Warning: Do You Recognize These 7 Early Warning Signs of Blogger Burnout?

Blogging is all about passion of sharing your thoughts and ideas to the world. You must have started blogging because you are enthusiastic to give your views a voice. Writing comes naturally to you; you have a creative bent of mind and a keen desire to explore the vast opportunity to connect with all those like-minded people out there through the web.

However, have you recently noticed an alteration of the blogger in you ?

Are you spending lots of time on choosing what and how to write? Does the passion for blogging now seem to be fading? Then it is a telltale sign that you have hit Blogger’s Burnout.

Blogger’s Burnout is possibly the first reason behind people quitting blogging and is the nemesis of your blogger self. It is quite natural that to create content frequently, which can always appeal to your readers, is a demanding task and sometimes or other you may feel that you have hit the wall.

Warning Do You Recognize These 7 Early Warning Signs of Blogger Burnout

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In such a situation, what you need most is to recognize these early signs of Blogger’s Burnout and start to deal with it, with your innate flair and passion.

Let us check out these 7 early warning signs of Blogger’s Burnout that you may encounter:

Do You Recognize These 7 Early Warning Signs of Blogger Burnout

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1)  Writing blogs feels like a routine 

If you feel like blogging is something you are forced to do, instead of something that comes naturally to you, Blogger’s Burnout has hit you. Blogging now seems like a daily chore that you have to do, rather than something that you enjoy and love doing. However if you ask yourself this is not for what you started blogging right?

You used to love blogging and it has been a way to get away from those daily chores to reenergize yourself. So if you spot the difference, try to find your former love for blogging to break free from the burnout you have fallen upon.

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2)  Irregular and periodic posting 

The driving force behind blogging is the zest to share and connect with people, to from a friendly association through your posts.  Earlier you used to share your experiences and views on anything and everything in your blog in a daily basis. However, now you have grown irregular with your postings, your writing comes after long intervals and that too not spontaneously.

You need to remember that you have not built a readership just to let it go like this. If you have readers who have been with you from the very early stage of your blogging days, they definitely love your post and really expect to hear from you often. Your absences from the scene, irregular and flagging post will definitely going to affect them.

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3)  You are drained out of concepts and ideas

Earlier you just could not wait to hit the keyboard even after a busy day. Words and thoughts used to pour out effortlessly, without much contemplation. On the contrary, lately you have a feeling that you cannot find the right subject for your blog and ponder for hours to decide a topic for your blog and this writer’s block is causing a big trouble.

You open the Word doc with the intention to give your thoughts and ideas a form, but to your dismay, an hour has passed and you could not even manage to write a single word, to give it a start.

4)  Lacking motivation


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You have always been inspired and motivated to write your view on life, society, entertainment, lifestyle, sports and anything that you are interested in. However, of late you lack that zeal and drive to share your thoughts with the world. Don’t you find anything that holds your attention anymore, anything that touches you? Then why is this writer’s block?

You just need to unleash yourself, find inspiration from small things of life, even sometimes you will find your readers can provide you with ideas and concepts. The key to get over this temporary writer’s block and averting it to form a permanent blogger’s burnout is to strike a conversation, to communicate through your posts on random topics.

5)  Not having time 

No matter how hectic your life is, you have always found out that special time to blog. It acted as a relaxing hobby and you have never been tired of typing those views of yours. Things are not same now and you always find some excuse or other to avoid blogging.Not having enough time is the most common, predictable and dull justification you can give yourself to stay away from blogging.

You keep telling yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow, today I’m tired, I had a hard day”, the list is unending and that tomorrow does not seem to appear. Blogging has been your passion and it cannot possibly get wasted for as excuse of not getting time. So start afresh, initiate the quest and put your blogger’s burnout to a rest.

6)  Declining readership


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Declining readership is an early sign that something is not right about your blog. It may happen due to Blogger’s Burnout, that you are experiencing, leading to low quality content, erratic posts and inconsequential subjects. You have put a lot of hard work to build a readership, to create your niche audience.

There have been people who have always loved what you have to say, they have enjoyed your blog, have appreciated your posts.In spite of this, why are they renouncing it now? You need to ask yourself. You surely didn’t start blogging to see something you held so dearly to fade into oblivion! It is never too late to start again with a new zeal.

7)   Contemplating quitting 

You have often considered give up the once cherished pastime of yours as you do not feel inspired, you do not think blogging leads to anything, you have lost the focus and fun of it.This is the most fatal thought that can ruin the blogger in you. Do not convince yourself to believe that you really don’t have anything to share, you are no more creative and this is how it is destined to end.

No, if you had the spirit to start your own blog, you can sustain it too. All you need is to rediscover that passion you had for blogging.

So, to remain focused and to be an avid blogger, these are a few thingsthat you should avoid. Have a pep talk with yourself, read, write, motivate and share to be an exceptional blogger.

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  1. Really good one Jitendra. I experienced almost all the symptoms a year back. I started blogging 4 years back but I could come up with quality articles inorder to grab the attention in the blogosphere, no traffic, no readers, sad 🙁

    I was lacking motivation as all my personal stuffs were going down by that time, adding fuel to the fire. Later on things changed. Things started working well both in academic as well as professional life. There comes the motivation, I started blogging, photography and all other things. I am really happy to see the shape it is coming up.

    A person who is completely satisfied with his profession can explore his inner self and can do anything and everything he likes to do.

    Thanks again for sharing it, it made me digging my innerself.

  2. I reconize some of those symptoms. But I never had a big readership anyway and I’ve thought about quitting hundreds of times, still do. Time is a big factor for me. Work, family, and other obligations get in the way. I always post at irregular times…somtimes weeks go before I decide to write one.

    How do you do it? How can I get inspired to write and post more often?

    I have a ton of ideas swirling around my little ole brain and have been marketing online since 2002 but the amount of b.s. that I read daily boggles my mind.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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