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Abine Blur

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I've tried multiple methods for safeguarding my online privacy, such as utilizing the TOR browser or a virtual private network to access the web anonymously and disguise my IP address. However, when it comes to completing online purchases, difficulty emerges since I must provide my credit card information as well as delivery information. This is where Abine Blur comes in, and it performs an outstanding job of protecting my privacy during the entire procedure.

Out of 10


  • Multiplatform support
  • 30-day free trial of premium features
  • Website tracking prevention
  • Masking of highly sensitive personal data
  • Easily generate a unique strong password for every account
  • Block hidden trackers


  • Requires giving a lot of private data to Abine
  • Manual importing of credentials


Price: $ 14.49

In this Abine Blur Review review, I look at one of the most popular Password Managers available and provide a complete overview of its key pros and cons. Is it right for your business?

Are you concerned about the privacy of your personal information?

Are you looking for a new password manager and would like to know how it works? Do you need an account that will allow you to log in using different devices?

Want a stronger password to get into your favorite sites and apps? Abine Blur uses complex mathematical algorithms and cross-platform technology to generate passwords that can be used from any device.

Start generating strong passwords for every account on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Go through a few rounds of creating strong passwords before spending $99 per year. The value is worth it. This service is free and is ideal for those who are trying to generate random passwords that meet their standards.

Abine Blur Review

Bottom Line Upfront 😍

When it comes to protecting my online privacy, I’ve tried various methods like using the TOR browser or a virtual private network to browse the web anonymously and hide my IP address. However, when it comes to making online purchases, the challenge arises as I have to provide my credit card information and shipping details.

That’s where Abine Blur comes in, and it does an exceptional job of preserving my privacy throughout the entire process. It not only serves as a reliable password manager but also acts as a convenient form filler.

TechCrunch, CNET, National Public Radio, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes all endorse Abine Blur as safe. This indicates the app’s trustworthiness.

Abine Blur secures your online personal information, making it easy to login and checkout from your computer, phone, or tablet. Blur protects sensitive info.

Abine Blur’s browser-based capabilities is notable. It doesn’t require a desktop app like its competitors. This makes it easy to use and enjoy greater privacy and security.

Abine Blur provides extensive data protection in a world where personal data is continually targeted. It protects your privacy as you surf the web, shop online, and use other online services.

😍I highly recommend Abine Blur to protect your online privacy and personal data. Its success and industry trust are shown by its recognition and appreciation by renowned publications.

So get Blur Premium, the #1 choice for online privacy.

Why Abine Blur Password Manager? Why I decided to use ABINE Blur? 💥

– Blur instantly protects your personal information and gives you control over it.

– Blur is a quick, easy-to-use app to protect your online privacy.

– The app doesn’t require any technical knowledge or extra apps. It’s all done for you by Abine’s API.

– You can hide your content from tracking tools and websites – even if they are based on proven technology.

– Abine Blur lets you stay anonymous without having to reveal your real identity or face off with third parties (like hackers).

When you give your information to an online retailer, you can’t be certain that it won’t end up in the wrong hands. The retailer could sell your information, leak it in a data breach, get hacked, or they could simply track your activity and purchases in ways you didn’t realize.

When you think about all of the personal information you’ve given out while shopping online, it can make you step back and think: your phone number, email, home address, and credit card number are all pieces of highly sensitive information that you want to protect.

Abine Blur Reviews

Abine Blur Review 2024

Your online privacy and assets are safe with passwords. Your security is threatened by the sheer quantity of things you have to keep track of. Simply because it’s easy to get into the trap of using passwords that are easy to guess or use the same password across several sites, this is a problem. The ideal place to keep your passwords is not in your head but in a password manager.

Password management software like this will keep track of all of your passwords and fill them in for you, make them available on all of your devices, and generate strong passwords when you sign up for new accounts. It’s hard to compare Abine Blur to the other password managers I looked at. It lacks many of the standard features, such as:

  • password auditing,
  • password sharing, or
  • the use of folders and
  • tags to organize passwords (though it does warn of re-used passwords).

Rather, the focus is on safeguarding the personal information of the users.

To put it another way, rather than Blur being a password manager, consider it a privacy service.

Abine Blur, like LastPass, is a cloud-based service. There are mobile apps for both iOS and Android, as well as for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (excluding Microsoft Edge), Opera, and Safari. The free plan includes a 30-day free trial of Premium, which is a nice perk. It has a number of features, such as auto-fill, tracker blocking, and encrypted passwords.

However, sync isn’t included. All of your computers should be able to access your passwords since it is web-based, but mobile devices will not receive them. You’ll need a Premium subscription for that.

Masked cards, masked phones, backup, and sync are included in the premium version. In addition to the standard $39/year option, there is an option to pay $14.99/month or $99/year for unlimited access. Customers of the Basic plan must pay an extra cost to use masked credit cards, whereas subscribers to the Unlimited plan do not.

The Basic plan makes sense unless you’re paying $60 a year for these. You’ll be prompted to provide your credit card information while downloading the free trial version. At the bottom of the screen, you can click “Add card later.”

For those in the United States, the ideal option is Abine Blur. Because Abine does an AVS (Address Verification Service) check on every transaction to prevent fraud, international customers may not be able to purchase a premium subscription straight from the company. It’s possible that they’ll be able to sign up through the mobile app, but they won’t be able to take advantage of all of the premium features.

Masked credit cards aren’t available outside the United States, and masked phone numbers can only be used in 16 other countries besides the United States (15 in Europe, plus South Africa).

How To Stay Private With Abine Blur

Luckily, it’s easy to keep your personal information private with Blur by Abine. Abine is an online privacy company: for years, they have been building and perfecting tools to keep your personal information safe from hackers, thieves, stalkers, and fraudsters. With Blur, it’s easy to protect yourself without compromising the conveniences of using all of the online services that you love.

