A2 Hosting vs Cloudways 2021: Which One Should You Choose? (Our Pick)

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In this article, you are going to know about the good WordPress hosting with the best services available which are totally dissimilar too, we are talking about the comparison between A2 Hosting vs Cloudways. You will be confused between knowing about these two hosting WordPress and choosing among them. Here’s the whole data are given about these two WordPress unbiased comparisons which will help you to make the right decision.

Cloudways functions in such a way that it manages the cloud server services where you have to select the cloud giver and the Cloudways hosting will join and connect their organization to it which can be easily manageable. Cloudways is a website hosting organization or company which provides their users the WordPress web hosting services. This company helps most of the agencies, single developers, and focuses on supplying good quality web hosting functioning. The overall usage of this hosting makes it convenient, easy, and rapid.

A2 Hosting is the company that has been offering its users WordPress hosting services and has worked at the fastest speeds of the servers people have seen from the past 24 months. This hosting provides us many features and benefits and has SEO friendly hosting plans. In this fast forward world, if you are looking for the rapid speed server services which are relatively budget-friendly which also helps you to increase the stats after your internet site grows then A2 hosting is a better option you can go with.

In this article, we have included so much information and details about these two hosting services through which you can choose between A2 hosting and Cloudways.

A2 Hosting vs Cloudways 2021: Overview

About A2 Hosting Comparison

A2 hosting is discovered by Bryan Muthig and is especially known for its fastest working and convenient using capacity by the users. As mentioned below, A2 hosting is the fastest server provided by the service. This company assures for 20* fast working page loads in contrast with the other hosting pages.

A2 Hosting vs Cloudways - About A2 Hosting

The main motive of A2’s server is to build and keep up a better hosting company so that their users or staff can easily self-use it without facing any problem. A2 hosting has prominently delivered the best services and speed from the past years without any complaints. It provides good customer support and comes up with the free SSL certificate and when you start to use it, it’s easy and better to use.

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About Cloudways

A2 Hosting vs Cloudways - About Cloudways

Cloudways hosting is one of the companies that provide its user’s stability between cost-effective strategies and good functionality when it comes to the management of Cloudways WordPress hosting. This hosting comes up with an excellent feature that can help their users to set up their websites and the resources help their users to grow their sites.

A2 Hosting vs Cloudways: Key Features

A2 Hosting Features

A2 Hosting vs Cloudways: A2 Hosting Key Features

1) Solid-State Drives

A2 hosting utilizes this feature of Solid-state drives when it provides its hosting bundles to its users. In contrast to the original hard disk drives, SSD functions are more rapid and good in this service. A solid-state drive is the best feature which is provided by A2 Hosting, it saves the information like reading and penning the requests in microphones, while original hard disks utilize an automobile arm to function the information and knowledge from a particular location from one side to the other. This Solid-state drive joins in this hosting and contributes to speeding and manages the time of your websites.

2) Cloud hosting solving

If you notice, there are two main issues of these web hosting companies, one is security and the other one is lacking control over particular data. A2 Hosting is additional to the cloud hosting, the whole power is this upgrading technologies. This company provides a unique hosting service to its users and customers that can help them untangle all the problems at hand. There is one more feature that gives A2 hosting importance, the users here shouldn’t worry about the websites to which they are owning to go down or set off unresponsive.

3) Redundant Array of Independent Disks-10 storage

Redundant Array of Independent Disks 10 or RAID-10 is a storage arrangement that stores overall stats in different hard drives. This feature is designed only because if the user has gone through the failure of the hard drive, there should be no loss of data. In case, there’s a loss of data due to a damaged drive, the data will get stored automatically to another drive of your site and then the damaged drive will surely get transferred and changed. This is one of the backup features of A2 Hosting.

4) Contemporary Developer Device

With this feature, you have access to up-to-date originator devices present in times. You’ll have quick ingress to all fresh upgrades as they are now obtainable. You can select another plan if you have to manage all the things on your own, A2 hosting will look after the things you want.

Backups, rigid infrastructure, and green web hosting.

You will think that A2 hosting is one such company just like the other companies exist, this is what this company doesn’t want to look like. So, they give you access to the green hosting, and also give access to continuous backup services too. The extra features which A2 hosting provides you are only to add more precious values to their services and hosting plans or subscriptions which even includes the whole support for the reach and many other options.

Features by A2 Hosting to increase the small business sites.

