There are several ways a business can market their brand and a press release is one of the best ways to do so. Press Release is a form of written or verbal communication distributed to the media, with the intention of reaching a mass audience, on a particular product or message.
In the past, smaller businesses were at a disadvantage, as their capability to reach such a large audience was much less than that of a corporation. In these modern times, however, press release distribution companies like MarketersMedia is helping small businesses reach media outlets as well as using social media and cross-channel marketing techniques have leveled the playing field.
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Promoting Growth

One of the first moves in promoting business growth, is communicating to the widest audience possible. A press release is important because this is the sole intention of the document. It contains an information subsidy for the media, and explains exactly what the company intends to convey to the public, prior to the information actually being released. This will help a company gauge the reaction when the information or product actually goes live.

Technically speaking, any information sent to a reporter or the media can be considered a press release. In the past, a business would have to hire a specific person to manage their press releases, but with the advent of the internet, and the age of technology, the industry has changed. Now, marketing firms online can offer any company, small or large, the same type of service in terms of press releases.
In addition, smaller businesses will now have access to a much larger database of people to distribute their material to. While it can be challenging to reach a large number of media partners over a campaign, using a press release distribution company will solve this problem quick and easy, allowing businesses to focus on their marketing and not worrying about PR reach.

Email Marketing with Press Release

One way of marketing a press release is mass e-mail distribution. An online marketing media company is a perfect solution since they are in the business of building their networks.

They are the consummate professionals when it comes to reaching people online, and the first place any business should look when trying to reach a mass audience. In the past, press releases have typically been mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and television stations/networks. There is a new way, however, to reach all of these people in one place, and that is social media.

Social Media Role in Press Release

Social media has taken over the business sectors of sales and marketing, and following the trend is pertinent to doing a good job. Some in marketing feel it is the best form of advertising yet.

There is no better way to form a target audience, then to create a Facebook page that people “like.” You automatically have a listening ear for any press release, at your complete disposal. Gone are the days of mass faxing to half interested potentials.
A business can save a formidable amount of money by trimming the fat from the demographics they choose to market to, simply by paying attention to their Facebook page. A first person account and experiential marketing are always the most compelling forms of advertising for consumers.
A press release is a great way to reach your target audience when it is done in a manor that perks their attention. For example: you aren’t going to print an ad in a newspaper, to reach a teenager. The same press release in their news feed will garner instant attention.


Overall, it’s an amazing tool to convey an important message for a business, if distributed on the correct platform. Social media is an instant way to reach your target audience and a smart way to network. A press release is the perfect means to format an important message in a concise and quick manner. It is the best way to express, control, and protect the image of any company.

About the author: Joe Petitt is an outreach journalist and writer for MarketersMedia, a press release distribution  company.
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