Bloggersideas Review- Abine Blur

The free version of Blur allows you to block trackers while you browse the web, create disposable email addresses, and generate super-strong passwords, plus, it even manages your login information. This way, you won’t have to worry about giving away your personal email address or reusing passwords while creating accounts online.

However, once you gain a deeper understanding of how your personal information could get stolen or sold, it may make you want to throw away your computer or smartphone and move off the grid for good.

Abine Blur Password protection

That’s where Blur’s Premium service comes in. For just $39 a year, you can also create “Masked” phone numbers and “Masked” credit card numbers, so you will never have to give away your real information while using the internet. Let’s proceed ahead with knowing more about this password manager in our Blur Review.

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You might have questions like this for Abine Blur, we will try best to answer:

– The history of Abine

– Why we decided to use ABINE Blur?

– What is Abine Blur all about?

– What are the benefits of using ABINE Blur?

– What are the drawbacks of Abine Blur?

-What are the features of Abine Blur?

-How do I delete my account with Abine Blur?

-How do I change my password with Abine Blur?

-Is Abine Blur free to use?

-What is Abine Blur?

-Is Abine.com legit?

-What is your data retention policy with Abine Blur?

-Is Abine Blur safe?

What Is Blur? Abine Blur Review

Blur is the perfect way to create and manage your passwords. It’s time efficient and saves you from having to remember multiple passwords.

With this product, you can quickly generate unique strong passwords for every account without hassle. If your business needs an extra tool that can help secure its information, this is the solution for you.

You will be able to keep track of all your accounts without having to remember a lot of random passwords and codes just because you don’t want to spend any time creating your own password management system.

Master card protection by blur Abine

We will now share that this is the only password manager and digital wallet that protects your passwords, payments, and privacy when you’re browsing online. It is a browser extension, web app, and mobile app that allows you to generate disposable “Masked” information that you can use when creating online accounts or shopping online, instead of using your real, actual personal information.

Blur Review- Privacy Manager

Masked information works just like real information: any calls or texts to a Masked Phone will be forwarded to your cell phone. Emails to your Masked Email accounts will be forwarded to your regular email inbox.

If you are getting spam emails or telemarketing calls, you can simply turn off forwarding for your Masked Phone or Masked Email with just one click. Blur allows you to safely browse the internet without having to change your regular behavior, or give out your personal information.

The Blur browser extension is available for the major desktop web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Plus, Blur even has mobile apps for your iOS or Android mobile devices.

How Does Blur Work?

Abine Blur Password Manager Review

Using Blur is easy: whenever you need to log in to an account, Blur will auto-fill your information into a login form in just one click. Even better, when you’re creating a new online account, Blur will automatically generate a unique Masked Email address along with an extremely strong password directly into the registration form, so you don’t need to go through any extra (cumbersome) steps.

Bloggersideas Review- Blur work

Plus, when you use Blur to create a separate Masked Email and strong password for each account, it makes it more difficult for hackers, thieves, and fraudsters to use your “online profile” to find and steal your information. Hackers rely on victims reusing passwords in “credential stuffing attacks.”


Blur Review- Features

Once they know that a password is linked to a particular email address, they can use that login combination to attack any account using the same combination of email and password.

Having a different combination of email and password to log in to each site means that your information is less valuable to hackers. When you only give away Masked Info, your real information can’t be sold or stolen, because you never shared it in the first place.

Abine Blur Password Manager Reviews

Keep Your Credit Card Information Safe

In this Blur review, we want to also share that one of the most innovative features that Blur offers is the ability to keep your credit card information safe with Masked Cards.

Masked Cards work just like a gift card: you choose how much money to put on the card, and then use it when you shop online instead of giving out your real credit card information. The Masked Card uses Abine’s address as the billing address and auto-fills your address for shipping.

Save Your Cards


It works just like a regular credit card, except you don’t have to give away your real credit card information. If the retailer sells your information, or it gets leaked in a hack or data breach, your real information will stay safe because they never had it to begin with. Easy!

You can create a new Masked Card for each of your online purchases with the exact amount you need for the transaction. If you end up not using it, you can request a refund with just one click.

Blur Blocks Trackers and Protects You

Using the same email address for all of your online activities is simply a bad idea because it’s easy for criminals and marketing companies to track your behavior and build a (scarily accurate) online profile of you.

Blur Review- Features Masked Cards

These profiles include your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like your location, your job, your home address, the places you visit, the people you spend time with, and your interests, likes, and dislikes. By blocking trackers, Blur makes it more difficult for your information to be collected, stolen, shared, or sold.

Stronger, Safer Passwords

Abine Blur Password Manager

You probably already know that you shouldn’t use the same password for all of your accounts. And yet, you probably re-use passwords over and over, or only change them slightly from one account to the next.

This makes it much easier for hackers and criminals to figure out and use your personal information against you. To keep you safe, Blur will generate a strong password for each of your accounts using a random string of numbers, letters, and special characters.

Stronger & Safe Password

You can customize the password based on the website’s requirements or your own preferences, such as removing special characters, adding capital letters, or changing the length of your password.

You don’t have to worry about remembering each one, because Blur automatically saves them in your Blur account, and auto-fills them in your browser every time you log in to that account online.

So, all you have to do is remember one strong password for your Blur account. And, just in case you forget it, Blur creates a “backup passphrase” that will allow you to regain access to your account.

It’s a randomly generated phrase, about 10-15 words long, that will let you log in to your Blur account in case you’ve lost your password.

Blur Keeps Your Information Safe

Blur Abine top features

To safely store all of your personal information, Blur uses “host-proof hosting”, an extremely secure method of protecting customer data from any sort of outside attack. When you use Blur to create a new username and password, that data is immediately encrypted on the user’s end before it’s sent to Abine’s servers. That means that the information is encrypted before it ever goes out over the Internet.

Furthermore, the information can’t be decrypted (and read) without your “encryption key”, your Blur Master Password that you create while registering for a Blur account. And since that is never stored on Blur’s servers, your information stays safe, because you are the only one with the “key”.

