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Online shopping is slowly creeping into India. As of now, a large number of people prefer buying everything from groceries to clothes online. Not so long ago, the Indian audience was wary of shopping online owing to potential thefts etc.

However, that has now changed. Only last year during Diwali, online portals made more profit compared to retail stores. Thus, India has come a long way from being a country of wary online shoppers to a country of millions of happy online shoppers.

There are a large number of online shopping portals out there. However, which one to trust is quite a dilemma.


Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India Best Shopping Sites India

Here is a list of top 10 online shopping sites in India 2018

1. Flipkart.com

flipkart - online shopping site

This one has to come first hands down. The entire country is completely dependent on Flipkart for nearly all their shopping needs. Flipkart sells everything from gift vouchers to electronics to home appliances. In fact, statistics claim that there are more items on flipkart than in a mall. Hence, Indians are heavily reliant on flipkart for all their shopping needs.

2. Amazon.in

amazon - online shopping site

A large number of people from India swear by the services of amazon. Amazon and flipkart are always at war with each other and are always at close heels. Amazon has an equally large number of products as flipkart. In fact, Amazon apparently sells more than flipkart. Since amazon is an American company, it lacks the desi taste that would be preferred by an Indian. It would be wise to indianise its Indian domain. It would then be an instant hit amongst the masses.

3. Snapdeal.com

snapdeal - Online shopping site

Snapdeal is a completely Indian website and is often preferred by the masses for its cheap rates. It sells products at really low prices and hence, is a favourite of the masses. It is a good idea to buy from Snapdeal if you are looking for absolutely cheap prices. However, there have been times when consumers have complained of the products of Snapdeal and hence, some of them stay away from Snapdeal.

4. Jabong.com

Jabong - Online Shopping Website

Jabong is again an American brand but seems to be doing very well in India. It has a large number of clothes and accessories for sale and is a complete paradise for those who love shopping for clothes. It has all kinds of products from western wear to desi kurtis and it would be fun to sit home and shop for clothes on jabong. Jabong is excessively preferred by women shoppers.


5. Myntra.com

myntra - online shopping store

An equally large number of women favour myntra over jabong. Myntra also has a large number of accessories and clothes on its online portal. It has a large number of categories as well and one can buy from a category of their choices. From western to ethnic to traditional, all kinds of clothes are sold on myntra.

6. Localbanya.com

Localbanya -Shopping Site India

This is a website meant for shopping groceries and is a blessing for working women. It is also a blessing for the woman who is busy all the time. All of the grocery items are available over here and one can buy according to their needs. From organic to inorganic items, everything is available over here. Thus, localbanya.com is indeed one of the leading grocery shopping sites in India.

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7. Homeshop18

homeshop18 - Online Shoppinh site

This is an equally popular website amongst online shoppers. Those who do not mind waiting a little extra for delivery at the reward of a lower price, order from here. A lot of times, the cheapest of items and the remotest of items are easily found on homeshop18.com. Thus, this site also has an equally large number of shoppers who are loyalists. However, homeshop18 cannot be trusted when one is in an emergency. You’d rather buy from one of the websites where they give express deliveries.

8. Infibeam.com

infibeam - shopping website

Infibeam.com is a place where you often find things that are not found anywhere else. The rarest of things, the rarest of books and the rarest of electronics and many other such items are easily found on infibeam.com. Infibeam.com has a long way to go before it comes higher up the ranks but it definitely isn’t doing badly so far.

9. Shopclues.com

shopclues - online buying website

Shopclues is famous for their heavily discounted best shopping deals. Shopclues is one of the best online stores that offers a wide variety of cameras, Computer accessories, Mobile, Gift, Jewellery, Cosmetics, toys, clothes, books and bag.

10. Firstcry.com

firstcry - online shopping for kids

Firstcry.com India’s largest store for Kids selling 70000+ items from 400+ top International and Indian brands.

