000WebHost Review 2024: Is 000webhost Really Free?

000WebHost Review

Overall Verdict

000WebHosting is perfect for Student websites, Personal websites, Resume websites, etc., made for the sole purpose of establishing an online presence. It is suitable for all fake projects and temporary websites. I also examined several user reviews on Quora and Reddit and discovered the same reviews.

Out of 10


  • Evaluating Structure
  • Colossal Disk Space/Bandwidth
  • Moment Backups
  • Great cPanel Support


  • Expelled Websites without taking note


Price: $ 69

Are you looking for an Unbiased 000WebHost Review? Great! You have come to the right post.

000WebHost is a popular web hosting provider that offers free web hosting services. However, many users are unsure if 000WebHost is a good option for them and whether the free services are worth using.

It can be challenging to know whether or not a web hosting provider is right for you, especially if you’re looking for a free service. There are many different providers, all of which claim to be the best option for you.

000WebHost Review

In this 000WebHost review, we’ll take an in-depth look at their free web hosting services and compare them to other providers. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of using 000WebHost so that you can decide if they’re the right provider for you.

000WebHost Review: What Is 000WebHost?

000WebHost is a subsidiary of Hostinger that provides free web hosting without advertisements. As of 2022, around 26,413,832 websites are hosted on its server.

000WebHost Review

000WebHosting is perfect for Student websites, Personal websites, Resume websites, etc., made for the sole purpose of establishing an online presence. It is suitable for all fake projects and temporary websites. I also examined several user reviews on Quora and Reddit and discovered the same reviews.

The majority of free hosting services provide the lowest overall experience. However, being a Hostinger-sponsored brand, 000WebHosting is superior to its competitors.

Major Features and Benefits of 000WebHost

Major Features and Benefits of 000WebHost

  • Freedom of Design:

You may express yourself by developing unique websites with gorgeous designs by selecting from more than a hundred themes created by industry experts. Their free hosting is supercharged with the 000WebHost Easy Website Builder, which enables you to personalize anything in a matter of clicks.

  • Time Saving Convenience: 

Do not spend time searching the Internet for a script or developing one from scratch! The Auto-Installer function of their free site hosting is meant to save you time and simplify your life. You may install over 50 popular scripts, including Photo Gallery, OS Commerce, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress in a matter of seconds.

  • Substantial Capacity: 

They offer you substantial storage space and more than sufficient bandwidth to get started! You’ll quickly conquer the planet with 300 MB of storage space and 3 GB bandwidth. You also get free domain hosting that supports the newest versions of PHP and MySQL.

  • Limitless Possibilities:

Your imagination is boundless! The unrestricted support for PHP and MySQL provided by 000WebHost’s free web hosting complements your originality. Need more sophisticated features for your website? Ioncube Loader, PHP Sockets, fopen(), XML, Zend, GD2, and Curl are also fully supported!

  • Rock Solid Reliability: 

Trust and dependability are the cornerstones of all lasting partnerships. Whether in personal or professional life. With a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee for their free web hosting servers, they are committed to the satisfaction of their customers. Check the uptime

  • Power of Ideas: 

They have faith in the potency of ideas. For your ideas to become a reality, you must access reliable, easy-to-use, powerful tools that allow sufficient creative freedom!

000WebHost Detailed Review

  • Website Builder:

Utilize the integrated website builder if you are building a new website. Zyyo powers the complimentary website builder. It is simple to use and packed with great functions.

No coding knowledge is required to develop an aesthetically attractive website. Some basic CCS expertise may assist you in maximizing the utility, but it is not required.

There are several free templates available on Zyro. Once you’ve found the one you like, you may tweak minor aspects to make everything perfect. You need not even submit your images. You may utilize Zyro’s over one million high-quality photographs to make your website shine.

000webhost Website Builder

If you already own a domain or want to register one with a third-party provider, you may connect it to your 000WebHost account. Remember that this approach will cost you more than just utilizing the free subdomain. 

Additionally, 000WebHost lacks a backup capability. In the event of a catastrophic server failure, your website will be gone permanently. For this reason, I strongly advise storing local backups of your website.