Blur Is Easy To Use

Blur Abine password protection online

Blur installs as a browser extension, so you can access it through a simple button on your toolbar. It will show you how many trackers it is blocking as you browse the web, and when you click on the button (or go to the website), you can log in to and manage your Blur account.

In your Blur dashboard, you can easily access all of your Masked Info: login information, Masked emails, strong passwords, Masked phones, and Masked Cards. And, as mentioned, Blur seamlessly integrates into your browser by filling out forms, so creating new accounts or logging in to old ones won’t require any extra steps.

Use Blur On Your Phone

Abine Blur Password protection

Abine Blur Premium, which is available as a browser extension and smartphone app, is expected to meet the compatibility requirements of the vast majority of users. The most notable exceptions are users that require offline use, as the service can only be utilized with internet connectivity, Linux users, and users of the Microsoft Edge web browser, which are all popular choices.

Blur Premium, on the other hand, is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, and it includes built-in browser extensions for the majority of common browsers, as well as apps for Apple and Android smartphones. When the browser extension is installed, it instantly detects the user’s preferred browser, allowing them to begin taking benefit of its features right away after installation.

Along with its very extensive compatibility with a variety of devices and browsers, Blur Premium provides users with the ability to instantly sync their vault across numerous devices and their web browser extension, which is quite convenient. Users who have a Dropbox account can now take advantage of automatic password database backups that are both encrypted and secure.

Abine Blur Password Reviews

Get Your Maskedphones


This allows you to keep your real phone number private, and block spam calls and texts by turning off forwarding from a shady sources. The app also allows you to use fingerprint authentication to log in to accounts and authorize purchases.

Abine Blur Backup Solution

Abine Blur Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Despite the fact that Blur’s most basic capabilities are absolutely free for anyone to install and use, they do not include crucial features such as automatic synchronization between gadgets, backups, masked bank cards, masked cellphones, masked emails, or premium user assistance.

The basic premium account, monthly unrestricted account, and yearly unrestricted account are the options for users who decide to pay for a paid plan. User benefits are identical for each level, with the exception that users who sign up for the unlimited plans are eligible for free disguised cards if they link their accounts directly to their banks. The standard premium plan does not include this feature, thus users must purchase to cover credit card charges for any masked cards that they intend to use. Users, on the other hand, can easily receive a refund for the outstanding balance of any unused masked cards between two to 5 business days.

Plan Abine Blur Premium
Basic Free
Basic Premium $39/year; $2/card for masked cards under $100; 1.5% of card value for masked cards above $100
Monthly Unlimited $14.99/month
Yearly Unlimited $99/year


Blur Premium Plans

Abine Blur Customer Reviews & Testimonials

I used masked cards and watched as thieves tried to use the card again but got denied because the funds were all used. That incident alone saved my credit card and a whole lot of hassle cleaning up that sort of mess.

Sara L

We hand-out our Masked phone as our Home Phone and anyone who abuses the privilege can be Turned Off so we are never bothered again.

Todd & Sandra W

The thing that I like the most about this app is having the ability to log into my accounts without having to remember multiple passwords.

Raylene A

I love that I can give spoof email addresses for newsletters etc. and not my real address but the email is delivered into my regular email.

Gerald G

Best Web Hosting Picks

Best Alternatives To Abine Blur Password Manager

  • LastPass
  • Sticky Password
  • DashLane
  • 1Password
  • Kaspersky Password Manager

1) LastPass

Lastpass fpr family

LastPass is a good platform offering decent security policies and features.  To prevent you from setting up various passwords on multiple platforms, LastPass works well in securing your passwords and generating them at random to keep you safe. This furthermore helps in keeping your data protected. What you expect from a Password Manager tool is exactly what you get from LastPass. Check out LastPass Review.

LastPass Offers

  • Biometric Login (Where applicable)
  • Dedicated Password Manager
  • Password Sharing with multiple websites
  • Emergency access to websites where one could have forgotten their password
  • Syncing and storing data for user protection

However, LastPass is a great product but it does not store or manage passwords directly. The features of LastPass range from storing and securing credit card information to making online shopping and managing subscriptions easier. You may store your Wifi Passwords or personal notes and even other important data for your convenience.

Their 1-month plan starts from $3 per month.

2) Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager

This is one of the companies that I had heard of and has been in the market for a long time. In the Cybersecurity space, Kaspersky has made a name for itself. Since the company is almost 2 decades old, they have a great password manager in their portfolio of many other Cybersecurity Products. Kaspersky has the algorithms to protect its user data and businesses through an ever-evolving digital threats system. Kaspersky Password Manager encrypts the user’s private information and data and stores it in their central database.

This technology assists their users in not letting anyone or any computer access their personal information like credit cards, addresses, or passwords without permission. The pricing starts from $14.99.

Blur Vs Lastpass

When it comes to features, there is no contest between Blur and LastPass. LastPass offers a wide range of features, including digital record storage, ID theft protection, and more. Blur, on the other hand, falls short in this area. Its arsenal of features is incomplete, and it doesn’t offer the same level of protection as LastPass.

LastPass also has an advantage when it comes to pricing. It offers a variety of plans for single users, families, and businesses. Blur, on the other hand, only caters to individuals. This makes LastPass a more flexible and affordable option for those looking for a password manager.

However, there is one area where Blur shines above LastPass: privacy tools. Masking and tracker blocking are two invaluable capabilities that every internet user should have access to. And while LastPass does not offer these features, Blur does. This makes Blur the better choice for those who value their privacy online.


So, which is the better password manager? That depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a password manager with a complete set of features, then LastPass is the way to go. However, if you’re concerned about privacy and want access to tools that will help you protect your identity online, then Blur is the better choice.

FAQs About Abine Blur Review

🔥Do I get my refund for an unused masked card?

Yes, you get your refund for a masked card that has not been used by you. Use your Dashboard to get to Masked Cards where you get an option for submitting for a refund. The refund process takes 2 to 5 working days.

