Abcsubmit Review 2023: Best Drag & Drop Website and Form Builder

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The world is now moving quickly and businesses are making a digital presence. In the fast-moving world, businesses need a robust and user-friendly website for their customers.

Businesses find it hard to choose the right website builder for this purpose. An ideal website builder must be user-friendly and low at pricing too. Of the many website builders, I have recently come across one of the amazing website builders: Abcsubmit.

Abcsubmit is an amazing website and form builder for all size of businesses. You can make your business grow and make an online presence. With its drag and drop capability, AbcSubmit has potentially captured the smooth flow of your work processes.

In the post, we have featured a review of AbcSubmit with all its features and pricing.

Detailed Review of Abcsubmit: Drag & Drop Website and Form Builder for Businesses January 2023

AbcSubmit is a renowned website and form builder that comes up with a drag and drop feature and the integration capability. The software allows the user to customize and adjust its website or form with ease.

review for ABCsubmit


It has also the advanced built-in features that create company workflows automatizations and excellent on-demand integrations with other third-party applications.  Via it’s e-commerce capabilities, it lets you create even an e-commerce platform which sells online your products with PayPal, Stripe, Square or Braintree that makes it even the better choice for your business.

AbcSubmit gives a number of products besides being the simple website builder.


  • Flexible Service and Easily Accessible:

AbcSubmit provides easy and accessible services for all the small scale and ordinary businesses. This software initially gives the services free of cost. Once you are completely satisfied with their services, you can choose to select the right plan and use their creative tools to market your business.

  • Drag and Drop Editor:

Drag & drop builder abssubmit

Most people hire website developers thinking that building a website requires coding.  With AbcSubmit, you can create a user-friendly website using the drag and drop editor where the tools are easily accessible and you can use these tools to create your website within minutes.

You have the freedom to move the elements on your website from one place to another without hassle but benefit in the same time of the full CSS power settings that you can make from their element editor panel.

There are a number of design mechanisms that customize every visual composer as per your requirements. These design mechanisms include absolute positioning and auto fit for each kind of devices.

  • White Label Websites:

Once you have created the forms or websites that are ready to be published, you can use them either on your own domain, either on a free hosted https domain on This is a white label function that not all the website or form builders are offering.

  • Integrations:

AbcSubmit also helps you integrate your form or website with various applications and payment processors. You can use integrators like PayPal, Stripe Checkout, Square, Braintree, and Paypal Checkout to manage the payments, use the Google Sheets to analyze the data in a spreadsheet online format together with your team, or use MailChimp to collect business contact leads and optionally send them newsletters.

This feature is essentially beneficial for the businesses that are willing to create an online presence in the digital space.

  • Security:

AbcSubmit is a fully secured cloud-based website and form builder.

Your users’ data is stored fully encrypted in the cloud, and websites or form access is protected from unwanted traffic like internet proxies and bad reputation VPN networks.

They also provide a free Captcha extra security setting (powered by reCaptcha from Google) for their forms, so that you can be sure that spammers and bots are kept away.

Quick Links :

AbcSubmit Products:

AbcSubmit offers a wide variety of products with various templates, form templates and all other products necessary for the growing businesses.

Here are the products that it offers:

  • Website Templates:

AbcSubmit offers a large number of website templates. These website templates can be edited using the customizable options and drag and drop features.

Different website templates are designed for different businesses.  You can add or delete the section of these templates and use different images or videos there.

These website templates include: Ocean Blue, Food Delivery Templates, Company Presentation, Fashion & Clothing, Car Dealer theme, Blank Website theme, Cookie shop, Rental vacation, Xmax shop, Watch Shop and Shop templates.


  • Form Templates:

ABCSubmit form builder

Besides the website builder templates, it also offers the free form templates to add to your website. You can use these forms to increase your ROI and get more conversions.

The forms are designed according to the customer’s satisfaction and user-friendly approach. Just like the website builder, you can edit these forms with the form building editor.

These form templates include Job Application Form, Holiday Request, Sales Lead form, Customer Satisfaction form, Job builder form, Donation form, and various others.

  • WordPress and Weebly integrations

If you want to build a website or blog with the tools you’re already familiar with, AbcSubmit has integrations with WordPress and Weebly, from where you can use only a subset of their features – like form building, and in the same time enjoy the full capabilities of your platform you’re already familiar with.

  • Ecommerce Website Builder:

If you have created the online store earlier, you will find AbcSubmit much easier than the others. It gives you the flexibility to design online e-commerce stores within minutes.

ABCSubmit ecommerce


You can use the drag and drop editor to move each content. Choose the template from a list of templates and use these tools to build your dream store.  You can accept payments using various gateways and credit cards such as Stripe, PayPal, Square, etc.

