3 Lesser Know Marketing Tactics To Boost Your Blog Traffic 2020


Have you ever analyzed your blog analytics and wondered when will the hordes of visitors start flocking?

You’re publishing crazy content, but the traffic doesn’t seem to be climbing.

The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t have to be so always. You can get more traffic to your blog using some ingenious approaches.

By using these tactics, you can see a considerable increase in blog traffic…

And yes, they do work!

Why Should You Focus on Getting the Right Traffic

Before we delve into the intricacies of boosting your blog traffic, there’s something you ought to know.

More traffic won’t always help you to secure what you want.

Your objective should be generating targeted and relevant traffic.

A significant part of this involves knowing what you want visitors to do on your blog once they arrive. If you have a clear understanding of this, you can optimize your blog to grow the likelihood of getting more visitors. In many cases, small tweaks can make a massive difference in conversions.

Driving More Traffic to Your Blog

Based on a recent report by Hubspot, marketers who prioritize blogging can see 13 times more ROI. This indicates that you have to focus on every aspect of your blog…

By doing so, you can witness a surge in blog traffic, which guarantees positive ROI.

Let’s begin…


Leverage on YouTube

YouTube is presently the third most visited site in the world, indicating that it has a substantial global reach.  The free video hosting site has now over 1.8 billion users every month, very close to Facebook’s 2 billion.

YouTube Search Engine StatsAs such, it’s a goldmine for internet marketers and bloggers wanting to get some free traffic.

The site is also the second largest search engine as it gets more hits than Yahoo, Ask, AOL and Binge combined.

Image Source


Have you ever performed a Google search and found a YouTube video coming up as a result?

This means that the video content is not just going to be found on YouTube but will also show up in Google searches.

Here are some techniques to make killer YouTube videos:

Keep it Short

YouTube videos don’t have to be necessarily long. But learn to keep it concise and to the point. Doing so will keep your viewers glued to their screen. Considering that most CTAs are at the end, it’s essential to ensure that viewers watch it till the very end.

Below you’ll find the length of each video posted by Buffer on YouTube below:

The first 15 seconds of your video holds the KEY, according to YouTube.

In simpler terms, your intro has to pull the attention of the viewer by the eyeballs……

And you have 15 seconds to do so.

Research shows that the average length of popular videos is approximately 4 minutes. That said, videos under 4% retain 60% of the viewers until the end. Comparatively, videos under 2 minutes have retention capacities of 75%.

In today’s world of short attention spans, the quicker you can make your point, the better.

Powerful CTA

If you want visitors to take action after they finish watching a video, you have to tell them three fundamental things:

  • What exactly to do
  • How to do
  • Benefits of doing it

If you don’t have these three points in mind while creating videos, your CTA will go unnoticed.

The best places to put your CTA are the description section and within your video.

As mentioned earlier, point out the benefits before adding the CTA.

For instance, let’s say you just made a video on designing header images for blog posts.

You might then say, “Now that you know the knack of creating brilliant header images, you have to find the best tools to complete your work,’ and then link to your blog post containing a list of tools.

Whatever your end goal is, remember to include the how what and why.

Strategy #2

Select 90-Day Traffic Plan on Kindle

According to Small Business Trends, 31% of daily e-book sales come from self-published authors on Amazon Kindle Store. That has now undergone an enormous change. Publishing is a cakewalk these days.

Image source

A few years back, you needed thousands of dollars and strong links to a renowned publishing house to get published. The rules have now undergone a remarkable change………

If you’re a brilliant idea worth sharing, you could become an author within a few days, eventually driving a whole bunch of search traffic to your blog.

For more details on Kindle publishing, you can read this exhaustive guide from Jericho Writers.

Here’s how it works:

First head to Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and enroll your Kindle book for the “Kindle Direct Publishing Select Program.”

By doing so, your book becomes exclusive for 90 days in the Kindle Store.

Furthermore, the Lending Library of Kindle Owners ropes in your book. This is the place where thousands of targeted readers can read your book for FREE.

You can also choose to run a free promotion for five days for a paid version. This technique brings in hoards of targeted traffic.

Given below are two ways to drive traffic to your blog using the kindle book:

  • Link directly to your blog inside the book
  • Include a free giveaway.

Let’s now see how you can get search traffic by linking to your blog…..

 Before enrolling your e-book in the Kindle Direct Publishing Program, link any portion to your website or blog, as shown below:

This technique alone, on an average, sends up to 200 additional visitors to your site within 30 days….

And if you’ve got an enticing CTA, an e-book in the top 100 ranks can send you anywhere from 3,000 to 3,700 visitors in the same time period.

However, merely linking to your website won’t help you to stand out. To secure even more traffic, create a traffic magnet out of your e-book.  You can offer a free giveaway, which leads us to the second technique of leveraging KDP.

Noted author Steve Scott has published many Kindle e-books, which has helped him to build a massive list of targeted subscribers.  One of his tactics involves giving away a freebie to purchasers.

Your FRee GiftWhen they make a purchase, they immediately see “Your Free Gift” message with links pointing to the author’s landing page, as shown below:

That’s not all though………

Try using Amazon’s “Download Sample” and “Look Inside” features to give your visitors a free report. Add a compelling CTA on the last page in the preview, linking it back to your blog or landing page. For every 30 previews, you can hope to get ten visitors to a blog post.

And if you decide to give the book for free, you’ll get above a thousand visitors in a week or so.

Your e-book tends to rank higher and grab the attention of your target audience once you start giving them access to free downloads. 

Step #3

Use Answer The Public to Get New Ideas

If readers like your content, they will share it. This pulls more traffic. Simple and plain! Period

But the content you create has to be relevant to the reader. It has to address a question or answer their pain points and give them something they are in dire need of.

What are your readers’ requirements?

Here’s where Answer The Public plays a critical role.

Similar to Google’s autocomplete search function, Answer The Public is an autocomplete totally automated tool

It helps you find tons of relevant topics based on what you search.

Let’s say you’re a content marketer looking to help people facing problems with content marketing. It makes sense to start your keyword research with the term “content marketing.”

Content Marketing QuestionsNow that you know pretty well what your target audience is asking for, it’s time to find their queries.

By conducting a Google search, you can have an idea of the volume of people discussing on the particular topic. If you find that it has garnered a lot of hits, move on. The objective here is to be easily noticeable.

Pick those questions and search it on Answer The Public. This will give you variations on the topic that has been left uncovered.

Content Marketing For B2BYou now know what the search trends/pain points of your readers. You also know where you can find the information.

Answer The Public is a beneficial tool to create content that your readers want but may not necessarily be available.

Include answers to these questions by revamping your old content or creating a new blog post. It’s best to create a viral post around these questions.

While promoting your ten times better content, join content communities. They are designed to get bloggers collaborating to share each other’s content.

You share someone else’s content on your social platforms in return for shares of your own content.

Check out Viral Content Bee and Triberr.

Here is a case study by Acquision on how they used Answer The Public to generate a lot of blog traffic.

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Conclusion: 3 Lesser Know Marketing Tactics To Boost Your Blog Traffic In 2020

The above resources will provide you with a good starting point but conduct your research too. Here are some more techniques on increasing blog traffic from Moosend. 

Finally, play around with your blog. Have fun. If you take it as toil, your readers can easily spot it.  However, if you enjoy the process and try different methods of driving blog traffic, it will have a tremendous impact on your success.

Author Bio – Pankaj Mondal is a content marketer and link builder, and works particularly with small businesses. You can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. He’s also the Founder of Monkey Goes Digital 


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