7 Killer Tips for Getting Perfect Landing Page

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Recent Google updates such as “Not Provided” search term data, Humming Bird algorithmPenguin filters, Authorship have made some amendments in Internet marketing. Of course basic principles and methods remain the same, but currently successful website promotion requires long-term marketing strategy, understanding interests of target audience, and brand development.

Successful SEO strategy implies content marketing strategy, social network marketing and brand exposure. Such SEO metrics as Page Rank, Domain Authority, number of backlinks are still matter, but now SEO requires broader definition.

Forget about Page Rank and driving traffic to specific keywords, think about engagement with users and holding attention to your service/product/website instead of grabbing attention.

Very important thing that has direct influence on traffic conversion and lead generation is website design at all and landing page particularly.

I’d like to drive attention to landing page. What should be performed on landing page to make user not leave the site?

Killer tips for landing pages
Killer Tips For Landing pages

Let’s start from the top.

1. Landing page should give answers to users query.

This is the most essential feature of landing page. If there is no adequate answer, users will leave the site. That’s why keywords optimization for specific queries is very important. Probably your site is ranked high for certain queries, but problem is that right landing page is not shown for users. Consequently, every page should be optimized for different queries.

Home page can be targeted to common short queries. It’s better to use long-tail keywords for inner pages, especially if you run a blog.

2. Authorship

There is no doubt that authorship is effective and able to increase amount of clicks on page. So authorship tag is necessary for landing page. First, it personalizes data. Provided content is not abstractive text anymore, it has author and looks decisively. When someone comes out into the open, it gives weight to his words.

3. Content

When a user has had a look at snippet and decided that the link is what he was looking for, don’t disappoint him by poor content. Content should satisfy users query and give information in appropriate scope. It doesn’t matter what kind of content is on landing page, it just should provide with exactly what the user wants.

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4. In-depth

According to Google, 10% of users searches aimed on comprehensive and authoritative information about certain topic. Therefore, Google introduced “in-depth” articles algorithm. Usually these are 3000+ words articles from New York Times, Forbes or Mashable.

The point is if you target landing page to the query that requires deep and detailed explanation, forget about 500 words articles. Even though the website appears among “in-depth” articles at least once at month, it will bring a lot of traffic, natural backlinks and facilitate to brand exposure.

5. Content should look urgent

It must be admitted that severe competition obligates to be unique and create something that distinguishes your site/product/service from others. Hence landing page should look urgent. It should grab attention, at the first place. Then it should force user to stay on site, to read article, to purchase smith etc.

6. Conversion

No matter what page users visit, page should lead to conversion. For instance, if your conversion goal is registration, make sure that all website pages connected with registration form, and content in it’s turn encourages to fill out the form.

Generally the main goal of landing page is increasing conversion. Consequently:

– the first step is grabbing attention;

– the second step is satisfying query and users expectations;

– the third step is holding attention and reaching conversion goals.

For these use easy navigation and interlinking.

7. Design

Design plays prominent role. Well-structured content along with colour layout and easy navigation make users life easier and pleasant. Remember this! Appropriate images are useful for driving attention. Visual effects make content easier to interpretation.

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So I hope you like these killer tips for landing pages, do you any more share with us, share it below in the comments will be happy to know that !!!

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Abrar Mohi Shafee

Abrar Mohi Shafee is the CEO and Founder of Blogging Spell. He is interested in blogging, seo and social marketing. His recent post was about the preconditions of google adsense sign up. He also works on some freelance marketplaces besides blogging. He is active on Google+.

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  2. Thank you!
    I tried to point how important is landing page. Especialy now after Google updates, when they say that SEO is dead.
    If you make everything properly, it’s no reason to worry about Page Rank, for example, that isn’t going to be updated or keyword optimisation.

  3. This is a very good article by Maria. I absolutely agree with all 7 points.

    She particularly buttressed the last point “Design” with the powerful image of the “landing” bird used in this article. Indeed, this particular “landing bird” is not just an appropriate image but proved very useful in holding my attention, 🙂

    Thanks, Jitendra, for sharing this on the #1 Internet marketing social networking and bookmarketing website – Kingged.com, where I found and “kingged” this.

  4. Nice topic Maria, and thanks for sharing this topic here in Kingged, Jitendra! 🙂
    Actually, from the first number that you shared, you already got me glued that “Landing page should give answers to users query”, because I agree about this. You know some engagement and communication between the visitor and the writer. It is a good scheme to build good rapport.
    While in the last number, which is always important. A good quality design will attract viewers. Even you as an internet user, you will love pages that have a good appearance, right?
    Timely and practical! Thanks for the tips!

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  5. Hi Maria,

    Smart tips! Add urgency to your page. Influence people to act. No better way to grow your list.

    Thanks for sharing!


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