7 Jaw Dropping Reasons Why Digital Marketing is the Next Big thing for Businesses

Marketing is an ancient concept; Digital Marketing is newer and better. Where does it come from? The credits for the evolution of Digital marketing can be given to the internet revolution couple with the earlier computer revolution. These gave rise to new form of marketing strategy which was promoting your cause through electronic devices and their functions like the personal computer and email.

Today it has expanded its reach to almost every digital device namely computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc.

Every advertisement we see today on our phones and PCs when we log on to our favourite sites or surf elsewhere is a part of the digital marketing world and so are the various other forms like content, blogs, videos, surveys etc. Digital Marketing, in its initial years of growth has already penetrated the internet to its deep rooted extents.

Although, TV is a part of the digital world but the term Digital Marketing is more extensively used to refer to channels which are more connected to the internet and the customers more personal digital space.

Therefore, as we move in to 2015, it is poised to continue is explosive growth and become a vehicle of opportunity and success for many aspiring businessmen and women.

Reasons Why Digital Marketing is the Next Big thing for Businesses

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Here are 7 reasons why Digital Marketing is the NEXT BIG THING

1. It is much more cost effective

The cost of digital marketing is much less compared to the traditional channels of advertising such as television, banners etc.  You can visit digitalmarketingcalculator.com, and see for yourself. The average monthly cost for digital marketing which a normal business will incur sways around $800 which is very low compared to high costs to television or newspaper advertising.

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Thus, this tends to increase the profits for you and your revenues start getting richer.

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2. It has a much wider range

Digital marketing offers a very wide variety of tools to promote your cause. From content marketing to social media marketing, there are numerous options and methods in which each business can proceed according the specifications and plans which suit them best.

For instance, if you want to promote your blog you can include facebook marketing and twitter promotions in your plan. If you are a business to consumer business then you can add more extensive marketing plans to your kit like third party advertising or content marketing mixed with surveys and email marketing.

Thus, the diversity of this platform invites and attracts more and more businesses making it a very lucrative enterprise.

3. Numbers tell a very happy story

The best way to mark the progress of any idea is to know the stats that it generates.

According to statista.com, the total spending on digital marketing was $104.58 Billion in 2012. If you think this is huge then hold on to that thought because it increased to $122 Billion in 2013 and is expected to reach $170.5 billion in 2015 and a whopping $252 Billion by 2018.

This shows the opportunities Digital Market has offered and it still has to offer. More and more people are realizing the hidden potential in Digital Marketing and hence we see new successful firms on the rise and raking in the money every now and then and more prudent will the scene in the time to come.

4. The Social Media is just its subset

Social media is indeed a part of the entire Digital Marketing Platform. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have seen unprecedented rise in their use as a marketing tool and newer social media platforms are coming up and taking the scene by storm. Some of these include Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr etc.

When one sees the extent to which these platforms have penetrated and average adult’s personal space today with a business point of view, the marketing plan and idea automatically presents itself. One can directly tap into individual interests based on the information available through these sites and cautiously forge apt marketing strategies.

This practice has caught the eye of major business concerns and thus improved the scope of Digital Marketing by leaps and bounds.

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5. It is an attractive business choice

Given the cost effective nature of the business which already makes it attractive to clients, the platform is full of opportunities for those who want to establish a business around the digital marketing concept.

This is primarily because the cost of setting up business is very low compared to other businesses. If you know how to do digital marketing and think you can run a business, the basic things that you need are a laptop and an internet connection and you’re set. Once you start getting traction you can expand.

Imagine, if you knew how to process oil from mustard and wanted to run a factory. You would need over a million dollars to run something like that but such is not the case here. This is one reason why many aspiring entrepreneurs are attracted to this concept and this trend is more to catch on more vigour in the time to come.

6. It’s comparatively easy to learn

You do not need to be an A-class engineer or an Einstein to learn the concepts of Digital Marketing. You can in fact learn it quite easily and even for free. There are numerous firms like Google which offer tutorials in the form of videos and blogs from where you can know everything you need to know about the concept of digital marketing.

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7. Rated better than traditional marketing channels

Businesses have rated Digital Marketing as a better option than traditional channels like written and printed media. This is not only because of the revenues it generates for them but also because of other aspects. One of them is that it can provide you with relevant data which assists in better tracking of ROI or return on investments. It also lets businesses tap directly into the consumers’ minds and plan their strategies more precisely.

These attributes make Digital Marketing a glowing pot of opportunities in the time to come. It is very likely that we will see numerous success stories and big business in the field as more and more innovative minds turn to it. It is thus definitely a big thing for business in 2015 and the subsequent time to come.

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