{Latest} 20 Best Responsive Bootstrap Themes & Templates From BootstrapBay.com

There are developers who have been using almost identical CSS code chunk in order to develop websites for a long time now. But, they also know that this is not the best way to accomplish the task, still they are doing this because they don’t have enough time to invest in creating a flexible CSS framework which will be according to the latest standards as well.

Responsive web design is the need of the hour because of the way things have been changing in the browsing world.

People are browsing through their smartphones more than anything else. Therefore, if you do not have responsive website, then you are losing out on major competition.

But, thankfully Bootstrap has made it possible for developers to customize the website standing on a strong foundation. Now, you will have enough CSS frameworks to select from. Bootstrap is one of the most popular one and that is the reason even communities like BootstrapBay has come up with popular Bootstrap templates and themes.

It is an online marketplace for Bootstrap templates and themes, so now you can go online and purchase the one that suits your preference.

Here, we have brought to you 20 high quality templates and themes for your perusal. If you like it, then go online and access it for building a website of your own.

Arillo – Responsive Real Estate Theme


Arillo Responsive Real Estate Theme HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

It is a responsive HTML template for the real estate agents who want to show off all their information, including their designs and every other features can opt for Arillo Responsive Real Estate Theme.

So, they will have the Home page, search result in a grid about us page. It supports all main browsers and is built on Twitter Bootstrap 3.2.0 framework.

Boom Admin – Dashboard Web App Template


Boom Admin Dashboard Web App Template HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

Boom Admin is built on Bootstrap 3.1.1 and is an eye catching flat design which is carefully crafted on well commented code. You will have lodas of features like calendar, inbox, maps, charts, file manager and many more. This dashboard template and versatile web app is fully featured with Angular JSON data services.

Kudrat – Responsive Coming Soon Template


Kudrat Responsive Coming Soon Template HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

Something new will be launched, then how can you stay away from Kudrat. It is a simple responsive coming soon template which has six flavours to its name. Even the video pop up is responsive enough to suit all screen size. The features includes CSS 3 Animations, HTML 5 and Parallax amongst various others.

Flat Dream – Responsive Admin Template


Flat Dream Responsive Admin Template HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

This one is also a responsive flat designed admin template with font awesome 4, 10 color versions, Bootstrap 3.2, etc. Modals collection of different colors as well as effects are present in here to have a great visual impact.

Prix – Single Page Theme


Prix Single Page Theme HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

It supports Bootstrap 3.2 and comes with four different style banners and different CSS as well. Hover animation, HTML, Pricing section done beautifully along with teh feature section and many other features makes the theme look pretty for the people.

Larva – HTML 5 Responsive Template


Larva HTML5 Responsive Template HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

It is one page personal portfolio template and is  the best solution for the teams which are small in size. It is built on Bootstrap v3.2 and comes with several amazing features, including jQuery as well as CSS 3 techniques for the creation of some breathtaking animations. In here, you will find modern, simple and responsive design.

Mist – Business & Portfolio Theme


Mist Business Portfolio Theme HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

It is built on Bootstrap 3 and it is a modern, stylish and responsive framework. It also has the Layer Slider 5 too. This theme includes filterable portfolio as well as blog options. Apart from Homepage, you will also get About us page and Working Ajax contact form.

Coffee House One Page Bootstrap Template


Coffee House One Page Bootstrap Template HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

It comes with 2 styles one with effects that is the HTML one and the other one which is without any effects that is the HTML plain one. It is the 3.2 version.

DESINO – A Beautiful Responsive Theme


DESINO A Beautiful Responsive Theme HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

It comes with Parallax effect for the background, preloader and eight different colors. Stylisg service section is there with separate sponsor section whioch has the hover and slider effect. It also comes with back to top button and amazing animation effect.

Flato – Business theme


Flato Business Theme HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

You will have more than 40 responsive HTML pages, a modern and flat design which is suitable for the corporate or business or freelancers websites. It is Bootstrap 3.1 with cross browser compatibility.

Classic – A Classified Ads Template


Classic A Classified Ads Template HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

Flexible, clean and simple responsive design which is built with CSS 3 and HTML 5 along with Bootstrap 3.2 x. You will find 20 color variations and working Ajax Map search. Different types of statistics graphs is also made possible along with ad listing variation and blogs variations.

Launcher – Coming Soon Template


Launcher Coming Soon Template HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

Another coming soon template with elegant yet modern and clean approach with 2 versions made available. It has static background as well as moving particle background and it is based on Bootstrap 3. You will also find codekit files included in here which you can make use of.

Kentut – Responsive Admin Dashboard App


Kentut Responsive Admin Dashboard App HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

It is a responsive admin dashboard which comes with 8 different color options. Some of the features in here are the HTML and it comes with pages like Button page, Collapse page, breadcrumb page, icons page, list media page, timeline page, etc.

CreativePX – A One Page Template


CreativePX A One Page Template HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

It is one page tab navigation with parallax, animations and nice scroll. It is built with CSS 3, HTML 5 and Bootstrap 3.2 x. It is flexible, clean and simple responsive design. You are made available with graph, chart, and working Ajax contact form.

Text rotating slider, image slider, portfolio slider, etc. are available. Case study as well as product tab are there for you to explore.

Mali – Responsive Multipurpose Template


Mali Responsive Multipurpose Template HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

Mali is built with Bootstrap 3.2 and comes with Mail Chimp Integration. It is based on HTML 5 template and is quite well organized. Even the comment codes are customizable, so that you can use them as per your requirements.

Parallax background, Ajax subscription form, CSS 3 animations, etc. are all part of this responsive multipurpose template.