What if all my accounts, passwords, and saved data go missing from Blur?

If you are somehow unable to access your accounts and passwords then from the dashboard you can manually access the setting page and restore the data from the automated backup file.

🔥What are Masked emails?

Masked emails are fake disposable email addresses that are shared with the websites that you access. Can I turn off Masked Emails, Cards, and Phones for individual websites? In the user settings, you get options to use your original Emails and Cards for the websites you select to reveal them to.

🔥How do I access my accounts and passwords across multiple devices?

Once you sign up for Blur, you will be able to seamlessly access your account information across multiple devices, through Abine servers. While Backup & Sync is normally a premium feature, all users will receive free premium for 30 days once they sign up. After the 30 days, You will need to upgrade to premium in order to access Backup & Sync. We encrypt all of your information directly with your password, before it is sent to the cloud, so at no point will Abine store your plain text account information on our servers.

🔥Why am I being charged for Masked Cards?

Unfortunately, VISA / MasterCard / AMEX and other credit card companies have raised our fees. These are fees which we incur each time we charge your credit card to make a Masked Card. For this reason, we need to cover more of our costs when you use your credit card to buy Masked Cards. If you use a credit card to buy Masked Cards, there will now be a fee of $2 per card for all cards under $100 (the majority of cards made today). In addition, we’ll pass on a charge 1.5% of the card value for cards above $100. Abine Blur states that, if possible, they would not charge their users this additional amount but for now as the situation persists, they have to. But they are always looking out for more ways to make these situations

🔥Is Abine Blur Safe?

The data with Blur cannot be stolen in any way and neither the passwords of the users are lost. This is because Blu allows a user to create unique passwords and usernames for every website and all these are encrypted once created with Blur. And this encryption takes place right in your device and not with Blur. So, even before any data is sent to Blur systems, it is well encrypted right from your device. So, the chance of theft of passwords or usernames becomes zero.

🔥How do I delete my Blur account?

It is simple. Go to Accounts section in your Privacy Dashboard. Search for the website you want to delete and click on Trashcan.

🔥Is Blur Free?

Blur offers free as well as paid plan. Free plan allows you to store unlimited storage for passwords but only for one device. However, if you work on multiple devices and want to keep your passwords protected on all of them, you need paid plan worth $14.99 and you will get additional features to access.

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Conclusion: Abine Blur Review 2024 Is Abine Blur safe?

Blur Abine Reviews online

Credits: Fastcompany.com

Blur by Abine lets me control while safeguarding my personal data. I no longer provide websites with my info. I may now choose what to share.

Blur shields me against fraud, identity theft, credit card fraud, and other internet threats while letting me continue my online activity. It gives me complete control over my data and internet security.

Abine Blur Premium is the ideal online data protection solution for me. Its simple design makes protecting my passwords and personal data easy. Best of all, Blur doesn’t require any installs or downloads—I just open it to protect my info.

Setting up the vault is easy, with choices to manually enter logins, import passwords from a CSV file, or let Blur automatically populate credentials as I browse and log in to websites. Blur protects my sensitive data with ease.

Start today with an easy-to-use password generator like Abine Blur that is available across devices including smartphones and tablets. They have made it simple, fast, and secure for everyone.

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  1. “It’s so easy to use and has conceivably unbreakable encryption. It gives me peace of mind knowing I can securely store all my passwords and logins somewhere safe on the internet where I know they won’t be compromised. Keep your important login information secure with Abine Blur Password Manager!”

  2. Abine Blur Password Manager protects you from all the faux pas out there. You can log in to any website with a simple 3-step process:
    Tired of using the same old email address for bank accounts, credit cards, and countless other online forms? Want an extra layer of security on top of your passwords that works across devices too? Then look no further than Abine’s Blur Family Plan! With it, you don’t have to memorize new usernames and passwords anymore. The interface is sleek, intuitive—even fun to use!

  3. With internet security as such a big concern, Abine’s Blur Password Manager is the number one solution for those looking to make their online identity and data safe. Create new usernames and passwords that only you can access with “host-proof hosting” – an incredibly secure method of protecting customer data from possible attacks. When you use Blur to create a new username and password, that information is encrypted before it’s sent out over the Internet so it doesn’t matter who gets access because all unreadable without your “decryption key, or master password” which you created while registering for your account at blurbillnow.com.

  4. Abine is the online protection organization: for quite a long time, they have been assembling and consummating apparatuses to guard your own data from programmers, cheats, stalkers, and fraudsters. With Blur, it’s not difficult to ensure yourself without bargaining the comforts of utilizing the entirety of the online administrations that you love.

  5. I was a little hesitant at first to use this app since it’s not as friendly as I thought. But, after educating myself about the app and giving it a try, I found that Abine Blur made keeping private information much easier than before! It installs fast and easy without any problems. There was already an option for me to sign up from my Facebook login which came in handy so I didn’t have to remember another password.

    The interface was really intuitive with the tabs on the right side of the screen always available for you to switch over to if you need help or want more information on a certain topic before clicking into that function.

  6. They did not do the job and just assume your bank account is theirs to steal. My daughter is a college student and even though she asked to be taken off they keep charging her $129 year after year. Don’t know why anyone would hire them, they do not do the job in the first place and then just keep charging until there is enough money there. Not professional at all and then very rude over the phone when confronted

  7. I signed up for their “unlimited” service and quickly found that it’s quite limited – of course, they don’t tell you this upfront. Supposedly this masked card service is to mask your privacy, but Abine tracks EVERYTHING you do and then uses your data for their own purposes. I found out that 1) you can’t use the service more than 3 times a day and 2) you can’t make more than 3 purchases with your (real) credit card before they start adding a $2 surcharge unless you switch to funding with your bank account. Of course, once they have your bank account info, then they can just take money at will. So I used the service 3 times a day (which was the max) and then after 3 days, my account was locked and I was not able to use it. Of course, their chat was unavailable even during business hours, so I sent an email that took them 72 hours to respond to. They said because I was ordering from the same website, a red flag had been raised and they needed DETAILED information about what I was ordering. What? You’ve never ordered multiple times from the same website? Isn’t this the age of online shopping? I’ve put in 10 orders to Amazon a day before. Why are they tracking everything I do? And why do they assume everyone using their service is a criminal? I explained to the customer service why it was all the same website (only 3 times a day max and I’ve had privacy issues with the website before), but they still refused to help me. My only recourse is now to cancel, make sure I get a full refund for their crap service and hope they don’t steal from my bank account! AVOID THIS COMPANY, USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

  8. Blur is designed for people who want to protect themselves without sacrificing their online life. It’s always possible to do things like speeding up your browsing and create disposable email addresses, generate super-strong passwords, and login information with the free version of Blur. Plus, it tackles all those tricky forms that threaten to expose your personal information every day.

