[Latest 2018] List Of 5 Top Best Websites to Earn Money by Sharing Videos

Yes, you heard it right, you can earn money online by just uploading videos, and that’s it. There are many ways by which you can earn money online from home like you can Earn money via Forum posting, by freelance writing, by starting a Blog, logo designing, via Fiverr and many more.

But these things require specific skills and in some of them need your Social Network base and earn money. Here in this article, we will be discussing how to make money by sharing videos.

But among of the above-stated ways, the easiest is to earn by uploading videos on various sites. Today, I will be talking about some video sharing sites through which you can make money.

Monetize your video - Websites to Earn Money

Videos and images are what kinds of stuff that gets viral within a nick of time, if you have creative ideas and have fantastic video making skill, then uploading your created videos on revenue sharing sites will help you a lot in boosting your primary income stream.
These types of revenue sharing video sites like are getting very popular nowadays.

This video sharing site work on a simple model of revenue sharing or PPV. They provide you the place to host your videos, and in return, they run advertisements on it. They pay you according to how many views your video is able to get.

In short, if you know the proper use of a camera and have unique and engaging ideas for creating videos, then you are on the right track to make money with video sharing sites.  Now, if you are an individual video producer or a video production company, you can always utilize these video sharing sites to earn money
Now here I’ll be sharing the list of video sharing sites where you can make money by sharing videos.

[Latest 2018] List Of 5 Top-Notch Websites to Earn Money by Sharing Videos

1. YouTube.com :

Earn Money From youtube

YouTube is one of the best video sharing websites and almost every internet user knows about this site and may have used it sometime. YouTube is the best place where you can upload your videos and can also make huge chunks of money. Most of the people are making huge money by sharing videos on YouTube.

And even some of them making a good living from their YouTube, basically they are doing business on YouTube. It very simple to make on YouTube you just need to create AdSense account with YouTube account to make money with this video sharing site.

And creating a YouTube account is very easy, you just need a Google Account, and after that, you can create a YouTube account after that your YouTube channel is up and running. Now you can start uploading videos of it and money.

2. Dailymotion.com :

Dailymotion.com - Earn Money

It is similar to YouTube and the second most significant video sharing website after the YouTube. This site quickly gets more than 200 million visitors every month.

Dailymotion offers you 70% of the Ad revenue from videos you have uploaded. Formerly its partner program was available only for the United States and France, but now it is possible for worldwide uploaders. Dailymotion pays per quarter basis if you have the minimum $100 in your publisher account. Payment is made via bank transfer.

3. Break.com :

 earn money with Break.com

Break.com is another name on our list of website that earns money with video sharing websites and is the best alternative to YouTube and Dailymotion. Break.com allows their users to upload videos like other video sharing sites as well as Images and flash games.

It means you can upload your videos, short video clips, images and can also sell your Games.Break.com will not pay you money for other video sharing sites like YouTube, means there is no advertisement option. Break.com pays you money when your video, images, and games reach their Homepage or front page. Like if your videos make it to the home page of the site then you will get around $2000. And you can get around $25 if your uploaded images will become a part of the Gallery of the site.

4. MetaCafe.com :

MetaCafe.com - Website to Earn Money


It is one of the many names of video sharing websites which let you earn money by sharing video. It has over 50 million unique visitors every month. MetaCafe is the world’s largest independent video site based on global traffic, total page views and time spent on site.

MetaCafe is the only site that mines the collective wisdom of its audience to filter and surface the most entertaining videos, making it the best place to both watch and distribute high quality and fun video content.
MetaCafe uses producer rewards program (PRP). Through MetaCafe, users can earn money up to $5 on per 1000 viewers

5. Thevault.break.com :



The Vault is a company by Break that lets you sell your videos to them so that they can share it through their network and on YouTube, if you upload videos here you may get more coverage than you would get if you upload it anywhere else. You can get paid by check or PayPal, which is not a bad option depending on the effort you had made.

You can learn more about this site from their FAQs for specific requirements and questions on selling your video for money.

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Conclusion: [Latest 2018] List Of 5 Top-Notch Websites to Earn Money by Sharing Videos

This article is primarily for the newcomers who are willing to start working online and make a right amount of money just by uploading videos on the provided platform.

Among all of the above platform, YouTube is the best option among all of the following list. In this platform, you will get many subscribers and traffic if your content is good enough to create an impact on others.

Do let me know if you are using such platform to earn money. Share this post on all trending social media platform.

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