Forrest – Multipurpose HTML Template


Forrest Multipurpose HTML Template HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

It is clean and fully responsive CSS 3 and HTML 5 template which is multipurpose in nature. Forrest has some amazing features which is easy to customize, 13 pages included, custom pages 403 and 404 along with fully responsive layout is available. It is built on Bootstrap 3.x and has beautiful pixeden and font awesome icons.

Photoja – One Page creative Portfolio template


Photoja One Page Creative Portfolio HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

This is for the web designers, graphic designers and all the creative people out there. It is a personal portfolio template and has all the features that is required by the creative minds. It is built on bootstrap v3.2 and comes with bundle of features.

Modern jQuery technique along with CSS 3 techniques are put to use to provide you with breathtaking animations. The designs are modern and responsive.

Arjuna – Responsive Admin template


Arjuna Responsive Admin Template HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

It is clean and is built on bootstrap v 3.2.0. It is clean as well as beautiful admin dashboard. Ample number of features are made available along with charts, widgets and other pages.

microStore – One Page ecommerce Theme


microStore OnePage ecommerce Theme HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

If you are trying to launch ecommerce site, then this theme will surely help you come up with just about perfect site for you. It is based on HTML 5 and CSS 3 techniques and is built on bootstrap 3.2 framework. It has over 300 icons and it is retina ready with google fonts and 3 predefined color skins. jQuery powered theme is just perfect for ecommerce sites with product slidehow.

Nogoli – Awesome responsive theme


Nogoli Awesome Responsive Theme HTML Bootstrap Template BootstrapBay

It has everything from the current trends with clean and pixel perfect minimal design. The features are best suited for business or corporate or for any start up application website.

Primex – Best Responsive Template

When it comes to choose the best, neat & clean template for a business website then you should consider it. There are numerous features available in this particular template. Sometimes the use of templates makes the things complicated. If you are considering its way then you can use & customize it easily.


This particular theme is available an awesome combination. In the combination following changes or things are available –

  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Multi-column portfolio page
  • Client page
  • Contact page

There are numerous other things available with the application of this particular template.

Marketer – Best Advertising Template

If anyone is searching for the best and attractive template then he/she may consider Marketer. It is the high performance, minimalist, colorful, clean, mobile-friendly and perfectly responsive template. This particular one is designed or crafted with the help of advanced technology.

marketer-bootstrap theme

Due to all these things, its use is beneficial in maintaining the speed and several other factors. The users never face any type of issues while using it. With it, if you want to make some changes then it is easy to customize it.

X-corporation – Business HTML5 Template

In case you are searching a trending option then the X-corporation is a most downloaded template. It is 100% responsive template with lots of features. There are several reasons available for the use or selection of this particular theme. The biggest one is related to its appearance.

thumb-x-corporation-bootstrap theme

The template is crafted by providing an extraordinary design and interface. It impresses the users and delivers the important message easily. With it, the template is crafted by adding lots of things. The use of these specific things makes the website tour or journey simple.

Orchid – Simple Portfolio Website Template

The Orchid template is so clean and simple in look. If we pay attention to its features or way of the craft then you can see numerous tools or features in it. All these are modern website equipment such as – Google fonts, awesome icon, carousel slider, framework and so on.

orchid-thumb-best-bootstrap theme

The users those are finding a good platform for presenting their key content in an impressive manner for them it is a good option. With it, the template is also included an animated slider which helps you in representing things properly.

Porto – Best Responsive Corporate Theme

It is considered as one of the best responsive themes or templates. Its way is considered by the users those are finding a good theme for a cross-browser compatibility website. The interface of the theme is highly user-friendly and available with the protected codebase.

The theme is crafted by adding lots of features with a unique kind of functionality. It is designed by adding a suitable response for all types of imaginative expectations.

BeTheme – Recruitment Website Template

This particular template is considered as the marvelous, extraordinary, endlessly flexible and tagged with numerous other things. All these things, make the template perfect and best for different types of tasks. It is crafted by adding lots of versatile features. Due to these features, it can be used for 220 types of websites.

BeTheme- best-bootstrap responsive theme

The individuals can consider it for personal and any size or type of business websites. The theme works perfectly with all types of websites. Another important thing which you should know about it is, the theme is available with various customizable styles of the header.

Crew – Multipurpose Simple Template

It is considered by lots of individuals. It can be used for different types of tasks. The users can take its help in SEO related works, cross-browser optimization and numerous other activities. With it, following are some characteristic of it –

  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful
  • Blazing fast
  • Minimal
  • Simple
  • Product feature elements

There are numerous characteristics available in it. With the help of all these things, the users can make numerous things easier. The template is crafted with the help of special and mobile-friendly interface. This particular thing increases its demand.

Energy – Amazing Web Template

There are different types of websites available on the internet. All are offering different types of services. With it, all service providers are trying to attract lots of users or clients. For it, they are trying to create an impressive website. The attractiveness of a website is based on the type of template used by them.

The Energy template is suitable for different types of tasks or website. It can be helpful in making the following types of website attractive –

  • Marketing firm
  • Advertisement agency
  • Creative agency
  • Law firm
  • Tailor mechanic shop
  • Graphic design studio

If you are going to design one of these types of websites then you should consider its way.

Lesser – Corporate responsive template

This particular template is designed by following a very creative way. Due to it, the theme or template looks fresh-faced, technologically accomplished, well-structured and so on. The template is completely lightweight by which it becomes easier to perform activities without any type of issue.

The use of Lesser can help you a lot in providing lots of fame to the website and boost the traffic quickly.

I hope you like  Bootstrap Themes & Templates From BootstrapBay , Want to recommend more themes do share it in comments.

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