  9. Blur is jam-packed with tons of useful features. It can manage both passwords and login information; it gives you different options to block trackers while you browse the internet; it’s super quick to use; plus, there are helpful hints built-in like phishing alerts.

    Without one feature, Blur would still be absolutely amazing. But there are so many! Maybe I could explain them to you? You should definitely take a look at these features:

    It recaptures your information before hackers get their hands on it–no other product does that. When someone changes your password for eBay or LinkedIn, they’re changing what protects all of your personal info too!

  10. Blur Password Manager is, without a doubt, one of the most beautifully designed privacy tools available today. The free version manages your passwords and also blocks tracking cookies on your browser – all for free! If you’re someone who logs in to various websites every day, then Blur Password Manager is definitely essential. Just five minutes will be enough time to set it up; that’s about how long it took me. It doesn’t interrupt your online browsing or social media experience while taking care of password security like some other privacy tools I’ve tried in the past do.

  11. I was using Firefox and I’m not gonna lie: sometimes my account information would show because it knew the URL. That’s totally a breach and now that I use Blur, that can never happen again; my private data stays private because it doesn’t know where to go! Plus, with host-proof hosting, hackers don’t even have an IP address to find like they usually do. Thanks for keeping me safe Abine!

  12. Even if you use a password manager like LastPass, those passwords can be cracked or stolen. Blur is different because it automatically hides your private content from trackers and third parties. It’s easy to install without any technical knowledge. You don’t need extra steps beyond signing up – all of the privacy safeguarding happens behind-the-scenes with Abine’s API. I also love how I instantly got an email with a message that said “You just made going online more fun”! That totally killed my worries!

  13. Blur is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your information from unwanted eyes. It’s a portable application that’s constantly available, making it easy to control all of your personal data anywhere you go. The interface is incredibly simple and straightforward, which makes using this app a breeze for anyone who wants security with little fuss or setup time. Blur can even help fight against fraud online by keeping up-to-date password ids so you’ll never have to rely on them again.

    This app is an absolute gamechanger when it comes to protecting yourself without losing your individuality or preserving necessary anonymity. And at under $4 per month, there has never been more reason than now to protect yourself

  14. Blur by Abine doesn’t limit the number of passwords you can save. This policy applies to users of the Blur free plan and the paid subscription.
    Another thing is that it’s multi platform support!! The Blur password manager supports the most popular platforms. Its cloud-based software works on Windows and macOS, while it has mobile apps for iOS and Android. If you’re a desktop or laptop user, you can download Blur for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer.

  15. The best thing I like about Blur is that you get to master password!!
    When creating an account with Blur, you are asked to create a text-based password to secure your entire account. You can regularly change this master password if needed.
    Your master password also encrypts all of your login credentials and data for auto-filling web forms.
    Also Blur measures the strength of your passwords from weak to very strong. The length seems to be the sole standard of the Blur app for deciding on the overall password strength.
    I simply love using Blur and I’ll surely recommend it to everyone!!

  16. Blur’s developers call it a password manager and digital wallet with a unique web-tracker-blocking capability. But this depiction doesn’t do it justice. A more fitting description of this tool is a virtual private network for passwords, emails, credit and debit cards, and phones.
    The Blur software is the ultimate supplement to any VPN. Surprisingly, no Abine Blur review has made the connection before us.

  17. Abine Blur has many features that will make you want to become a lifetime customer easily. With one account, passwords can be generated for all devices and websites at any time using cross-platform techniques. Simply go through the easy guidelines, choose your level of security by entering in the number of deviation days before receiving new passwords or use Abine’s pre-generated cyders which are super random with 12 letters and numbers each. Once generating strong passwords is completed, simply put them in an encrypted box accessed on any device under “Recently Used Passwords.”

  18. I really like that Blur is a multi platform support. It’s cloud-based software works on Windows and macOS, also it has mobile apps for iOS and Android. If you’re a laptop user, you can download Blur from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer.
    Data masking is a unique feature. It helps that you can can use sites and apps without ever revealing your real personal information.
    Overall Abine Blur works perfectly superb, surely recommend 👌

  19. Abine Blur Password Manager app is the perfect tool to help you update your passwords and generate passwords that fit with your individual taste. No more having to remember all of those complicated passwords for various apps and internet password security is just a few clicks away! Pricing ranges from $45-49 per year for an annual subscription, but it’s worth every penny if you want peace of mind knowing that even now where everything can be hacked, you’re secure.

  20. I can’t believe I was putting up with weak passwords for this long! With Blur, create 3 or more strong, secure passwords to all your accounts in 30 seconds. Forget trying to remember complex logins and refreshing the screen every time you close out of a browser window—Blur remembers it all for you. Three reasons why you should take my word on this are #1 how easy it is, #2 security first means total system protection at launch times 24/7, and finally (#3) do not need admin rights because there’s an app that takes care of everything else.
    I find myself having more energy leftover during the day without constantly logging into multiple devices just to keep track of information.