A2 Hosting vs Cloudways: Key Features A2 Hosting

Besides, giving the supportive hands to the good reached business A2 hosting also supports the small business to cope up with the competition to perform leniently.

  • Increases the speed and performance through solid-state drives
  • Increases dependence of cloud hosting
  • Betterment of website loading time through Cloudflare CDN
  • Various backups available
  • Transferring data with ease and huge storage
  • 24*7 hours customer support available in all the subscription
  • Service time guaranteed at 99.99%
  • A span of SSL certificates available for the security of your website
  • Recent technology available which lessens the time and allows the site to load twenty times quicker than the previous time.

Cloudways Features

 1) Convenient usage

Usage of Cloudways is very easy, the user who doesn’t have enough knowledge of technology can also operate with ease. Their plan gives you satisfaction with their rapid and convenient services for their customers to subscribe to their plans. Making your own server is now possible in less than ten minutes; you only have to select the number of resources required and the locality spot of your server. Suppose, you want a particular implementation installed on your subscription hosting plan, just a couple of clicks from your panel can make your work done. The user panel has eight sections which are termed as

  • Master credentials
  • Monitoring servers resources
  • Management services settings available
  • conglomeration
  • Backups services
  • Manages the securities
  • Vertical scaling
  • SMTP services

2) Presentation and pace

Cloudways loading speed increases by about 99.99% and the loading time is around 400-600 milliseconds. The reason behind this rapid performance is that Cloudways Company has partnered with other companies like digital oceans, Google cloud, Vulter, Linode, and AWS, which are the excellent companies in the cloud industry. This Cloudways company has its service in many countries all over the world.

3) Cloudways Content delivery network

The main aim of CDN is to convey the content rapidly by lessening the interruption. It is a data center and a network of servers situated in between the original server of web content. If the users utilize this CDN it will make your application faster than before and gives the users a good experience to the audience. $1 per 25GB is the starting lowest price of CDN of Cloudways.

4) Updated security

A2 Hosting vs Cloudways: Key Features Cloudways

The very important thing should be taken while creating an application is secure and that’s what Cloudways does and this is the best feature one should notice, it takes the security of users website very seriously. Various back-up options are available in this company, it is absolutely free to manage these back-ups and the whole step of back-up is super easy and convenient. Even if the damage happens to your website there is always a secure option available to restore your whole data in just a few minutes.

Cloudways also offers its users an SSL certificate which is absolutely free and it also offers the level of high security to your website which utilizes HTTPS protocol and not the basic HTTP. The importance of this SSL certification is very serious, it makes your site acceptable and competitive in the on-growing competition out there and it will also help you to increase your rankings on the internet.

5) Website relocation

If you want to relocate your websites or applications from one host to the new one it’s free and very convenient, theirs are no such long ongoing procedures that take you the whole time and make it difficult for you to migrate your websites from another provider to another. The company of Cloudways uses its plugin which helps you to relocate your websites very conveniently and issues-free from any problem and it is very cheap in price in whatever the plan you have subscribed to.

6) Management of WordPress Hosting

This management by the WordPress hosting is provided by the company, it has a particular server which provides their audiences to use their websites without any problems. It has so many supportive features that make their users work easy like upgrades at an interval of time, website speed and security precautions, backups, etc. for small businesses or the beginners Cloudways provides the management of WordPress hosting which is directly a piece of profitable news for them.

Pricing Battle: A2 Hosting vs Cloudways

A2 Hosting – Pricing

There are in total three pricing tiers of A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting vs Cloudways - A2 Hosting Pricing

Plan 1

This plan is termed as Lite Plan and initiates at $2.96 per month. It has one website available, five databases, a full storage facility available, a free SSL certificate, channel control available.

Plan 2

This plan is termed as a swift plan and is an upgraded version from the lite plan, it starts with the rate at $3.70 per month and contains unlimited websites, unlimited storage, relocation available for one site only, transfer, SSL certificate, cPanel.

Plan 3

This plan is known as the Turbo plan and this plan is an updated subscription than lite plan and swift plan. It supports unlimited websites, databases, unlimited storage, in total you have access to the swift plan and in addition the turbo which has a twenty times speed process.

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Cloudways – Pricing

Cloudways vs A2 Hosting : Cloudways Pricing

Cloudways has cheaper pricing facilities compared to the other companies out there, the starting entrance rate of Cloudways is $10 per month.

