Aashima Jain from Digitaltadka Explains How to Achieve Your Goals

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We are back with another entrepreneur interview.

As a part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we have young & charming entrepreneur Aashima Jain from Digitaltadka who is very talented  and making her living  out of her own business. Aashima will tell how she decided to be entrepreneur and not to do 9to5 job I am sure you will learn lot from her entrepreneurship skills.

Aashima Jain from Digitaltadka

First of all thanks a lot for accepting my interview proposal. My readers are glad to have you here. Please tell us about yourself and your educational background ?

Hi. Thank you for the opportunity.I am Aashima Jain from Mumbai. I have done my graduation in Mass Media and my Master’s in Communication and Journalism along with a specialized course in Graphic and Website Designing.

Tell me more about your startup  Digitaltadka. How did idea came to your mind for digitalmarketing?

Digitaltadka is a startup dealing in Graphic and website designing. We also do Social Media Marketing for clients. Personalized designing is yet another service we provide.

The ideation of Digitaltadka started when I was still studying. Starting a venture was always in my mind and its execution started as soon as I was done with my studies. With a lot of love for designing and passion for work, Digitaltadka was formed!

How did you enter into entreprenuershp. Any motivator behind you ?

Working under someone didn’t really make me comfortable. Also during my learning period I gained enough confidence with my work and planned to go ahead with my venture! My family and a few special friends have been great in supporting me throughout.

How much time did it take to make money online from you own business?

I got my first client a few days after I launched! Facebook mainly has been amazing to spread the word for my business. However its taken about three to four months to stabilize and increase my reach!

How do you share your success with your friends? What you suggest them about entrepreneurship?

Friends have been always great in supporting me! A few of them keep guiding me and provide healthy feedback for my work. About entrepreneurship I can only say its a journey where you learn a lotabout yourself. Since it requires multi tasking, you realize your strengths. In addition to that you are doing the work you love to do! So its never a burden.

What are the big risks involved in entrepreneurship. What challenged you  face in beginning?

The greatest risk is your income. You are not sure of a regular income. It takes time for people to recognize you and trust you. Getting clients is the biggest challenge I faced. Pitching clients for work requirements and proving it that you are better than others can be a task.

What do you think about parental pressure for doing job. Most of the youth are forced for job?

Even after a year with Digitaltadka, my parents still suggest for doing a job. At the end its individual decision and my parents do understand and respect my decision.

I feel now days youth should follow their heart in regards to work. Work should be fun! if 9 to 5 does not appeal you then you definitely should not do it!

How to recover from failures in entrepreneur.  Please answer in brief ?

Keep going. Failures are a part of growing. Till you don’t fail or till you don’t do something wrong you will never know how to do it right. Being positive helps. Patience. Success is not achieved in a day. It requires a lot of hard work and true passion. Keep doing things you feel are unable to do. If you feel you cannot do a particular thing, then that should be the first thing you should do. Overcome your fears.

What is biggest weakness & strength in you. How you handle it?

My weakness is I take up too much of work at one go. Also I keep jumping from one work assignment to the other. For this I try to maintain notes and organize my work. Its not that tough though! My strength I feel is the capacity to do work! I can sit for hours and days together for my work and not get tired and bored. Only for the reason that I love to do what I am doing!

How much knowledge of SEO you  have ? how many SEO projects you have handled it?

SEO is a newer field for me. I am still in the learning phase for SEO. So at present will not be able to say much about it.

Can you tell how you handle of  work ? what  is  your daily routine for your work?

My routine starts with checking for mails and replying to inquiries if any. Then checking for my notes to see what work has to be done on that day. My day usually starts by 9. I am not an early person. But then work continues till 9 or 10 in the evening!

From designing work to printing to responding to mails all is well planned to avoid any waste of time!Do you think being an entrepreneur  is  easy?

I feel its easier than taking up a job. You have the freedom to think for yourself and plan work as you want! It can’t get easier than that!

Are you fitness freak ?do you take out time for fitness?

I am a little lazy on that front! Haha.. since my work involves Sitting at one place for a long time, I have started morning or evening walks.

How do you take criticism , how  you react when somebody tried to pull you  down?

I take criticisms very positively! And make it a point to consider them as well. I feel people pull you down if you let them do that! One needs to be a little strong headed at times.

What are your  thoughts about bloggersIdeas, did u like my blog. Did u find anything annoying here. Please share your feedback?

I love the concept you follow here at BloggersIdeas. Especially for budding entrepreneurs like me its a good exposure for us! Thank you so much!

I hope you enjoy this interview with talented charming Aashima Jain If you have any questions about this interview, please do ask in the comments below !

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