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  • Automates follow-up emails
  • Allows you an unlimited email scheduling
  • Allows you to track your presentations


  • User interface could be improved

SalesHandy is a sales communication hosted by web, it is predominantly used for sharing files, tracking of emails, centralizing document managements and to engage with leads. This software is built, while keeping small and the medium sized enterprises in mind but if used correctly can work wonders for the large businesses too.

SalesHandy Review

It basically enables the sales team to reduce the sales cycle time and increase the closure rate which will in turn help them to raise better and bigger amounts of revenues. As the name suggests, saleshandy is built especially for the better working of the sales team. Along with saleshandy, sales team can create as well as execute effective and viable marketing strategies, it does so by tracking the sales resources and user insights properly.

SalesHandy is basically a collection tool that collects all the behavioral insights and the provides them in a presentable format. SalesHandy makes sure that enterprises achieve and maintains good customer engagements.

Features of Saleshandy

As per a study around 65% of total recipients never reply to the emails, which is a huge loss. Saleshandy allows you to convert ass these losses into sales figures the most attractive and fascinating feature of the saleshandy is the auto follow up feature. Along with the automates follow-up emails you can get up to 100% of the response rate.

It allows you to keep all of your conversations on track, it does so even when your recipients are inactive. When you are working with auto follow up feature of saleshandy, you don’t need to check the campaign results manually. You can rely on the auto follow up feature for that.

It basically functions by nurturing more of leads maximizing the efficiency.  You can get up to 95% of the email responses just by using this auto follow up feature of the saleshandy software.

Email Tracking

Saleshandy review-email trackng

Email templates feature of the saleshandy software notifies you each time, the email sent by you is read by the recipient. It even lets you know about the number of times the email has been opened by the recipient. This data will, in turn, help you to track the interest level of the recipient.

SalesHandy Review - Email Tracking Feature

This feature helps you identify the important emails amongst the millions of emails in your inbox. It allows you to mute the notifications from a particular recipient.

Email Templates

Another feature of this software is the email templates. You can use it by creating HTML templates and then by using it in Gmail. It allows you to use it in Gmail as well as the outlook. It saves up your time by eliminating the need to write repetitive email.

SalesHandy Review - Email template

By using this feature, you can even share all your templates with your team members just by a click. The email template feature can save your time up to 3 times.

Email Scheduling

Another very fascinating feature of the saleshandy is the email scheduling. It allows you an unlimited email scheduling through the means of the chrome plugin in the Gmail. This one feature, eliminates the need to match up the time zones, you no more have to wait till midnight to send a particular mail.

SalesHandy Review- Email Scheduling

All that you have to do is, select the time, date and the particular time zone in which you wish the email to be sent to the particular client. The time zone feature of the email scheduling takes care of this. you can check all your scheduled emails in the “drafts” section as well as the saleshandy app dashboard.

Document Tracking

The document tracking feature enables you to share track all the email attachments/collaterals very quickly. This feature, allows you to track your presentations. Documentations pitch desks, sales proposals, marketing materials and sales collateral. You can track your documents even after sending it.

SalesHandy Review- Document Tracking

It allows you to create file-links towards the targeted prospects. You can even share report, word file, PDF, proposal etc. It allows you to send the files and documents which are password protected. It protects your documents by preventing the users from unnecessarily downloading the documents you uploaded.

Team Reporting

The team reporting feature of the saleshandy software helps the sales team and makes their working more efficient. All the members of the team can measure the template and the email performances across the entire team. It allows the team to coordinate the entire content efficiently and reduces the mismatch content.

Saleshandy review- reporting

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Saleshandy Pricing

SalesHandy Review - Pricing

It is free up to 3 users and charges when users increase in number. It has a free trial and the pricing starts from $9 per month which is the basic plan. Other plans include the SMB plan and the Enterprise plan pricing, $20 and $ 50 per month respectively.

Final verdict

Saleshandy is one amazing software which allows you to share and track various files and documents. The key feature of this software is the auto follow up feature, which is a new feature and we have already discussed it in the above section of the article.

The auto follow up feature is a unique initiative towards a better and reliable working using the emails, and it is exclusive to the saleshandy software. It is compatible with almost all the web browsers. It has been awarded with the “rising star” award in the year 2016 and with the “great user experience award” 2017.

Multiple features like the email tracking, document tracking, team management, email templates etc. all combine to deliver an amazing experience to all the customers. It is an ideal software if you wish to work in a team and it comes with a very affordable range of pricing.

SalesHandy is one of the top sales software in the market these days. it provides you with three most affordable packages and also a free package to choose from. In my opinion, saleshandy is one of the best sales software available in the market these days.

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