Unique to the free website builder is the use of artificial intelligence features. Depending on your previous selections, the program may automatically generate copy and execute various design chores.

It is a surprisingly powerful site builder with a plethora of customizable options. Given that the tool is free to use, this is a pleasant bonus that makes the free account more appealing. It may help you publish your website quickly.

  • WordPress Compatibility: 

WordPress is one of the most excellent methods to use the free service. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. It is open-source, enabling you to develop a unique, personalized website.

WordPress is compatible with the free plan. Not only can it be installed with a few clicks, but you can also utilize your favorite plugins and widgets to personalize your website. You may also use a readymade theme to make your website attractive within minutes.

Disk space is the only constraint you may face. As you add pages and articles to your site, WordPress may use a lot of space, so keep that in mind as you construct. Due to the platform’s size restrictions, some plugins and widgets may not function.

  • Flexibility:

We are pleased to inform you that 000WebHost places no restrictions on what you can and cannot do with your free site. Because it supports PHP and MySQL databases, you’re free to utilize your chosen content management system. You can install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more applications.

000WebHost goes above and above by facilitating the installation of your preferred scripts, content management systems, and plugins. A user-friendly one-click auto-installer enables the addition of over 50 different scripts to a website. There is no need to delve into technical details or tailor the scripts to your websites. Hit a couple of buttons, and you’re all set.

  • User Friendliness:

With 000WebHost, managing your website is simple. The firm makes things as easy as possible so that you can maximize the platform.

000webhost User Friendliness

The organization employs a unique control panel. This may be pretty off-putting for seasoned webmasters. cPanel is now unavailable for usage.

Thankfully, this provider’s control interface is not too difficult. It is essentially a simplified version of cPanel. You may still perform many tasks, such as managing your domain and modifying FTP access.

  • Storage and Bandwidth: 

You only get sufficient disk space and bandwidth for most free hosting plans to develop simple websites. Due to the high expectations of online users, most of these strategies are not even worth the effort.

Fortunately, 000WebHost provides several tools for creating a stunning website. The complementary plan offers 300 MB of data and 3 GB of bandwidth. You won’t be able to add a high-resolution video or create many resource-intensive animations on your website. However, it is still possible to design a beautiful website that fulfills the expectations of current Internet users.

  • Performance:

Performance-wise, 000WebHost performs well throughout the board. Again, Hostinger’s technology is responsible for this. No matter your website, the servers, and hosting platform are tuned for optimal performance. The service employs the most recent versions of PHP and MySQL, so you can be confident that your visitors will have a positive experience.

Connection speeds are good. They are not the best in their business. Neither solid-state storage nor content delivery networks are offered by 000WebHost. Therefore, you may notice performance difficulties after you reach the resource limit.

Currently, the free plans do not provide any significant performance-related features. You cannot use a caching system or specific scripts. These features are available on Hostinger’s paid premium plans. However, the only thing you can utilize with a free account is the administrators’ server-side optimization efforts.

  • Data Centers:

Web hosting companies are only as effective as their data centers. 000WebHost provides no information on the precise locations of their data facilities. Nonetheless, we might presume that the brand uses the same data centers as its parent firm, Hostinger.

Hostinger has data centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Lithuania, Indonesia, Singapore, and Brazil. When you set up a free account with 000WebHost, you can choose the data center you want to utilize—this aids in enhancing performance for the intended audience.

  • Reliability:

Overall, 000WebHost’s service is remarkably dependable. Uptime statistics are essential to any web hosting business. Providers go to tremendous pains to ensure that their equipment is always operational, so you never have to worry about site downtime. 000WebHost is comparable.

While the firm does not provide a standard uptime guarantee like some of its rivals, it does promote a 99 percent uptime rate. According to the provider’s website, a committed administrative staff ensures everything runs properly. The equipment has been adjusted to offer flawless functioning.

  • Customer Support:

000WebHost offers a variety of contact options. Given that they are an accessible web server, their support services are extensive. Their FAQs and knowledgebase are pretty comprehensive. You may search for individual articles or peruse the mentioned categories.

