5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Will Fail

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A recent survey conducted by Forrester says that 9 out of 10 companies’ use content marketing but only 4% of them are doing it the right way. All of us have heard “Content Is King” but why is it so that only 4% are doing it well? Now that’s something horrifying. Here are Top 5 reasons why your content marketing strategy are failing and easy solutions to fix them all.

5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Will Fail

 1) Your content is related to “only” you

Remember, it is for your customers and your audience that you are writing for and not for your own self. You cannot keep on writing without knowing the interests of your audience. So you need to achieve that balance in your content where you can write with keeping your target audience’s interest along with your company’s vision. So how would you achieve that balance? Analyze and study your audience’s needs.

Think yourself as saviour and how would you help them in solution to their problems. Your customers don’t care about your problems they care for themselves first.

Reader’s Intake – You can’t be so selfish!! Using promotional content everywhere in your marketing campaign is showing your selfishness to world. So be better, be social and come up with the content your readers want to read from you.

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2) Your content is so boring

Customers like the content which short, informative and easy to understand. They avoid something which will take much of their time.  Moreover, the social media world has become more brief and image driven. Content is served up in small sizes and even the customers find it effective. So you need to focus on short, informative and visual based content which will make your audience more engaged to your company.

Reader’s Intake – “Ooo Ghosh, I don’t like the essays. I even don’t have time to read your this much lengthily copy.” – the most common expression of readers after seeing the boring, irrelevant content on webpages. So don’t make your webpage a victim, bring informative yet interesting information for the readers.

3) You are monotonous

Your content marketing strategy will fail if you lack creativity that is you are MONOTONOUS. If you fear of trying new things and failing, you would end up in losing attention of your audience. Your audience will find you dull as dishwater. And you really don’t want that to happen. Don’t you? Think of something new every time. Present your content to your audience in different ways. This will not only increase your audience but will also grab their attention to your company more effectively. Do something completely unexpected with your content from time to time.

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Reader’s Intake – Don’t be the crowd, make yourself the leader of crowd. And to be the leader on web; you have to try out the most creative ways to impress and sustain your blog audience. Make your content viral by enrolling Memes, Inforgraphics, Videos, presentations and polls.

4) Your content is too difficult to read

Your Content Marketing will fail if your content is being too difficult to read. You need to learn to simplify your content so that more audience find it easy to read and understand. Numbering and bulleting the important points will easily grab the attention of the customer. Try to summarize points. Don’t repeat anything that is unnecessary. The best way to simplify your content is to add more visuals like images and videos pertaining to your content.

A visual data will make you more reliable for your customers. And if shown in proper manner, Visual data will make more people connect or support your cause or company.

Reader’s Intake – Don’t show off the hard to read words in your marketing campaign. Keep your audience mindset and knowledge in mind and serve them the easy to understand, informative and interesting webpages.

5) You are irregular

One of the most probable reasons for your fail is your irregularity in putting up the content. Just think about the morning newspaper: If you don’t receive it in time how do you feel?

You need to have the same mindset regarding your content marketing. Show up content in time. This will make your customers appreciate your efforts you are putting in.

Reader’s Intake – You are a newspaper for your readers, so don’t make them disappointed. Post regularly. If you can’t update your blog daily them decide the weekdays and start updating your blog on those days.

Tanya Garg

Above article is contributed by Yogita Aggarwal. She is a tech blogger who loves to read and write blogs on blogging, SEO-SMO, Computer tips and on Gadgets.

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    • Yes it is cool if you are able to justify those images & videos then users will surely engage with your blog. Google see engagement rate and if that is good then SEO automatically improves.

  2. Am a new blogger learning the best knowledge from the pro bloggers … s.e.o with content marketing is best way to gain success in business , but its not that easy content marketing should always post a new unique content .. all the 5 points are really well explained after reading the post got clear picture will follow the above reasons before post thanks for sharing a nice article..

  3. One of the best explanations of how content marketing really works that I’ve seen in a while. Thanks for sharing, YogitA!

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