There are numerous ways to boost your page rank in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Every business owner desire to sell his/her products using the internet and they wants that their customer ought to have a better satisfaction and knowledge over their products on the website..This is the sole reason one spends money over his website..

But what if no one will visit that web site because the web site isn’t visible within the search result, then the web site is of no use.. Here comes the work of SEO!!!! SEO abbreviated as Search Engine Optimization and it helps in enhancing the search result for a website by organic methods!!


There are many common & uncommon methods included in SEO, some of them are:

Blog commenting – As the name itself implies that this method has to do something related to commenting and sharing views over relevant blog. In this technique one can place his/her link in the blogs relevant to their business or product. This method is widely used as this is one of the most success full methods to make positive changes within the ranking procedure!!

Profile linking – Profile linking is an effective way to promote your website and also offers a simpler way to do so…All it need is to create a profile on different linking sites with a URL you want to promote! And you can also contact customers and other profile members to avail your services.

Directive submission – There are many directive submission sites including paid and un-paid, While promoting a site always keep this thing in mind that you have to prefer a high PR (Page Rank) site and always provide the correct data about your branding product. Many a times these directive submission sites demand a reciprocal link that implies the sharing of links between the site we want to promote and the site on which we are promoting our brand. That’s an effective way of branding.

Forum commenting – Forum is a discussion panel over a common interest of the topics, you just have to find a forum that is relevant and provides a discussion over the product you desire to represent. These forums allow you to place the link of the site you like to brand for.

Blog posting – Blogging is a familiar name and also a creative way to present your product or services. You can provide your site link over there blogging sites and that’ll help you to improve your page rank!!

Infographics – To prepare an infographics is a fun, it’s a pictorial representation of the product or service we are availing to our clients and customers… There are many info-graphic sites that can portray your product in a less monotonous and more generous way!!

Get  low-cost eBooks

Have a linkbait plan you’re notably pleased with, however aren’t quite positive the way to reach an enormous enough audience? An eBook may well be the answer. There’s a fairly good quantity of articles out there on the way to use eBooks to legalize a website that already has exposure, however eBooks will really be even as effective as a technique of gaining exposure within the initial place.

Get an eBook listed in these marketplaces for an occasional value (or free), and build it adequate to induce four- or five-star ratings, and you’ll expect a good audience to develop rather quickly. Get your web site on the quilt and within the pages of the book, and links can virtually definitely follow.

Get the established bloggers in niche

As world of bloggers getting more & more entangled with spammers, so there is urge to have a real blogger’s who can contribute real value to the content. So there is definitely need of established & reputed bloggers. So just try to reach out to bloggers like freelancer who are willing to take up work & can write quality content for you.

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You might get surprised by their work. It is pretty good for user if they find something fresh & unique, so hiring established bloggers is not a bad idea. Just doing this in a month row can be good idea to attract visitors & also genuine users can follow you.

Try to get people from social media

You people might not be able to interview high bloggers who ask for extravagant money.

But you can interview people from social media who have heavy users on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & other social networks. Some of these blogger love exposure & want to link to many good blogs a much as they can do. Offer them job & interview them, many of them will response positively. Surely you can find that many of them will work for you & show enthusiasm.

Questions & Answers websites

Question and answers websites are latest way to build backlinks, These platforms are hugely popular among audiences. Folks always have queries in their mind so they find Q& A platforms very easy to answer their queries. So try to take advantage of these platforms in a fruitful manner. Never do spamming there. This will result in termination of your blog. So build good authority on these platforms.

Questions & answers Platforms

Q&A Platforms 



Yahoo Answers



These all methods help an individual to make a site worth and visible to customers, we can say that SEO is a vast bridge that connect the customer to their desired products.

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