11. Paytm.com

Online Best Shopping Sites-paytm

Started just as mobile recharge app, now Paytm become the Indian Alibaba. Provides a number of services like mobile recharge, bill payments, tickets etc. along with a variety of generic products. Paytm offers cashback with the discounts, that makes it different from other shopping sites in India. Sometimes such cashback makes a big difference and saves your extra money.

12. Voonik.com

Online Best Shopping Sites India-voonik

Voonik is one of those sites that specifically focus on only women products. This thing makes it more popular among women as compare to other fashion sites. The products include Indian wear, western wear, lingerie & sleepwear, footwear, bags and accessories, jewellery and beauty products. Voonik offers deep discounts on its products along with cashback offers.

13. Bigbasket.com

Bigbasket -Best Shopping Sites India

Bigbasket is the top grocery shopping site in India. From Bigbasket you can purchase products under the category of grocery, household, personal care, gourmet, beverage, dairy and fruit & veggie. It offers a wide range of top brands product. It additionally offers up to 20% cashback on different debit and credit cards.

14. UrbanClap.com

Best Shopping Sites India- UrbanClap

Sometimes it is very difficult to find a service in the local area. UrbanClap is website that make your work easy. It makes available services like electrician, plumber, carpenter, interior designer, trainers and personal services etc. In following cities only UrbanClap service is available. The cities are as follows, i.e. Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune.

15. Zivame.com

Best Shopping Sites India- Zivame

Zivame is the best and most popular online lingerie shopping site in India. All the lingerie brands are made available on this online portal in India. It offers a variety of inner garments for women in India, be it bras, panties, sportswear, swimwear and nightwear. You can find fabulous discounts on Zivame on world class brands.

16. Lenskart.com

Lenskart- Top Shopping Sites India

Lenskart is India’s leading online site for eyewear. You can buy eyeglasses, sunglasses and lenses from the Lenskart. You can try any number of frames on your face while sitting at your home. On your first order of your frame, you get it free of cost only on Lenskart. Its’ currently available in the seven cities i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune.

17. Clovia.com

Clovia - List of best Shopping Sites India

Clovia is fast growing online shopping site for lingerie and giving Zivame equally tough competition in India. But, it holds the second position after the Zivame online portal. Being an exclusive online lingerie and nightwear store, Clovia offers various types of bras, panties, swimsuits and nightwear which are not only very stylish but are also comfortable.

18. Futurebazar.com

Futurebazar -Online Best Shopping Sites in India

Futurebazaar has a variety of main categories, with detailed sub-categories. Be it the home related section, we found fairly little in terms of variety in other categories. For instance, the magazine section did not have much variety. It has a section called clearance, which has products selling at heavy discounts as it pertains to stock clearance.

19. Gadgets.in

Online Best Shopping Sites- Gadgets.n

Gadgets.in has most amazing and exciting electronic gadgets. They sell everything from the usual cameras, iPads, etc. to precision engineering equipment, spy gadgets, signal jammers, telescopes, weird gift ideas and much more. The prices are reasonable for some products, over-priced for others and as such, you’ll need to cross check the prices of some of the items to be sure you’re getting a good deal.

20. Yebhi.com

Best Shopping Site India- Yebhi

On first glance, the design aesthetic of the homepage of this site seems to have taken some inspiration from Pinterest. This becomes obvious when you enter the respective categories, with product pictures splashed across the screen. It offers something unique from other sites in terms of the look. And it has electronics and mobile phone section, but on the whole, the site shows the favour of fashion and lifestyle products.

21. Smartshoppers.in

Smartshoppers -Best Shopping Site In India

The website has a large range of electronics from digital cameras to gaming hardware and everything in between. The website focuses heavily on camera equipment and is a worthy destination if you’re in the market for carry-cases, tripods, and filters. We even spotted a bamboo pen & touch input device. Overall the prices are fairly competitive.

22. AJIO.com

AJIO - Top shopping site in india

AJIO carries a wide portfolio of owned, branded and handpicked collections from India and around the world. AJIO Own is AJIO’s trendy in-house label, has a wide collection of clothing, footwear, and accessories, maternity wear, a tweens collection, and an activewear range. The company has an exclusive Indian collection, showcasing a variety of creations by artisans and boutiques from all around the globe.