People may use 000WebHost’s community forum to discuss difficulties, advice, etc. The forum is not very user-friendly since there are no subforums to peruse. However, everything has a category, so if you can’t find what you’re searching for, you may explore by category.

They provide comprehensive, step-by-step guidance if you want to construct a WordPress website with 000WebHost. This tutorial is an excellent starting point if you have never used WordPress. Given that their services are free, this is a thoughtful addition.

Now, if you want to contact or chat with a representative of 000WebHost, I’m sorry you may be out of luck. Their contact page links to their forum, where you may report issues and get assistance from moderators. There is a mailing address, but it is of little use if you have instant questions!

They have social media profiles, namely on Facebook and Twitter. There is contact between 000WebHost and their clients on their Twitter feed. However, many of the web host’s tweets direct users to their forums, where someone will be able to assist.

000WebHost Pricing

Several systems provide “free” hosting of some kind. For instance, there is WordPress.com, a restricted version of the open-source CMS WordPress that we all know and love. Other platforms, like GitHub, offer “free hosting” for static pages, which is inadequate for most projects.

000WebHost Pricing

000WebHost is a bit of an anomaly in the hosting industry because it allows you to create a free complete version of a content management system. In contrast to WordPress.com’s free account, you still have full FTP access and may install any theme or plugin.

Of course, there are other restrictions, and performance isn’t ideal, but at $0.01, that’s a lot of value.

In practice, 000WebHost is not intended for use with any professional website. As stated before, you might utilize it to maintain a personal blog. This service is also helpful if you want to experiment with self-hosted WordPress before purchasing a hosting subscription.

The objective of 000WebHost is to urge you to join up for a premium plan with Hostinger, its parent firm. Upgrading is the natural next step if you like the free service but need more resources and enhanced performance.

As you can see, the pricing plans of 000WebHost are also pretty reasonable. After you give the free plan a try, i would definitely recommend upgrading to one of their paid plans when you need one to make use of all their advanced features. 

Why Do I Recommend 000WebHost?

Why Do I Recommend 000WebHos

  • Integration of sites and services:

There is a component on 000WebHost called the Power Store. Initially, I believed that they were integrated services that consumers could access.

Unfortunately, they are more like recommendations regarding what tools might be suitable for aspiring website proprietors. There are now just a few connections, including Wix, Shopify, Elementor, and Hostinger.

Upon thought, this section may also benefit web hosting novices, providing them with other places to investigate after they have mastered their entire sites. However, 000WebHost might have benefited from giving a little more clarity to its consumers.

  • At-a-glance dashboard for site stats:

The dashboard for my website was not what I expected from a free service. It provides a single-page view of your site’s data, such as the number of resources it has used (or is currently using). The material is quite elementary, but what do you expect for almost no cost?

  • Multiple support channels: 

In addition to the knowledge base, there is also a sizable community forum where you may seek assistance. In addition, you may join a Discord channel, which I seldom see with web hosting assistance.

  • Decent site performance:

Despite having little personal experience with free hosting options, I put a simple template website via my normal WebPageSpeed Test.

The findings were unexpected, particularly considering they scored well on their Time-to-First-Byte (TTFB).

  • Lots of free templates:

000WebHost has provided an abundance of free templates for their site builder. This is probably a good thing since new site owners will likely not know precisely what they want or need, and these templates will serve as a helpful guide.

  • Easy to use Native site builder:

Using the native site builder is straightforward and similar to any other visual editor. I like that they featured easy drag-and-drop capabilities, such as YouTube and Google Maps. Interestingly for a free service, you can also use eCommerce features.

  • Four site creation options: 

If you are familiar with the website-building process, you may bypass the guided questions and go directly to the main dashboard. This gives you four options: the 000WebHost site builder, WordPress, Wix, and upload your site.

Among the four, selecting Wix redirects you away from 000WebHost and to the Wix website, which is outside the scope of this evaluation (you can read my Wix review instead). Since I lacked a completed website, I tested their WordPress and native site builder choices.

