100TB Hosting Review 2023: Before Buying Read This

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Ask any blogger or a website owner about the importance of a web host. Loading time, the speed of your website, uptime of your website, everything depends on your web host. It can either help you create an E-commerce empire or it can flush your business down the drain.

This is why I am writing this review on 100TB web host which I found and tried recently

100TB Hosting Review

100TB is a part of UK2 group which is a part of the Lloyd Banking Group. 100TB is known for its top speed, high quality performance and bandwidth. 100TB has 9 data centres in North America and another 9 all around the world. As the name suggests every user can utilise 100TB bandwidth and 1GB dedicated ports, which results in faster connection and makes your website ultimately responsive. Also when I Google about their services I found some negative reviews too here

100TB Hosting Plans

100TB Bare Metal Servers 

100TB Bare Metal Servers Dedicated Servers


100TB Content Delivery Network



100TB Content Delivery Network

100TB SSL Certificates Plans



100TB SSL Certificates Free SSL Certificate

100TB Virtual Servers



100TB Virtual Servers

100TB Web Application Firewall plans

100TB Web Application Firewall

100TB offers various web hosting services including dedicated servers, cloud hosting servers, reseller hosting and cloud hosting. They offer 2 Kinds of dedicated hosting plans called Inferno, Flame and Ember, their bandwidth and server specification are different from each other.

Ember- 8GB DDR3 RAM, 2 x 1TB, 100TB, 1Gbit Dedicated Port
Flame- 16GB DDR3 RAM,  2 x 1TB, 100TB, 1Gbit Dedicated Port
Inferno- 32GB DDR4 RAM, 2 x 1TB, 100TB, 1Gbit Dedicated Port

Here is a video by 100TB.com regarding their CDN Server Hosting

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What do I like about 100TB?


100TB comes with a guarantee of 99.9% uptime, you will never face any downtime issue if you are using 100TB’s web hosting services. I have interacted with other users of 100TB and none of them have ever faced any downtime issue, they monitor their servers 24/7. They also have their centres in Seattle, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Dallas, San Jose, Salt Lake City and Singapore to keep a close watch and cater to their customers better.

You can choose the location where you want your data to be stored physically. You can also set the backup service to run at a fixed interval of time, you can set it from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

100TB Hosting Review


When it comes to reliability, 100TB is the ideal choice; they have state-of-the art data centres and top-notch hardware and servers. They also provide free tools and services to its user like installation of control panel, free transfer from one host to another and free installation of the customer’s operating system.

Control Panel

Control Panels are optional, if you want access to the control panel you will have to pay extra. There are two types of control panels available: Plesk and cPanel. Plesk and Plesk Power Pack can be purchased for 30 to 100 domains.  100TB also has its own control panel called Tera, using which you can manage your server and website.


100TB Web Hosting Support

100TB offers 24/7 customer support. They offer support via phone, live chat and ticketing. Their customer support team is so efficient that they will reply to your ticket within 15 minutes, which is rare.
Their customer support team is very helpful; they are there to help you with all your hardware issues, they never outsource their customer support. They are also active on Facebook, Google+ and twitter where you can find lots of informative articles and posts. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Google+

100TB Hosting Review


100TB is dedicated and committed to provide its customers the best service; they guarantee 99.95% of uptime to all their users. Their servers are very powerful and efficient; I have never heard a 100TB user complaining about downtime.
One of the best things is that 100TB offers many free features, it gives you everything you will need, that too for free, and you don’t have to roam around.

User Friendly

100TB is very easy and simple to use, it is very user friendly. You will not face any issues in using it, and if you do then their support team is there to help you and guide you.

 Here is a data center tour, video courtesy: 100TB.com

100TB Affiliate Program

100TB Affiliate Program


If you are looking for a reliable web host service provider, who will work side by side with you along with prompt customer service then 100TB is the best option to go for. There hosting packages are one of the most comprehensive and powerful. The quality of their service is impeccable; I strongly recommend 100TB to all my fellow bloggers and website owners. I never had any issues with their service till date and it is one the most robust frameworks out there!

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Here is a video review of 100TB hosting by grigorasbogdan27


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