23. Forever21.com

Top Best shopping site in india -Forever21

Forever 21 has seen some high-end achievements in the past 30 years. They have an aim to reach $8 billion company till the end of 2018. They have a goal to launch 600 stores in the next three years, it’ll be exciting to see the company achieve in three years what it initially took 30 years to do.

24. Techshop.in

Techshop - Top shopping site in india 2018

Although this site may not look as inviting as the ones we have seen above, do not go by the looks. So, under computer hardware, you will have all the components necessary to build your rig, along with the NAS categories the networking section has categories for wired and wireless routers. Especially when you consider the competition, mobile phone section but there aren’t many options to choose from. Same goes for digital cameras.

25. Bigadda.com

Top shopping site Bigadda

This website too had a change of heart somewhere down the line. From its early roots in social networking, it moved on to join the e-commerce site. They have high-quality stuff but prices are a bit on the higher side with worth mentioning deals. Once, you buy into it, you could be a “lucky” winner who gets it for that amount.

For, the options available to the consumer are fairly limited and it will be a while before the consumer is spoilt for choice with a large number of online shopping portal.

What are your favourite shopping sites in India 2018, do let us know in comments below. 

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  1. These are really some very good sites to shop online!!!

    • poonam

      Yes you are right, but similar site Moskart.com is providing unique product low prices in India.

  2. Raja uzaif

    Snapdeal is da best than amazon & flipkart

  3. manu

    oh no .. no snap deal… just check the online consumer protection forum and you will find complaints regarding them uptop.. pls dont … no snap deal…. or u.ll regret..

  4. @manu I purchased so many products from snapdeal, flipkart, Amazon and also from shopclues…
    shopclues is very worst place to shopping, and i love snapdeal they dont negleact return products, and i like amazon more than flipkart, flipkart…

  5. Bhakti Goswami

    Great list ! These are the best online shopping sites in india, i personally favours lashkaraa.com for buying ethnic dresses.

    • rahul

      Rally this is too good

  6. Great list of ecommerce sites in India. Flipkart, Amazon & Snapdeal are king in the Indian market.

  7. Myntra, Flipkart,Amazon, Homeshop18 are really good shopping portals in India. They Offers best brand,best quality with best price. They provide designer clothes and accessories at very good price. They also offers some discount.There is another best fashion portal which provide best quality products in flexible range. and its name is “togofogolooks”. They also provide fashionable and trendy clothes, designer accessories at affordable price. It also offers some discount. I will recommend all of you to visit this site.Because I personally shop from that site last week and my experience was awesome.

  8. s roy

    i think among all the sites amazon is the best. because of its very good search/sorting system. here it is clearly mentioned which product is shipping free which is not. but flipcart not mention in the site before you make ordered. after putting ordered shipping charge is included in the price. shopclues is pathetic site. very confusing. only putting in the cart suddenly you will find huge shipping charge.

  9. Arun

    The way of presentation is good “with pros and cons”

  10. Nazim

    Snapdeal is a Fraud at all.

    I have order from snapdeal but i have received different product I have raise a complaint and i have returned to snapdeal after snapdeal declined and reject my return and says it is different product never buy from snapdeal please.

    Buy from Amazon.in and order only amazon fullfill order.

  11. Harsh

    I ordered many products from flipkart above 2 lacs. and I love their service and support.
    But if you want any products around world try Aliexpress. com it’s better.

  12. Guru

    I fell Myntra is one of the best online shopping for men’s because I have order many products through myntra its very good by quality and price. I would recommended if you can even try Myntra

  13. Rantu Nath

    Nice and True Article about Shopping Thank for sharing Sonam.

  14. I am a big fan of Amazon website and the site is popular all across the world which makes it more reliable and trustworthy!

  15. Lloyd Vincent

    Tried Jabong and purchased a T-Shirt. Delivery was on time and dealings okay.
    But they charged a significant delivery fee.
    Although a Proline T-Shirt (XL )appeared to Rs 525/- online when it came to the door I paid Rs 624/- which is not reflected on the bill as well.