Choosing WordPress enables you to develop a simple WordPress website using their automated tool. You will need to input your selected database login and password. Should you want to use the native site builder, you will find that it functions similarly to many others.

  • Guided site-building

The 000WebHost system will offer you questions when you first login into a freshly formed account. This feature I’ve seen on other site builders, such as Shopify, is valid, particularly for 000WebHost.

As I indicated in the opening, 000WebHost is designed for those new to website creation, which may be of great assistance. Rather than requiring them to examine technical aspects of a project, 000WebHost presents a set of questions that will drive the construction.

  • Easy sign-up with 1-click registration: 

Registration with 000WebHost is shockingly fast and straightforward. Typically, you must go through a registration procedure that requires you to provide data and information and verify your email address.

You may use 000WebHost’s 1-click registration by logging in with your Google or Facebook account, or you can register manually as described above. The Google sign-up process was fast, straightforward, and functional.

FAQs On 000WebHost Review

How many free websites can I have?

Free web hosting accounts may accommodate up to two active websites. Both will have their dedicated resources, independent FTP credentials, and access to all control panel tools. To access the second website, you must do a specific step.

What can I do if I need more resources?

If you exceed the limitations of free web hosting and want something more robust, they are prepared to give you an upgrade to premium web hosting at a discounted rate. It offers a smooth transition, live assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, more resources, additional features, and much more!

Is 000WebHost secure?

All 000WebHost servers include sophisticated firewalls and DDoS protection. Additionally, a dedicated admin staff maintains the server around the clock. This guarantees that your website is operational with the fewest potential interruptions or problems. However, a website's security often relies on the software it employs and the vulnerabilities it contains. Consequently, it is essential to maintain things current and to use just tools from reputable vendors.

Will I get a free domain name if I use 000WebHost?

All users of the free hosting plan are entitled to a free subdomain, which is provided in the form of example.000webhostapp.com. However, the option to use a top-level domain is accessible. You may park an existing domain from a different registrar on your free web hosting account. Alternately, you may register and use a top-level domain with them.

How long will my web hosting stay free?

000WebHost was, is, and will always be an entirely free service. You don't need a credit card or other payment details to utilize their services. Complete the registration form, and you will be ready to dominate the Internet!

What is free web hosting? How is it different from paid hosting?

The first and most evident distinction is the price. Despite being a free service, there are significant restrictions. Free hosting enables you to host a restricted number of websites and is limited in terms of disk space and bandwidth. This is in place to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to use the service. Free hosting is the ideal environment for education. It enables you to explore, develop, and create at no cost. Paid hosting services often provide greater functionality, more features, and higher data and bandwidth limits. You get a more professional and adaptable experience overall.

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Conclusion: 000WebHost Review 2024

000WebHost is a respectable host with several features. It utilizes the same hardware and software as Hostinger, so you can be sure it will serve you well.

The fact that 000WebHost is free to use sets it apart from other web hosting services on the market. Anyone may create a fun digital environment for their audience to enjoy after registering.

On paper, 000WebHost’s characteristics and capabilities cannot be compared to those of other major providers. There are few security features and new performance specifications. However, when you consider that you pay nothing to utilize the platform, 000WebHost becomes an incredibly amazing service provider worthy of consideration.

In conclusion, the supplier gives far more than other free services. 000WebHost takes more measures than other free providers to ensure consistent and robust performance. It is probably worth trying. Although it may not fulfill your requirements for too long, the hosting platform is an excellent method to get started with web hosting and gain experience in the field.

Let’s be a little practical here; nothing is free. 000WebHost Free plan is an excellent gesture from their side. Using their free plan, you can try working on a website without spending a penny. Once you are confident enough and think of legit making money directly or indirectly from your website, you will have to turn to a 000WebHost paid plan.

When it comes to free hosting providers, 000WebHost is the best. However, when it comes to the paid plans, they may not be the best out there, but it is worth every penny.

So, I would recommend 000WebHost. Use the 000WebhHost free plan and let me know in the comment section whether you liked it or not.

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