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Choosing the perfect e-commerce online store builder for one is undoubtedly tough. With a lot of options provided by the innumerable online store builders who give you all sorts of tools, it gets confusing and really difficult to decide on a particular option.

If you are planning to start a new online store/business, or just thinking of bringing and established business to the online world, we think that Shopify is the easiest commerce builder to help one create an online shop.

Shopify is currently powering over 377,500 online shops and has helped businesses process over $29 billion worth of sales. It is not like WordPress or Magento where you need some sort of development skill to keep your site running and not even like WIX or Weebly where you will have to try hard scaling up.

At Shopify, even complete beginners can create products, share promotions and manage inventory, all without any development knowledge.shopify

Shopify competes mainly with BigCommerce and Volusion – all three of which provide turn-key ecommerce solutions, which in turn competes with non-turnkey solutions (like setting up your own store with WordPress). Shopify also has a “Buy button” functionality that allows you to use Shopify as Point of Sale (POS) / Inventory option – and let customers click to buy your products anywhere online. I’ll be looking less at that – and more at Shopify’s full online store package.

You can get the Buy button only as part of the Lite Plan, but it competes with PayPal rather than full online store options.

One key thing that we think Shopify has done exceptionally well, is inviting other vendors to integrate their services and products into it, making it a 1-stop-shop for all the tools you’ll need to create a successful online shop.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting a new online shop, or bringing an offline store online to grow your business, the last thing you would want to do is troubleshoot technology. Shopify can help you save time so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

One key thing that we think Shopify has done exceptionally well, is inviting other vendors to integrate their services and products into Shopify, making Shopify a 1-stop-shop for all the tools one will need to create a successful online shop.  We’ll give you more details below.

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Shopify PLUS & Shopify DISCOUNT COUPONS CODES March 2018

Shopify offers a number of coupons to provide additional benefits to its users. Here we are listing a few of them:

1) 20% off

Coupon code: First20

2) 15% off

Grab your savings today with this Coupon! Use this code:

Coupon code: VIPONLY

3) 20% Harem Pants

Choose from a wide range of selected goods at Shopify and receive amazing discount! Use this code:

Coupon code: DEAL20

4) 10% off

Great chance to save money when you use Shopify Coupon Code! Use this code:

Coupon code: IMBACK

5) 5 dollars off any item

Coupon code: FACEBOOK5

6) Free shipping

Get this deal from Shopify. Apply code at checkout to get this offer.

Coupon code: FREESHIP11

There are pros and cons of Shopify :

Long gone are days when you had to pay thousands for creating a simple website, hire an engineer and still not get the best results. Here we are with a Canadian e-commerce website, Shopify.

Shopify is a one-stop shop for anyone interested to sell anything where you can create websites in a cheap cost andbe fully satisfied with the result. It is the best option whether you are making online sales through websites or social media platforms like Facebook or a store in a nearby market.t covers every possible platform, you name it, we have it. It stands as the best option for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Shopify promo code


  1. Built-in Speed & Security for Hosting

Shopify can handle speed & security at a “global” level, hence, they can do it quite well: provide 100% SSL, keep their sites screaming fast, and integrate with payment providers well so that you can always get paid, and customers are never waiting for their page to load.

2.       Shopify Payments

Traditionally if you wanted to accept payments you would have to use a third-party payment processor like Stripe, PayPal, etc that would charge a certain fee per transaction. Shopify has created their own payment processor called Shopify Payments. If you decide to sign up for this program, all transaction fees will be lifted regardless of your plan.

3.       Shopify SEO & Marketing

Thanks to its built-in Search Engine Optimization features, your site will easily be found on all major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

4.       Shopify Inventory

Inventory management is an important part of running a store, and Shopify has got you covered in this area too. Once you are ready to add inventory to your store then all you need to do is press the Products tab in the sidebar on the dashboard.


  1. Pricing

Shopify is slightly pricier than Volusion & slightly cheaper than Bigcommerce.

