7 Popular Websites To Buy Domain Names for Your Business 2018

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A domain name is what you see in the address bar of the web page. Domain name registration is what changes the IP address to a more logical and recognizable name. A brilliant idea along with even more brilliant domain name makes your website a hit; after all, your website flaunts your idea. A domain name should be catchy and useful to the idea behind your entire website.

7 Popular Websites To Buy Domain Names for Your Business

When buying your domain name, there are certain things to look for-

  • Best rates
  • reliability
  • Customer service
  • Features

Top 7 websites where you can buy domain names are

1) Namecheap

As the name suggests, Namecheap is economical and affordable. It has a fantastic customer service along with value for money packages.

namecheap domain provider

With Namecheap you will get a fantastic customer support service and free URL forwarding along with email. Paying a bit more can get you advanced services like SSL certification and DNS certificates. These features are available to you at just $4.00 per year.

2) Name.com

Name.com is not cheap but it gives you the exclusivity you need for your domain name. It goes out of its way to search for domain names. What it also offers suggestions for domain names including those which are up for auction. Since it is not cheap, you can find the right choice of domain name for your business venture.


Name.com has a feature called as Domain Grabber which helps you to get what you really want for your webpage. If the web page is already taken then through this feature you will get it as soon as the domain name is up for sale. Name.com is simple and effective at just $10.00 per week.

3) Hover

Hover is a bit expensive but it offers ample of discount codes. It has an excellent support service. When you call the customer service there is no automatic voice message, rather they provide you full support and care. Hover.com also handles domain migration from other hosts. There is a ‘valet’ service by Hover.com that will do all the work and let you know when they are done.

Their management tools and control panel are excellent as they are easy to use. The price is according to the specific TLD. You can get .ME domain name for just $10.49.

4) GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers cheap package deals to its customers. It combines domain registration as well as web hosting. It also provides frequent specials on domain registration. It has a free mini-hosting plan which includes a five page website based on the templates provided by them.

Godaddy Domain promo code coupon

It includes a photo album, email account, blogging tools with 1 GB storage. It has special offers when you register five or more domains all of them are free. Go Daddy costs around $11.99 per year.

5) 1and1

Registration on 1and1 is easy as it includes a five- page web page, an email account with a storage space of 2 GB, a free registration of private domain for private information.

1and1 Hosting Review

Domain transfers are also made easy by 1&1. You can get it all according to domain name TLD. .com is as low as $4.99 in the first year.

6) Gandi

Gandi has been registering domain name for a very long time. It has a very simple approach to domain name registration as well as domain name renewal. You will not be duped into buying all those services that are of no use to you.

With Gandi you get two free hosted pages, a free blog by the name of Gandiblog and free email services.  You can buy a domain name from Gandi at $16.85

7) Dreamhost

Dreamhost is a great hosting company but it is also a great domain registrars.  It is convenient because it is helpful to have hosting and registration all done at one place.

dreamhost domain provider

It has a quick customer service and comprehensive management tools. Dreamhost cost around $ 10 per year for domain name registration.

Now that you have had a choice of some of the best domain name registrar available, choosing the best those suites you won’t be all that difficult. Choose wisely and register your domain name for your next big business venture.

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