  21. There are some drawbacks to Abine blur like
    No safe secret key sharing
    No immediate imports from programs
    Shut source without full straightforwardness of safety techniques
    Cost is higher than some secret key administrators

  22. I got tired of trying to remember my different passwords so I started using one for everything. This was fine when it remained just me but when the kids found out about this, they would always ask for money and other things by snooping in my email account. The problem is that I couldn’t change the password because if anyone else knew then it would be game over. My solution? Abine Blur Password Manager! The app allows me to create unique passwords for all accounts while never forgetting them myself. Not only can I seamlessly use these new codes across our devices, but no one will ever know what they are either – not even me!

  23. Abine is a company that offers private browsing software and other security and privacy related services. Abine Blur is their flagship software and is available to download for free.

  24. I’ve had an Abine Blur password manager for about 3 years now. The only problem I ever ran into was that I forgot my password one day and couldn’t remember it, but that’s because I had too many passwords in the vault so it got mixed up. But if you use over 10+ passwords with tons of logins, this is great since you can organize them better than they would be individually logged on a regular file! It has different levels of logging-in security to clear out old records or encrypt older ones when needed and there’s also a network security feature that lets you view all your accounts at once for easy logins across multiple sites. That probably sounds harder than what it actually does though haha!

  25. Blur is the password protection tool for this generation. It lets you use any of your favourite services without having to switch between different passwords while also safeguarding your financial information against hackers and fraudsters. I had heard about Blur before but had never invested in it until recently when my security was compromised. With Blur, all of my details are safe from intruders!

  26. I feel like this has been my favourite one I’ve purchased. It’s helped me get up to speed with security because I was getting lazy about it lately after the breach fiasco.
    Blur is a lifesaver when it comes to securing all your accounts without too much thinking involved, and also makes it easier for you to share your passwords with others securely as well!
    Great purchase and my personal favourite product of theirs — couldn’t be happier with how the whole thing works!

  27. The idea of giving up all those things that make the internet fun, from shopping to chatting online with friends, is a very scary thought. But there’s a solution: Blur Password Manager by Abine is an easy-to-use and free privacy app for your computer or phone that lets you easily stay private while using whatever services you want on the web. It blocks trackers so they can’t follow your every move as you browse, helps keep your logins safe and shareable (both with yourself and others), supports multi-factor authentication like two-factor SMS text message codes or TimeID/Authy tokens; it even has extensions for login information on things like LastPass and Dashlane.

  28. “Blur by Abine is the best way to protect your private information while you enjoy all of your favourite online services. The free version has so many features, including strong passwords and protection against trackers, emails made temporary or disposable. I recommend using Blur for everything!”

  29. This app has saved me so much time! I’ve been using it for two months and have discovered how easy it is to generate passwords on the go. The customer service rocks too- they are very helpful with any concern or question. My time spent worrying about irresponsible password management is cut in half because of this program- I am so incredibly happy.

  30. I’ve been using Abine Blur for a few weeks now and I love it. It’s really easy to use, login information is catered around the user which makes accounts that much more secure. The dashboard interface is also an improvement on other products because I can switch between a compact view or a full-sized one with ease.
    I did have some trouble syncing my Facebook account but after contacting customer service, they were able to fix the problem in less than 10 minutes! All in all, I recommend this product if you want to keep your privacy intact while at the same time keeping everything simple and stored in one place 🙂

  31. I know how frustrating it is to constantly have your personal information hacked, stolen, and leaked. But with Blur from Abine, you can take back control of your online presence. The free version includes web tracking blocking so any time a tracker from the dark corners of the Internet tries to get its clutches on your identity – they’ll be thwarted by Blur! And for just $5 per month – well worth it in my book because I trust their excellent privacy practices completely.

  32. This product is a high-tech app that protects all of your most private information from hackers with just a few clicks.

    Secure and anonymous, the application will not show up on any site you visit or in search results when researched by unscrupulous entities trying to get their hands on your data for identity theft. The user interface may be simpler than other privacy products but with just one click you can easily blur out every part of the screen that might present an identity risk– photos, social media pictures, email addresses, phone numbers. My experience using this product has been nothing short of life-changing!

  33. Blur is the password manager for those of us who refuse to compromise on security. They offer an extra layer of protection, as all your sensitive data is securely stored behind a host-proof hosting service. You’ll also love how easy it is to set up and change passwords–and even sync old ones with Blur! It takes just a few moments and you’re good to go!

  34. Does Blur just meet your every need? Are you tired of those strong passwords that take too much time and effort to put together? Then let me tell you about my new favourite product, the Abine Blur Password Manager! I’ve had so many passwords with various accounts for years on end, some I even forget. So when it came time for me to create one more account- another password at work-I knew this was my chance to get out of doing it all over again. Using some creative shortcuts along the way, the final result is a new account with its own unique but still secure password. Thanks, Abine!

  35. I’ve got to say, Blur exceeded my expectations. I was looking for an easy-to-use way to protect all the data that I had stored on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive etc., and this program does exactly what it says it will do. I haven’t seen any issues with safety or security after using Blur for about two months now. It’s also insanely helpful when you need to create a new account somewhere without anyone being able to trace your IP address back to where you live – so convenient!
    I would highly recommend this software if you’re concerned about protecting your personal information online.
    Abine Blur Password Manager is an easy free password keeper that doesn’t keep anything from prying eyes.

  36. I have been using Blur for a while now and it is so user-friendly. It always warns me about scams before I click on them, has endless fake emails to use in case one of my accounts gets hacked and is super easy to log onto all the time with just a few keystrokes. Definitely what I would recommend if you want protection from all that data mining that happens when your internet browser tracks your every move across the web!

  37. Do you know when to use a different password for every site and service? When do I switch my location-based security on so people can’t find me? Do I need an app or tool? With Abine Blur, you don’t have to worry about passwords, locations, and third parties. I use it every time I turn on the internet. It takes care of many of your needs—like who is tracking you across the web; what is seen when logging into certain accounts; and blocking intruders that may try and change your settings in order to invade your privacy (think: “phishing emails”).
    Featuring military-grade protection with no username or password required.

