to subscribe as well as to unsubscribe  you wish to.
  • It has the feature of the survey management which allows you to manage all the surveys that you conduct.
  • It allows you to effectively manage the templates that you design.
  • It even provides you with an unsubscribe database too.
  • It comes along with the WYSIWYG email editor feature.

So, the above mentioned long list describes efficiently about all of the remarkable features that the Moosend software provides you with. There a lot of features and it makes it difficult for me to count even, so this is indicative of the quality and the quantity of the features that Moosend provides.

Moosend Review features pricing as you go features

So, let us now talk about all the pros and cons of Moosend Email tool-


Moosend support

  • The feature of the email editor is amazing.
  • The speed as well as the quality of all the features that the Moosend provide is undoubtedly remarkable.
  • It has a very responsive support team which responds to the queries of all the customers quite fast and makes it even more easier to understand for all the users having doubt. It solves almost all the problems.
  • It has the ability to handle a very large number of mails at a given single time.
  • It is extremely easy to use and has an even easy to use feature of the A/B testing which comes along with a multiple options of the A/B.
  • It had quite a detailed reporting system which is again extremely easy to read and provides you an understanding with 1 view even.

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Well, I don’t find any problem with this amazing software except they dont have RSS feature for now. Hope they have that in next version soon.

Moosend Testimonials:

Moosend happy testimonials

Final verdict:- Should You Use Moosend ? 

Moosend happy customers

I am a complete fan of Moosend software, it has too much to offer to all its clients and it makes a lot of work of the marketers easier. I am using it past 3 months and I have been pretty happy with the use. It is the one software for all the marketing needs, it provides you with absolute every single thing that you need to make your work even more better. With a number of features mentioned above, it is the best email campaigning software till date.


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