  1. Content marketing

Shopify has come up with built-in blogging software but it’s not the greatest. It does get the job done, but is definitely something that we’d love to see improved upon.

  1. Shopify Jargon


  1. Fully customized websites, blogs and online stores where you can create your own domain name for your brand. An availability of hundreds of themes and templates that are easy to use. The website is mobile friendly as well.
  2. Full access to the HTML or CSS codes of your website. The online store comes with a fully featured content management system and a free 256-bit SSL certificate which makes your website’s content, credit card ,transaction information safe as a bank.
  3. More than 100 types of payment methods including credit card, PayPal, cash on delivery, UPI, bitcoin are available.
  4. Flexible shipping rates are handled by Shopify itself and free shipping offers at an average amount of purchase that increases sale.
  5. More than 50 languages are provided so there is no part of the world that remains untouched.

Shopify coupon code

6.Based on the location, Shopify also covers the tax rates and calculates the bills accordingly.

  1. Shopify creates customer profiles that will help you see their search history and contact information very easily.An option for customers to check out creating an account that increases sales for the future or even as a guest.

8.Shopify helps with the dropshipping business as it directly integrates with apps like ordoro, Inventory  Source etc

9.Shopify characterizes the customer lists according to the location, purchase history and many more.

10.One or more orders can be fulfilled in just one click making the job even easier. Notify your customers of upcoming sales or new products with marketing apps like MailChimp. You can make the profit even through Facebook, customers can buy your products through the link directly connected from facebook.

  1. Run sales and promotions by offering coupon codes that save customers’ money. It will depend on you whether it be a sale of an amount, percentage etc.

12.Your customers can purchase gift cards for someone or they can be used as store credits. You can track your stocks with the help of Shopify and stop the sale as soon as the product runs out. Customers can order and download digital products right fro your store. Shopify also provides with import or export apps for your products.

  1. There is no limit to the amount you wish to sell through the website. See where yourvisitors come from and what they like the most.
  2. Analyze your product reports to check which one is selling the most and which one is selling the least. An actionable dashboard is created to help in understanding the traffic, sales to fulfill which is done by Google Analytics.

Is Shopify Easy To Use?

Shopify helps manage the entire website through the mobile phone to capture payments and fulfill orders. Checking items that need attention or tracking latest trends is easy on the phone itself.When buying a domain name through Shopify you get unlimited email forwarding, unlimited bandwidth i.e. no extra charges for any amount of traffic on your website.

You can keep track of everything on your website.The best part of it is, you can manage the website on your smartphones, contacting customers, updating products, etc, there is no need to sit on a laptop for that.Shopify updates are automatic so there is the immediate update of features. Even during the nonworking hours, Shopify makes your website stays online.

Shopify makes it easy for all the people to create their websites with a 24*7 support system and a 14-day free trial. “None of us are engineers so it’s great to be able to rely on Shopify’s experts so we can focus on innovating.”, says a satisfied customer of Shopify. It is the easiest and fasest way to create a website for your store.

Shopify Is Best Suited For?

Shopify is the best application for anyone who wishes to kickstart their career or build a platform for themselves online or have ideas to sell their products and are confused on where to start and even help with products.

It helps people who have less knowledge about how to create, manage and advertize a website or cannot afford more than a few thousands to create a website. It works best for small scale or medium scaled business to create opportunities to expand their business on  online platforms.

Over To You: Shopify Coupon Codes

Shopify is the best option for anyone to create and manage a website with help of professionals without paying a hefty amount.  It is perfect for people to make websites that are not only easy to manage but also beautiful and elegant in looks. Shopify not only helps people create websites but also opportunities to succeed in life and a strong base for anyone who has dreams to fulfill with an ease.

If you have a little bit of technical know-how, are looking to grow and add products and are looking for an all-in-one ecommerce solution for your online store, then Shopify will be a great fit for you. These Shopify Coupon Codes are working and being used by many Shopify users and are proven to be really helpful in savings.

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