Use customizable features and themes to build an online store. Use SEO-friendly practices to appear on the first page of Google Search results.

It also lets you link your site to Google Analytics from where you can inspect the traffic on your website. Besides this, it also gives you the options to create multiple stores at once.

AbcSubmit Flux Workflow

Flux Workflow is an awesome business process management system that creates the workflow diagram for your team. Be it creating the form, email notification, send approvals and also to send tools to third-party apps like MailChimp and Google Sheets.

abcsubmit workflow autmation review

Create requests more efficiently and make everything automated with the Flux management system. Manage your business directly from the dashboard creating the requests.

Some of the great applications for the Flux Workflow are:

  • Holiday Request form: For instance, your employee can submit a holiday request form with name, start date, and end date and AbcSubmit monitors the progress from submission stage to the approval stage.
  • Job Application Form: Create a job application form and add a workflow to it. You can notify the applicants on every step about their application. Everything including the email notifications or sending and managing approvals is automated.
  • Invoice Payments Workflow: Before buying any product in your company, you would need permission from the different layers of department or different departments. It lets you create multiple layers and also send the notifications to your team by attaching the images and get approval. Send follow-ups if no action is taken to it. All of this is done by AbcSubmit workflow smoothly.
  • Customer Onboarding Process: Create workflow automation not just for the central body but also the customer-facing departments. This can be proved beneficial for most of the banks or any kind of businesses.


These include sending notifications to the concerned departments for approval or rejection. Once approved, it allows the account number and sends the welcome mail.

Their Flux Workflows value is increased by a Workflow Analytics tool, which allows managers to see in a visual way the segments of their businesses which are lacking resources, are moving too slow, or need to be scaled.


AbcSubmit Enterprise Integration

AbcSubmit can integrate with your company centralized authentication systems (like LDAP, Active Directory, Single Sign-On) in order to give you the full ability to manage all your accounts from a single point of management.

For small companies, they provide the Google Domain company authenticator plugin, which allows you to manage all your team members from the Google User and Group Management console of your company.

AbcSubmit Pricing

ABCsubmit is divided into five different pricing plans. The company offers a 14-day free trial to the customers with the basic features.

ABCSubmit Pricing for website builder

The paid pricing plans offer discounts on yearly plans. You can either choose a monthly or yearly plan.

Free plan

  • No. of websites- 3
  • Monthly Submissions- 100
  • Daily email notifications- 10
  • Cloud Storage Capacity- 30 MB
  • Max number of extra users- 1
  • Response time- By mail

Core Plan

  • $9.99/month (monthly)
  • $8.99/month (yearly)
  • No. of websites- 10
  • Monthly Submissions- 1000
  • Daily email notifications- 200
  • Cloud Storage Capacity- 5 GB
  • Max number of extra users- 5
  • Response time- By mail, max 3 business days


  • $24.99/month (monthly)
  • $21.99/month (yearly)
  • No. of websites- 40
  • Monthly Submissions- 7500
  • Daily email notifications- 750
  • Cloud Storage Capacity- 10 GB
  • Max number of extra users- 10
  • Response time- By mail, max 2 business days


  • $42.99/month (monthly)
  • $49.99/month (yearly)
  • No. of websites- 100
  • Monthly Submissions- 20000
  • Daily email notifications- 2000
  • Cloud Storage Capacity- 80 GB
  • Max number of extra users- 50
  • Response time- By mail, max 1 business day


  • starting from $99.99/month (monthly)
  • starting from $83.99/month (yearly)
  • No. of websites or forms – starting from 100
  • Monthly Submissions – starting from 20000
  • Daily email notifications – starting from 2000
  • Cloud Storage Capacity – starting from 80 GB
  • Max number of extra users- starting 50
  • Support Response time – via any channel in max 2 hours



AbcSubmit Customer Support

Customer support for ABCsubmit

The customer support for the AbcSubmit is quite responsive. It offers the chatbot options. You can fill in the details and start a chat with the customer support team and you can expect a reply via chatbox or email.

You can also reach them through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also reach the contact team by filling out the contact form.


Conclusion: Is AbcSubmit the best Drag and Drop Builder for business?

AbcSubmit is certainly one of the best drag and drop website builder which offers the templates and easy customization of your templates.

You can use your own domain and create an online store within minutes. It offers top-notch security and trust to the customers. Similarly, you can create the forms for your business needs.

If you own a team and need automation, the flux workflow which is a BPM (business process management) tool does everything right from sending the messages to receiving the approvals and creating new accounts. The pricing plans are quite affordable and go well with the features.

This was my detailed review for AbcSubmit with all its features and elements.  Try AbcSubmit for your business for free and then switch to the paid plans anytime. If you have used this website builder, leave us feedback in the comments box.

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