  38. I’ve been using Blur’s free version for the past few weeks, and I have to say it has made me feel much more comfortable about my personal information being stolen. I love how simple it is to navigate around the dashboard, everything is so intuitive. The block tracker features not only protect me from ads on various sites but also lessens any browser clutter that usually clutters my Facebook feed with irrelevant stuff. Plus, having disposable email addresses means that nobody can send me spam or scam links anymore!
    However, lately, there have been some new happenings in the state legislature which are affecting all kinds of online privacy measures across the country. Even though I’m upset because Blur wasn’t strong enough before to keep hackers out of my emails.

  39. Blur is a product that provides continuous protection for your personal information. It has the best security features and all of them are free or you can upgrade to the full version with a one-time payment. Blur can protect your logins, passwords, credit cards data from hackers who want to steal them from the internet or when you’re on public WiFi. Plus it blocks trackers when browsing the web and gives access to disposable email addresses which makes everything easier in my opinion!

  40. This is the best way to manage your passwords! Having a variable number of different accounts can be really frustrating when trying to remember them. With this product, each account you create will have a strong password that is unique and variable for each user. It’s perfect for business owners who might need extra protection from an outside cyberattack.
    The one word I would use to describe Blur? Easy. Just connect it with everything—I mean EVERYTHING on the internet under my name—and start creating secure passwords in seconds.

  41. I love my Abine Blur Privacy Protector! I can leave all of the personal info that I don’t feel like sharing on the web for someone to find, while still conveniently managing passwords and other account information. It’s also refreshing not having to fill in all the fields with junk data when creating a new profile or app. What more could you want?

  42. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is sick of how companies track you and your online activity. It’s also great if you just want some peace of mind that any personal information that you provide can be blocked or hidden from other prying eyes.

  43. I can’t imagine how many passwords I’ve created over the years. They just seemed to multiply. If I wanted one, then suddenly three more pop into my head that needs it too or I couldn’t remember what the first one was even for! And it became an organizational nightmare.
    But thanks to the Blur password manager, now there’s no problem with creating and managing strong passwords for all of your accounts without having to spend any time — or money — on a self-made system. It really simplifies everything so you don’t have to worry about anything anymore!
    The thing with Blur is you’re only responsible for remembering one easy-to-remember master password (which will also be different from others).

  44. I’ve been a pretty content individual of Blur given that 2015. The web/browser expansion is virtually remarkable. Some small renovations would be wonderful, yet absolutely nothing significant. The capability to mask your e-mail (phone number & charge card also if you have premium) are exceptional.

    Blur has 2 type of large issues though. Their mobile app, and the rate of updates for the platform in general.

    Both the internet extension and the mobile app got a rather major update in 2019 that made it a great deal extra usable. Nonetheless, the mobile app gets an upgrade maybe annually. The largest issue I have with it, is you are restricted to utilizing Google Chrome for mobile internet surfing. If you try to utilize any other browser, regardless of what site you go to, the password fill will certainly think the web site you are it is based on what mobile internet browser you use. For example, if I try to login to my e-mail utilizing Firefox, the login autofill will certainly look for an account for firefox.com. This is true with any type of web browser besides Chrome. It does function primarily great with various other apps. Nonetheless if it does identify a field inaccurately for automobile fill, it can be a major pain to fix it, and also it has a tendency to not conserve the adjustment the following time you come back. Autofilling credit cards especially does’ t appear to function quite possibly, it almost never appropriately recognizes the card e.

  45. I just heard about Abine Blur, and it’s already rocked my password management world. Never before has somebody created a security app that is so simple to use, but also customizable for power users. I can choose whether or not to download the software, which is sort of unheard of in the industry today! It’s nice knowing how safe my information will be with all these new features at my disposal.

  46. I’ve been using this product for a few years now and it has saved me so much hassle. I used to create my own passwords all the time, but that took forever. Now with just one click of a button, I can generate strong and secure passwords and never have to worry about forgetting them again! Plus: no more cryptic typing or mixed case letters—Blur does it all by default!
    Since Blur offers mobile access as well, you can use your internet connection anywhere without having to remember an extra password to get on your account information. Blur is really easy-to-use software that works like magic 🙂

  47. In today’s growing technological world, it is difficult to keep up with all our accounts and passwords. It seems like there is a new social media site popping up every day, requiring another password. The best way to go about this would be to just have a single master password that you can use for everyone- which in turn creates the issue of keeping it safe from potential hacking opportunities

    Abine Blur removes this problem by creating a method similar to “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” What they do is take your sensitive data from online sources such as Facebook or your email account and put them in an “anonymous bucket,” so no one but yourself has access to what’s inside.

  48. Blur by Abine is truly essential for all users. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to donate time, money, or precious moments of your free time–you should care about Blur. The amazing features it offers at the price point you’ll find it is unmatched. With this kind of power and security combined in one service, what could you possibly be waiting for?

  49. This is the best security and privacy app I’ve ever seen. It really does its job well when it comes to protecting your identity online, but what I love most about it are the conveniences of using Blur. If you upgrade to a paid version, you can block tracking while browsing with all your favourite websites—which includes Facebook, Instagram- every site that has tons of ads on them plus everything that they track if you’re not careful! Plus, in my experience, this became frustrating for me because I was always having trouble logging onto sites when Blur wasn’t around for me. With the upgraded program say goodbye to forgetting passwords- it manages them for you so they never slip out of your head again.

  50. 5/5 stars! I absolutely love this product. With Blur, I don’t have to remember as many passwords because now they make their own unique secure password for every site. I would highly recommend signing up and downloading the app now. Signing up takes less than a minute and you can designate which email address to use for your account so no one will ever know that you’re using it!

  51. This product is spectacular. I was looking for a way to protect my accounts and my personal information from people trying to take them, but I didn’t want to compromise the conveniences of modern-day living. With Blur, that doesn’t seem like such an impossible task anymore! Blur works especially well at stopping bots and crawlers from harvesting your data with their sneaky mining techniques; every time they come in contact with Abine Blur, it scrambles their code so they can’t get what you don’t want them to know! It’s really easy: all you need is a free membership (or if you’d like even more protection there are premium options) and pick up where it left off on any device.

