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On September 14, 2014
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If you have a website of your own, then you must be aware of the expenses that you have to incur to keep it going for your users. Qadabra is one such name which has stepped in, to help you earn money by posting ads on your site. Read Qadabra review 2016.

If you have a website of your own, then you must be aware of the expenses that you have to incur to keep it going for your users. So, what if you can make some through it as well? It seems like a good idea, right? That is where the Adsense was ruling the internet world until the time others stepped in the market as well. Qadabra is one such name which has stepped in, to help you earn money by posting ads on your site.

It offers some of the best features, including the global coverage of the ads.

If you have a decent amount of traffic flowing in every day, then Qadabra will help you earn a good revenue share. Adsense is one name where you have to wait for approval as it is becoming quite tougher these days due to the increased number of bloggers trying to monetize their blogs through them.

Placing ads can be quite tricky, if you overdo it, then you will kill the essence of your page and it will seem like the page is all about advertisements and less about content. Therefore, while doing that you have to keep in mind that you are getting traffic because of your content. It is the reason ads are also flowing in, but if you start losing the traffic due to excess ads, then even your revenue from the ads will get affected too due to the traffic loss.

Qadabra Best Ad Serving Platform

What Qadabra is all about?

It was formerly called as AdsGadget, but it is recently re – launched as Qadabra, an advertising network. It is an ad platform where the site owners can earn some revenue through the advertisings which are strictly performance based. Qadabra have no such rigid guidelines and that is the reason earning through Qadabra is such a simple task.

In case, you are using Payoneer and not PayPal, then the minimum payout will be $20. You can simply copy the tag and paste it on your site and start earning.

Earnings from Qadabra

About Qadabra

You need to first track your traffic and see the origin of your viewers. There is no waiting in the queue to go live because it takes only 15 seconds to sign up.

You will have the tags ready, so that you can publish them right away and start earning from the word go.

There is no such risk involved in here and the commitment of payment is there. Therefore, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights thinking whether you will be getting paid at the end or not.

You can be rest assured about the payment. If you want to keep a track of it, then also it is made possible for you. The minimum payout is as low as $1 and by any chance, if you are running a movie website, then it will definitely drive in more traffic providing you with enhanced CPM.

Best practices and nothing fishy

Qadabra Ad Serving Platform for Website Monetization

With the help of proper algorithms, the best performing ads will be directed straight to you just to make sure of the highest eCPM.  If you are wondering what would happen if you need any help, then whom to ask, then Qadabra has the perfect solution for you in the form of support team, which is experienced enough to help the users out of any problem they have.

If you are one of those websites which have very low traffic, then Qadabra will be able to provide you best services with desired revenue if you do not enjoy huge traffic. The payment method is secure and you can get your payment through PayPal and Payoneer. Qadabra also allows bank wire transfers.

Process to get started with Qadabra

Qadabra Ad Serving Platform

In here you will be able to avail intuitive dashboard which is backed up by great technology. You have to sign up first and that too can be achieved in 15 seconds. The auditing of the banner is completed super quickly and you will get to see the ads soon after their creation.

Tracking the performance of the banner is also made easy with them and everything in here is as easy as 1-2-3. The advertisement is tailor made to suit the publisher and whatever revenue is earned you get to keep 80% of it. You will see an advertisement from the categories like business, blog, auto, vehicle, education, gaming, health, arts, food, etc.

There are more than 30 categories available and this makes your life much easier because now you have the option of choosing the advertisement category that you want to display on your blog.

You won’t find any such minimum requirements at all and the best thing about Qadabra is that it is not a scam. You can trust them to earn you good revenue.

The objective

Qadabra is said to believe in simplifying the process of revenue earning by displaying ads on your site. When you are using Qadabra, then you can be sure about one thing and that is everything will be simplified in here and even when you are not a pro in this, it will not be tough for you to figure out how things work. There is nothing hidden in there, instead you will find everything out there in the open.

Wrap Up

If you have been using Adsense and have faced some trouble with it, then you can try Qadabra as it is not that complicated at all and there is no need to wait in order to go live. If you are in India, then you cannot get anything better than Qadabra to earn you some handsome revenue.

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  1. Saumya Pandey

    Recently I was searching for some good adsense alternative, suddenly I landed on your article, qadabra seems to be better option for my blog. I was trying to hard to get adsense but nothing worked out. I am trying this new platform for sure.

  2. Fatima Nayani

    I am using Qadabra on my blog. I love its 3 steps quick sign up process. Anyone can use this network irrespective of how old or new their blog is..

  3. Shreyam

    Qadabra pays its users according to the no. of times the ad is seen or the no. of times the ad is clicked by the user????

    Please do reply

  4. Hi Kritika,
    Thank you for this great review! We are very happy to hear that you are satisfied with Adsgadget and hope to continue improving your rates!

  5. Raja Arslan

    Thanks for the great post. I started using Qadabra and hoping for the best results 🙂

    • Hi Raja, I am glad that you are using Qadabra they are best platform for making money.

  6. Abdullah

    I have tried a lot of advertising companies. Qadabara is much better than infolinks.

    • Hey Abdullah, They are much better. I have tried on various clients site. I am happy that you are getting better results with Qadabra.

  7. Fajar R.

    Qadabra support team is very nice and helpful. They always answer my tickets, not instantly answered, but they always have a good answer for your questions.

    • Hey Fajar, Qadabra team is very supportive , I know them very well. They are excellent in support. Glad that you love them

  8. aatish

    Please tell some better way to increase site traffics or post a article for it

  9. Arul Kumar

    Thanks Kritika. Good job
    just joined qadabra and added, let see.. i will reply later, if getting better.

  10. Hi Kritika, ..
    Thank you for a great review! i’m very much very happy to hear that you are satisfied with Adsgadget .. i wanna surely try this network..
    Someone commented that qadabra is better than infolinks.. Do you have got any idea behind that query.. if yes.. I would like to know about its revenue difference as per traffic rate. Have u got what i mean with this..??

  11. Nice review, thanks for sharing informative article!
    I am searching for a good Adsense alternative, now after reading your review I am going to use qadabra!
    thanks again.

  12. Sheshnath

    I am looking for a good adsense alternative. I know that you are an Indian and i can believe that you are right about qadabra. So i am about to try this ad network.

  13. Jyothish

    I cannot sign up in Qadabra. Its taking long time. Activity indicator continuously animating. Is there anyone facing the same issue?

  14. I think qadabra is much better then Propeller Ads.

  15. daniyal khan

    i try my best to find qadabra signup page but i did,t but it is best to generate money


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