5 Amazing Business WordPress Themes 2018 by Solostream

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WordPress themes have become valuable tools for personalizing websites. It has become a useful utility for making website look more professional and appealing. Its capability of providing an intuitive interface to tweak in order to suit a brand in terms of designing a website is incredible. WordPress has provided webmasters several themes to choose from in order to suit their taste and the kind of personality they want to present to their target audiences.

WordPress themes provide an overall design to a website and they consist various features like template files that control the site layout including the publishing of images with the application of HTML and CSS codes. A theme can be personalized by creating your own codes and using some basic theme template files.

From personal blogs to public group sites, WordPress themes can be an important factor in attracting people to your site, which in the case of businesses, is essential. The increased usage of premium WordPress themes has resulted in a rapid increase in the available themes to choose from.

An important factor to consider when choosing a WordPress theme is the purpose of your website. Any theme can be chosen if you want to make a personal site viewable only to your friends, but if you want to make a public blog, you may need to choose a theme that allows a quick overview of the general site content.

solostream themes

For businesses, it is preferable to choose more professional themes with toned-down colors with easy navigation and site viewing. Solostream offers an array of premium WordPress themes that are attractive enough to make your website stand out.

1) Scribely

wp-scribely - solostream themes

The Scribely theme has a movable single-column layout placed against a fixed background. It has no sidebars or widgets and offers very simple navigability. All post previews are featured on the main page, along with feature images to give readers an idea of the content of each post.

This kind of theme is ideal for personal blogs because of its simplicity and lack of additional content boxes, so the reader’s focus will be immediately directed to the main site content. The viewable featured photos and the fixed background also give you the potential to create stunning visuals in the overall design of the website.

See demo: Click here

2) Smooth


The Smooth theme is reminiscent of a news website or magazine. Its header features a sliding panel that allows users to navigate through the site’s featured articles. Sidebars allow for advertisements and also contain text widget boxes for additional information, such as article comments. Content boxes allow featured articles to be categorized by topic and an additional box allows viewing of past articles.

See demo: Click here

4) Mysterious

 wp-mysterious - solostream themes

What is attractive about this theme is its dark background. It gives off a serious and professional feeling that makes it ideal for business. Its header has a panel that features site content through transition slides. Other features include a sidebar with several content boxes and a footer with a featured page widget. It allows viewing of key site contentt and instantly presents the viewer with the type of information or services the site offers.

See demo: Click here

5) Blossom

 WP-Blossom-WordPress-Theme-solostream themes

Blossom may be the most highly functional out of all of these themes. Some of its several features include a header and footer page sliders that allow you to view featured site content. It also utilizes the slider function in a category slider widget that allows you to view posts from different categories in the site.

Content boxes provide additional information and a map and contact section provide relevant contact details. This theme is perfect for business companies and advertising, with its page layout giving viewers a thorough look at the site’s content, important information such as company details, and a simple design that brings out the site’s main features.

See demo: Click here

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