4 Latest Tips and Trends for SEO in 2015

It is the most important marketing and promotion tool for literally any website because as the frequency and ranking of a website increases in a search engine, the more traffic it will entertain and the sole and foremost purpose of any website is bringing in traffic. Only after that do all the other processes take place.

What makes it even more integral is that most internet users find websites and links through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO  in 2015 will be big player and many business are considering SEO as crucial  part of strategy.

SEO is very important for digital marketers as it is the base for any kind of online campaign, social media marketing or content marketing. Thus, it becomes imperative that a good digital marketer or a firm which provides the service will be a quality provider of high SEO.

4 Latest Tips and Trends for SEO in 2015

But how can one learn SEO to the extent of professional expertise?

If one thinks practically, Google is the biggest player in the SEO market and the largest search engine in the world. So SEO is inherently about bringing in more traffic from Google. Once that is done, it will automatically affect the other search platforms.

The art here is to learn the skills to understand and know how people search for things. It is also about understanding the kind of results which Google prefers to show to its users upon entering specific keywords in the search box.

This is what makes it tough. and it can do that through its various schemes. The rules of the game constantly keep changing and the most difficult fact to digest is that most of the rules are kept hidden by the rule-maker that being Google.

Understanding these hidden algorithms is tough but it is all about user experience which includes Keywords, Links, Relevance, Reputation, Trust, Quality of Content &Visitor Satisfaction.

The user types in what he wants to search in the form of keywords. These together form a query which is then processed. Your website has to be approved as a good response to that query in order to achieve high rankings in the search results.

You have to remember to always be ethical. Unethical means of modifying your rankings, collectively called spamming can be very easily tracked and result in penalties which sometimes last for years. This will hamper your ranking all the more.

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For instance, if you are a new site then it is better to invest in Google Adwords, which is a paid service made to increase your SEO ratings.

But for real success it is essential that you improve your SEO without financial investment because that establishes your superiority in real terms. It shows that the traffic towards your website is high because of the quality of service you are providing so much so that SEO does not require any paid assistance.

There are plenty of things you can do to ethically increase your search rankings and not pay a buck. These SEO tips & trends can only be effective once you truly understand SEO. Here are some steps you can take for your SEO in 2015:

1. Be Relevant and be Useful

Once you start out by being the information that users want, you will improve your SEO to a great deal. Google cannot stop a site from coming up once it starts to get traction. So make sure that the content on your website is useful and is something which the users are always looking for.

2. Be Thorough with the guidelines

This is a must if you do not want to fall into Google’s bad books. Read the guidelines and tips and make your SEO plans accordingly. Adhering to them will increase your rankings as well as keep you off any bad reputation.

3. Be Patient

Don’t expect a lot to happen too fast. The internet demands your patience. Keep putting in good effort. Focus on being relevant and informative to the user and provide your users a satisfying experience. This will automatically increase your ratings as attributes like customer satisfaction create viral networking online which is what digital word to mouth advertising is all about.

4. Originality is key

One of the key aspects which are always awarded by Google is originality and authenticity. Once your website and its content are so, it will gradually generate good traffic and see a rise in ratings.

When learning SEO, it is important to mix the basic with guided strategies and planning. Here are some resources to help you learn SEO better:

Moz – has thorough educational content for SEO learners

Web Master World – has very informative content regarding SEO

SEO by the Sea – run by Bill Swalski, this blog is rated as the top most blog with information about search engine patents

SEO is a method which should be learned thoroughly and then executed with efficient strategy. So go ahead, learn it gracefully and make your website gain more traffic and more customers.

What is your strategy for  SEO in 2015, share with us in comments below  !

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