Top 15 Most Popular Photo Sharing Sites

Photography is a rage these days. Every other person is busy clicking pictures. Even those who do not know anything about photography have busied themselves with their cameras. It almost looks like an epidemic. However, the primary purpose of clicking pictures for most people is that they want to show it to the world.

Selfie was the latest word in the oxford dictionary. There has to be some charm around photography for so many people to suddenly get addicted to it. Well, the charm is sharing these photos and making comments on them along with your friends. While there are a large number of online portals that let you share your pictures, you would obviously only want to share it with the best!

Here are the top 15 most popular photo sharing sites

1) Instagram

instagram for company business

This one had to be the hands down winner. With the number of people sharing their pictures of themselves, food, pets, nature and what not on instagram, it indeed had to top the list. Moreover, Instagram has a large number of filters to its credit which are easy to use. Moreover, these filters replenish the pictures such that the person almost looks like they got a makeover in the picture.

2) Facebook

Facebook analysis

How can this social media site not feature on the list of popular photo sharing sites! It is most used for sharing pictures. The number of people who keep sharing the weirdest of pictures on Instagram has increased considerably. Yet, the number of people who share pictures on facebook has not reduced one bit. The social media website has over 5 million subscribers and they create quite a racket sharing pictures with each other.



This is yahoo’s photo sharing idea. It is probably the oldest photo sharing domains on the web. While it isn’t still as active as in the old days, it still has a huge array of pictures uploaded on it. Each of these pictures are extremely delightful to look at. The website is indeed a blast.



This is also a very popular photo sharing website. A large number of people prefer this less crowded and neat domain as compared to the others that are cluttered and full of senseless pictures. In spite of its uncluttered domain, still has a large number of subscribers to its credit.



Remember that ad where a bucket full of picture falls on a sleeping girl’s head and she wakes up with a start? Well, that ad was It was once upon a time competition for but as of now, both of these have receded into the background as of today and other giants stand in the forefront.

6) Picasa


Picasa is Google’s creation and has an extremely user friendly interface. It lets you share edited pictures and collages with your friends on Google. However, the number of users on Picasa are relatively low as compared to other photo sharing websites. The editing features are very easy to use and even a lay person can work his or her way out of it. This is the USP of Picasa.

7) Twitpic


This was once upon a time used to share pictures on the popular social networking website called twitter because it was not possible to share pictures directly on twitter. However, as time passed by, twitter’s features improved and twitpic became a photo sharing site in itself. It is fun to share pictures over here and to hear out each other’s comments. This is a fun photo sharing site as well. It has a few editing features that lets you edit pictures taken from the phone for the web.


Must Know Facts About Pinterest Users

This is a fun social networking website wherein you can pin anything you like on your dashboard for your friends to see. It can be anything from an article to a picture. is widely used for sharing pictures. A large number of people have pinned pictures to their dashboards and people come over and take a look at the many pictures on pinterest. They also share their own version of interesting pictures online. Thus, creating a network of photo sharing users!



Yes, it has been created by the makers of Photoshop and has an exceedingly large number of editing features to its credit. Moreover, the features aren’t complicated to operate as in the software. Any and everyone can come in and operate upon these features. They are very easy to edit. Thus, if you have always wanted to edit your pictures like a Photoshop professional but did not know how it went, is your answer.



This is again one of the places where you can store as many pictures as you like and even share them with your friends. It has a good storage capacity and hence, you will not have to worry about filling its memory with one more picture. You can keep uploading all you like.

11)  Onedrive

onedrive logo

This is Microsoft’s creation for sharing pictures and documents. The storage here is unlimited and hence, you can upload as many pictures as you like. The good part about this is that you can share them only with those who you are comfortable sharing it with. You don’t necessarily have to make it public. Only the email addresses that you share these pictures with will get a chance to view them.



This is again one of the many regular sites for sharing pictures. It is mainly popular in the USA. The domain lets you share your pictures to twitter directly as well. It is a fun portal.



This was again started off as a tool that will help you share your pictures on twitter. However, as time went by, it became a website in itself with a large number of registered users.

14) Shutterfly


As the name suggests, you can let your shutter fly over on this website. You can click as many pictures as you like and have a blast in there.



It has about 90000 registered users and is a growing portal. It will find itself in the swing of things sooner or later. It is an exciting place to share your pictures at.

Check out top 10 biggest social media sites mentioned in the below video:

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