4thBlock Review With Discount Coupon 2023: Get Upto 90% Off (Verified)

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Stories are a new format for content consumption on social apps. It was invented by snapchat. Story is a collection of your photos and videos that play in the order you created them. Your friends can view your Story an unlimited number of times for 24 hours. One of the main advantages of creating stories is that it makes possible for people to share a large volume of photos and videos without having to create a large number of posts.

In this post, I have featured 4thBlock Review 2023 that includes detailed insights of its pricing, features, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

4thBlock Review With Discount Coupon 2023: Get Upto 90% Off Now (110% Verified)

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Detailed  4thblock Review

4thblock is an app for creating animated story videos that you can use in WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and messenger. If your business has a social presence and you communicate with your audience via stories then by using 4thblock you will be able to create amazing animated stories in less than a minute.

Why making stories with the4thBlock is a breeze

Gone are the days of spending countless hours in After Effects are other complex programs to create animated Instagram stories. Now using 4thblock’s 1click creator you will be able to create not one but 100’s of animated Instagram stories just from a product URL unbelievable? Let us show you how it is done.

The4thBlock Review- Created Animated Stories

How many platforms use stories?

Although stories were initially created by Snapchat, now all social apps from Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin, and even Youtube have adopted the format and made it their own. This large scale adoption of stories by all the biggest consumer-facing apps is a telltale sign that they are here to stay and not a fad as many people had predicted.

One of the best features of the story format is reusability. If your audience is spread across multiple social networks, you need not create content specific to each network, all you need to do is to create your stories once and then your could reuse in all major social networks.

Why should you make stories?

The recent explosion of story format content across apps owned by facebook, google and Microsoft is no accident. 1.7 billion people across the world consume stories on a daily basis. Further, 1 in 4 millennials and Gen Zers look for stories of the products and services they want to buy.

If you run a business it becomes imperative that you create stories as 36% of businesses in Instagram use stories for promoting their products. Moreover, Instagram allows us to attach a link to the stories we post. Interestingly 15 to 25% of people swipe up and visit the links that have been attached with stories. Therefore by attaching links to stories, a business would be able to drive high-quality targetted traffic to their websites.

Moreover, in stories, there is no concept of publicly visible likes and comments it is a perfect way to step out of your comfort zone in a relatively risk-free way. Share with your followers what goes on behind the curtains, don’t be afraid to share those special moments which aren’t traditionally photogenic. A little bit of personality goes a long way in social media.

What should a story be about?

Businesses can post stories about products on sale, offer elusive behind the scenes. Generally, it is recommended to post at least three to five stories a day moreover businesses are encouraged to experiment with both posting frequency and time. One of the best ways to use stories as a brilliant marketing medium is to make posts that get a conversation going on with your audience.  moreover, your posts should embrace your brand’s visual aesthetic. One can always look up to brands like Red Bull Nike and lonely planet for inspiration. Stories have to be authentic and in tune with your companies messaging. Don’t be afraid to be creative and step outside the box.

How should you make them?

Stories can be made using apps like Instagram Facebook WhatsApp up and messenger. In your story feed click on the plus button next to my story,  after which your phone camera will open and now you have an option to take a photo record a video or even upload them from your phone gallery. Don’t forget to customize your stories by adding links, hashtags, running polls and you could even tag your friends and followers. Once you are happy with the result hit the send button and choose with whom you wish to share the story.

Content Creation at scale with 1 click creator

As a digital marketer, coming up with fresh and unique content every day is very challenging.

And with new media formats like the ephemeral vertical stories on snapchat and facebook keeping your content fresh becomes all the more important.

Meet John: A social media marketer

Let us take the example of John, who is a social media marketer at an e-commerce company. John’s e-commerce company sells hundreds of products across a wide variety of categories for different age groups. John wants to promote all his products on Instagram stories but does not have the necessary skill set (like knowing after effects) to create videos. The tools that he finds online are too complex to use. He wants to spend more time running ads and promoting videos than creating videos.

Enter 4thBlock: 1 Click video builder:

Let us see how John can use 4thBlock to supercharge his video creation process. As we know John’s e-commerce site has many products, he wants to promote a specific product today on Instagram.

The4thBlock Review- The Product Stories

The Product:

Submit the product URL:

Now John copies the product URL and heads to https://the4thblock.com/  There he submits the URL of his product and waits for 4thBlock to do its magic.

The4thBlock Review- Submitting The URL

The Magic

4thBlock crawls the submitted URL and gets the important information about the product and makes it available for john to edit. The product title, images, the discount listed and price of the product are scraped from the submitted URL and made available for John in an easy to edit table.

Select images:
Once 4thBlock is done processing the product page, it shows a list of images that can be selected for the final video. John selects a couple of images that 4thBlock detected on the product page and the selected images are shown by a big green tick mark.

The4thBlock Review- Select The Images

Customize Offers and discounts:

John wants to offer a discount specifically to his customers on Instagram. He goes ahead and adds a discount pricing by editing the fields shown in the product details section.

The4thBlock Review- Discounts

Add product keywords:

WIth 4thBlock you can add keywords that will be used while generating video which makes the video content much more immersive and relevant experience for consumers. John goes ahead and adds relevant keywords for his product.

The4thBlock Review- Add Keywords

Sit back while 4thBlock creates your videos:

John now after making all the changes to his product is now happy with the details and hits the create button. 4thBlock will now take a few seconds to create more than 50 videos for his product.

Within few minutes John was able to create tens of videos in minutes which would otherwise have taken him hundreds of dollars and several days to create.

The4thBlock Review- Stories are created

He can now post a fresh new story every day and make sure that his content remains evergreen. And the fun part is that he can use 4thBlock with all his products to create an endless supply of awesome animated videos.

More customization

John now clicks on any one of the auto generated story to customize it. Here he can go ahead and change individual text titles or images as he wants. 4thBlock provides him a simple form interface where in he is able to make these changes. Moreover, all these changes are shown in realtime on the video editor on the right hand pane to give John on idea of how the video end product will turn up.

The4thBlock Review- Customization OPtions

Adding music to a story

4thBlock gives John an option to be able to select from over 400+ music tracks. There is even an option to allow John to upload music of his own choice as well.

How to download a story

Once the necessary changes are made, John proceeds to click on the download video button on the editor screen. Immediately 4thblock starts to process the video and makes it available for download. Further, a copy of the video link is also sent to John’s email as well.

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Conclusion: 4thBlock Review With Discount Coupon 2023

Visit the 4thBlock.com sign up with you email address and get creating stories now. Sky rocket you engagement metrics and set your social media marketing on fire! Leaving the competition in the dust.

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