20 Great WordPress Themes, Built with Cherry Framework

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No matter what kind of business you own, it needs a decent representation online. Your website should work flawlessly, be user-friendly, and look impressive – only then will it be an effective marketing tool for your company.

Many business owners don’t have much experience in content management and are used to thinking that website revamp is a costly and time-consuming process. Most often it is, but not when you build your web page on WordPress. Renowned for its user-friendliness and simplicity, not only is WordPress handy for novice website owners, but it’s also easy to redesign with an out-of-the-box theme.

If you are looking for a fast and affordable way to redesign your website, this collection of twenty WordPress themes is for you. Any business from a jewelry store to a financial advisor can find the right fit for their web page here!

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Why You Should Get One of These Themes

You’ll Save Lots of Time and Money

An out-of-the box theme will cost you ten or even twenty times less than a custom-created one, to say nothing about the time saved. All themes are ready for use and can be installed and set up within a day, so you don’t have to wait for months.

You’ll Personalize Your Theme

This themes are built with Cherry framework, a unique front-end framework that makes design templates even easier to personalize and use. You can experiment with the images and other elements of your design until it meets your requirements perfectly.

You’ll Get Licensed Images

All images you see in your theme are included and licensed, so you get them along with your design and are free to use them on your website.

You’ll Make Your Website Fit for Mobile Devices

Non-responsive websites are in the past, as they are extremely inconvenient for those who browse your website on a smartphone or tablet. With one of these mobile-ready designs, your website will be perfectly fit for any screen size.

You’ll Get Hundreds of Other Themes to Choose From

All themes in this collection are provided by TemplateMonster, the biggest online resource that offers hundreds of other WordPress themes for you to choose from.

You’ll Get Round-o-Clock Support and Help

TemplateMonster offers optional installation and customization services to help you with your theme, as well as 24/7 support if you have any questions or difficulties.

Now, let’s move on to the collection of themes – yours is waiting for you.

Creative Portfolio – Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

This brightly colored theme with a purple gradient uses original images, styled as oil paintings. It’s the right fit for a photographer’s or artist’s portfolio.


Details |  Demo

Slick White – Management Solutions WordPress Template


This slick responsive template with prevailing white, combined with red and black, has an elegant look and will work well for a management solutions firm.

Details |  Demo

Black Diamonds – Jewelry Responsive WordPress Theme


This black design with color accents and large photos in the lightbox accentuates the images of jewelry nicely. It will make a good website for a jewelry store.

Details |  Demo

Rich Crops – Farming Business WordPress Design


Combining nice green with colorful photos of berries and corn, this mobile-ready theme will be perfect for the website of a farming business.

Details |  Demo

High-Tech White – Consulting Services WordPress Theme


This mobile-compatible template offers lots of white and slick metallic elements, which gives it a slightly high-tech look. It will be perfect for a modern consulting services firm.

Details |  Demo

Modern Real Estate – Real Estate Agency Responsive WordPress Template


The combination of a textured light gray background and dusty orange details gives this theme a somewhat formal look, while big simple elements make it modern. It’s the right design for a real estate agency’s website.

Details |  Demo

Original Apps – iPhone Applications WordPress Design


This simple responsive theme combines white with a blurred bright green photo, and the combination looks clean and attractive. It’s a perfect template for an iPhone apps website.

Details |  Demo

Golf Grounds – Golf Mobile-Ready WordPress Template


Beautiful large images of golf grounds harmonize with the green elements of this template. It is great for a golf club’s website.

Details |  Demo

Classy Golf – Golf Responsive WordPress Theme


This big-resolution design with a reserved color scheme has a classy and simple look. It’s a great choice for a website on golf.

Details |  Demo

Light Business Site – Investment Business WordPress Design


Combining lots of white and light photographs with reserved color accents, this responsive business design looks pretty original. It will be just right for an investment business.

Details |  Demo

Perfect Shape – Weight Loss Responsive WordPress Template


Colorful photos look especially good on the light and subtle background of this theme. It will work well for a weight loss website.

Details |  Demo

Security Systems – Security Mobile-Ready WordPress Theme


With its black and dusty orange color scheme and darkly colored photos, the design has a confident and strict look – just like the website of a security business should.

Details |  Demo

Glossy Corporate – Marketing Services WordPress Theme


This spacious mobile-ready design with lots of white and glossy elements is the right fit for the website of a top-notch marketing business.

Details |  Demo

Professional Recruiters – Employment Recruiting Search Firm WordPress Design


Combining light gray and dusty orange, this responsive design looks elegant and official. It will make a great website for a recruitment firm.

Details |  Demo

Jewelry Collections – Jewelry Responsive WordPress Template


Large photos of models wearing jewelry look especially attractive on the gray background of this theme. It’s perfect for the website of a jewelry business.

Details |  Demo

Minimalistic Architecture – Architectural & Design Projects WordPress Theme


Big simple elements on a dark wooden background give this responsive theme a minimalistic look – just right for the web page of an architectural bureau.

Details |  Demo

Event Planner – Mobile-Friendly Event Planner WordPress Theme


This theme uses subtle colors and pretty backgrounds, which create an attractive and elegant design. It’s perfect for the web page of a wedding planner agency.

Details |  Demo

Flat Navy – Water Responsive WordPress Template


This simple flat theme with a navy and white color scheme will be perfect for a water delivery service or any similar business.

Details |  Demo

Eco-Friendly – Solar Energy Responsive WordPress Design


Rich brown, combined with colorful photos, gives this design a natural look. It’s great for an ecology-related website.

Details |  Demo

Smart Finance – Financial Planner WordPress Theme


With its classic color scheme and plenty of content elements, this responsive theme has a professional look and will be great for the website of a financial business.

Details |  Demo

I hope you like these themes, want to recommend more themes do share it in comments.

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