  • The most popular plan comes with 4 GB RAM storage and an 80GB storage facility, it starts at the rate of $42 per month. This plan comes with 24*7 hours support, free SSL certificate, CDN addition to the plan, installation of an application, HTTP/2 servers enabled, free relocation of the website available, and auto backup.

Plan 1

  • This plan comes with the starting at the rate of $10 per month and has 1 GB RAM with the existing 25GB storage. This plan supports 24*7 hours support, free SSL certificate, CDN addition to the plan, installation of the application, HTTP/2 servers enabled, free relocation of the website available, engaging firewalls, continuous security checking, and good team management and support.

Plan 2

  • This plan starts at the rate of $22 per month consisting of 2GB RAM and 50 GB storage available. This plan also supports 24*7 hours support, free SSL certificate, CDN addition to the plan, installation of the application, HTTP/2 servers enabled, free relocation of the website available, engaging firewalls, continuous security checking, and good team management and support.

Plan 3

  • This plan starts with the rate of $80 per month and it is more upgraded than the other two plans mentioned above, 8GB RAM is available and 160GB storage it has. This plans also comes up with all the facilities mentioned above and users will have access to the 24*7 hours support, free SSL certificate, CDN addition to the plan, installation of an application, HTTP/2 servers enabled, free relocation of the website available, engaging firewalls, continuous security checking and good team management and support.

Customer support

A2 Hosting

The customer support availability of A2 Hosting is best and offers you their availability 24*7 hours. You can get in contact with them through mobile phones, tablets, desktops, email, and texting. The good thing about this A2 Hosting company is that they speak fluent English which is the common language used worldwide, the experts if this company provides their full support even if you ask them to help at any time in the late nights or early morning, they will response you and ready to help you with your doubts.


The customer support of this company is best and available 24*7 hours, even if the bot is not able to respond there is another option available like live chat, texting, through mobile phone and they will show you the path to select the subscription plan according to your requirement and your website. Also, you can try the free trial of Cloudways and can clear your doubts by asking you questions and the company will provide you with the convenient experts to help you out through the website.

Testimonials: A2 Hosting vs Cloudways

A2 Hosting Customer Reviews

A2 Hosting vs Cloudways - A2 Hosting Customer review

Cloudways Customer Reviews

A2 Hosting vs Cloudways - Cloudways Customer Review


What is A2 Hosting's lowest plan, what additional service I get with A2 Hosting?

The lowest plan subscription available in the A2 Hosting plan is $3.92 with the 30-days money return feature if you are not satisfied with the services from this company and you will get your full money back within a period of 30 days. The additional services you get from A2 Hosting is that you get free access to the website magazine subscription plan and you will get $50 Ad credits from websites, and 24 hours availability of your site on internet websites, email marketing services available, and by buying the theme for WordPress you will get discount coupons too.

What kind of mode of payment does Cloudways prefer and where are all the credit card details have been stored?

With the help of owned third party systems, all the information has been safely stored. Cloudways are more focused on security and neither have they stored your credit card information now they track your credit card details. The mode of payment preferred by Cloudways can be via MasterCard's visa, and on your request, they also accept PayPal mode of payment.

Does Cloudways and A2 Hosting provide affiliate programs?

Yes, both services do offer affiliate programs. You can earn an additional penny just by referring new visitors to A2 Hosting and Cloudways services. You can just participate in some affiliate networks to use the offer of affiliate programs like Viglink, webgains, and many more. You can have a look at their official websites and get to know the updates about affiliates referring to the new customer's program.

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Conclusion: A2 Hosting vs Cloudways

A2 Hosting offers you quick and best services of all the time, it has excellent features and support. A2 Hosting is a company known for its excellent speed and 20X time faster speed than any other pages. It has good names and marvelous customer services, it has a free trial available for the users and provides you a backup option in case your website has been corrupted due to some reasons. A2 Hosting is what you must try once to get a good experience in case of shared website hosting. The plans of VPS and reseller are the topmost choices to be counted on.

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Cloud hosting is also one of the best WordPress web hosting companies which you shouldn’t have to be frightened of. You will get the better hosting givers through these Cloudways service platforms, its budget-friendly and provides 24*7 hours customer support. Creating and upgrading your website hosting is much simpler and easy just like all other regular hosts with the help of these services. They provide us a quick and simpler setup and also free trial is available for the users to know about this service better.

Both of these plans are good to go and have their special features and unique functions which are mentioned in this whole article, it will help you to make your decision without any trouble or confusion.

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