  16. arun

    ohh.. Paytm?

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  18. Mohit Kumar

    Thanks for this wonderful post. Online shopping is the best way to save time and money. Flipkart is on top that’s amazing.

  19. RAJAN


  20. mandeep

    Thanks for this wonderful post. Online shopping is the best way to save time and money. Flipkart is on top that’s amazing.

  21. Garima Vaid

    Had Very bad experience from Snapdeal both as a seller and consumer.

  22. manik

    shopclues is rubbish website..
    all offers are fake..
    everything they sell is first copy of the original one..

  23. Mahesh Patel

    Really nice article…. Thanks

  24. Mahesh Patel

    Nice Article…. Thanks..

  25. Contestwingo

    Amazon & flipkart is best online shopping website in india and brother you missed one website name take a look- tatacliq.com


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    Thanks jitendra to provide us best article.

  27. I think Amazon & Flipkart is ruling the Indian eCommerce mainly. Although there are many niche players are entering and finding their customers, but competing with them is a big challenge. Thank you for this share.

  28. I have used Flipkart,Amazon, Homeshop18 are really good shopping portals in India. this three site provide fastest shipping and original products.

  29. salh

    thanks for all this info , i really like the shopping from amazon , is there any way to buy from amazon by using paypal ?
    thanks again for sharing all this info !

  30. Rajat Sharma

    it is very helpful for online shopping for women clothing

  31. Edward

    Hi Sonam, very good post. It describes very well 🙂 I used most of them but recently I know about TrueGether. It is really very good and always getting great products here with fast shipping too.

  32. sunny joshi

    Amazon and Flip-kart is India’s best shopping sites. Amazon is worlds 2nd eCommerce company. I have buy mobile handset in best price.

  33. Farha

    Try firstcry.com, its an amazing site for shopping for kids

  34. grocery online kanpur

    These are really some very good sites to shop online!!! Thank you so much sharing this post..

  35. Sura

    Good website. Thank you. I have some experience with Snapdeal. There delivery is so poor.

  36. Candyskin

    These are all great website to shop from. I personally choose very few sites to shop. Amazon is very actually stand for its logo “A to Z”. You will get everything there.

  37. Abhishek Mishra

    Amazing list. All are the great websites to go. But I personally prefer Flipkart Coupons for online shopping.

  38. Jigar

    it realy good post.
    can you toll me whtch font you use?

  39. Astha

    Amazon is the best one surely. Don’t ever go for shopclues,it’s the worst of all.

  40. Gandhi Kush

    A great collection of websites.
    The list contains all the best websites which are trustworthy and genuine for buying the best product online.
    All these websites are the largest competitors in India for online shopping.
    This list is really a helpful one. And thanks for providing the list, hope we receive such great articles from you in future.

  41. rajul

    Great Information. Best list at one place for online shopping.

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  44. Shikha Khanna

    Most of these websites just dump the products on the portal. I have shopped from almost all of them . Nowadays in love with sites offering limited, good quality products like koovs, Ajio etc. Eagerly waiting for Zara to come online.

  45. gary

    Only flipkart and amazon are good

  46. Aarsun Woods

    Well the fact is that Amazon and Flipkart gives small businesses like us a platform to actually promote our business and then start afresh. Nice going…

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  50. parrotspeaks

    Great list of online shopping sites.Really liked it. Had the best experience with Flipkart. The quality of products are better in comparison to other online shopping sites.Have purchased clothes,books,watches etc.Good to see that their service quality is also good.Yet to use many sites which I will be definitely trying in future.

  51. parrotspeaks

    Great list of online shopping sites.Really liked it. Had the best experience with Flipkart. The quality of products are quite appreciable .Have purchased clothes,books,watches etc.Good to see that their service quality is also good.Yet to use many sites which I will be definitely trying in future.

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    thank you.

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    Our Website Khwaab is also a wonderful website to Buy Clothes For women.

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