  52. Abine Blur Premium allows you to shop online without uncovering your actual email address, telephone number, or Visa subtleties, and it deals with your passwords, as well. It’s a noteworthy answer for online protection.

  53. Blur Password Manager answers all of your password management problems and then some. With this product, you can generate passwords that are complex, strong, and unique for each account with transparent pricing and account history to easily track your data. I’ve never found a more simple solution to preventing the problem of not remembering so many passwords in such an easy way. Now when I log in to my accounts on various websites or even my own computer, it takes less than one minute to add a new password because Blur is such an intuitive program.

  54. This app is so easy and convenient with little hassle in its use and installation. It has a simple interface that’s not overwhelming at all, making it great for less tech-savvy users. I love easy logins on all my devices. Entering your password every time you want to login quickly becomes tedious, but this app helps me come up with passwords that can’t be guessed by anyone but myself. Blur is good for anybody who wants more security without any headache; we give it 5 stars!

  55. Blur, the password management app that makes security quick and easy. There’s nothing more inconvenient than constantly having to change your passwords just because you can’t pull up a weak one from memory anymore. With Blur, there is no need for complicated information or tedious password strings — the easy-to-use piece of software will generate a random strong password at a moment’s notice with zero effort on your part. If it is too much time out of your day to keep track of multiple logins and passwords, this may be the solution you’re looking for!

  56. I loved Blur because it made me feel like I could keep my information safe. I was able to log in easily, find the accounts I needed to, and didn’t need any technical knowledge whatsoever. It seemed so easy. I love how this product organizes all of your passwords for you so that there are no duplicates or unnecessary ones that will just confuse you more than anything else. What is even better about this program is that it even rotates your passwords every month without you having to do anything which makes it much easier not only remembering them but also to keep track of changes over time! The best part though was the price point – $24 a year charges annually.

  57. I’ve been using Blur since long time and it’s seamlessly efficient. It gives consistent online security administrations, for example, secret phrase overseeing, email veiling, burner Visa, etc. Additionally, Abine Blur is exceptionally intended to mix in impeccably and flawlessly into your day by day life on the web. In actuality, its highlights runs circumspectly behind the scenes without decreasing your perusing experience.

  58. I’ve going to be honest, I was skeptical about this product at first. Blur is a website that helps you stay anonymous online without having to change your IP address or go through rigorous workarounds with third parties and their potential identity breaches. The short version is that it protects all of your personal information like name, credit card info, phone number—and even pictures and text-based information—so no one can find out who you are in the same way thieves steal mail from your mailbox. My friend told me she uses this instead of the regular password app because it would take a hacker much longer to get into Blur than trying tons of passwords for her bank account (which got hacked).

  59. “Blur is the perfect way to create and manage your passwords. It’s time-efficient and saves you from having to remember multiple passwords.” That’s what Philip Brocks said in his review. He went on to mention how Blur lets all its users generate unique strong passwords for every account without hassle if they don’t want the trouble of doing so themselves! The best part about Blur is that it can help secure your business information, which protects against breaches. You get protection without huge inconveniences like constantly changing your password through tedious logins!

  60. Blur is a user-friendly and intuitive password and data manager, which protects your personal information from trackers. It’s designed to be easy – you can set up an account using your PayPal or banking logins, so the app has access to some of your info already! You have free reign to manage all of your passwords. It also eliminates email spam for junk accounts, integrates with major browsers here are some features:

    -Customizable password generator -Control over where your username shows on webpages -Companies cannot track you on sites that they own -Secure browser functionality including cookie settings.

  61. “At first, I was a bit reluctant to pay for this app. But the moment I signed up for Blur, I knew it was worth every penny. This is hands down one of the best security measure apps out there and a must have for anyone who cares about their personal information.”
    “Blur’s extensive feature list makes it an easy (and cheap) way to manage everything from passwords, to credit cards details and shopping accounts. It’ll even retrieve your lost data in case you change devices or lose your phone.”

  62. I’ve been using blur for years now and it has been a HUGE blessing to my life. I have some great, sensitive information on my computer and having an app that can protect me from all the evil users out there is the perfect plan:) I recommend you download Abine Blur before your next vacation because at this prices point its not worth the risk of getting hacked!

  63. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to keep your own data hidden with Blur by Abine. Abine is the online security organization: for quite a long time, they have been constructing and consummating devices to guard your own data from programmers, cheats, stalkers, and fraudsters. With Blur, it’s not difficult to ensure yourself without trading off the accommodations of utilizing the entirety of the online administrations that you love

  64. I use the free version of Blur and it is an excellent tool for keeping track of my passwords. I’m not a security expert by any means, so this has been a great time saver for me. The service also provides two-step verification that offers additional protection with just one more click on your screen once you log in to your account. For increased safety and less stress, download the app and try out all Blur’s features today!
    A lifetime subscription unlocks premium features like sending secure emails without worrying about phishing links or spoofing attempts as well as managing unlimited devices-a monthly network access fee applies for those with limited devices (You can upgrade at any time).

  65. It is the best password encryption software I have ever used, which automatically fills my logins into sites as I visit them. The interface of this browser extension and mobile app is simple, easy to use, and straightforward with an easy process for getting started on it. It got rid of all the shady tracking code on my computer, made it work like never before! For these reasons (among others) I give Blur Password Manager by Abine 5-stars – would recommend it to anyone trying to stay safe online.

  66. Really simple to use, and works smoothly. I’ve been using the free version forever because it does everything that I need. The paid version is super useful for people who have a PayPal account–it’s inconvenient to log in via a third party. My biggest complaint is that there were some weird bugs with facial recognition when you import photos–probably just a glitch in the system!

  67. Blur is a password manager that’s been designed with privacy in mind. It automatically blocks trackers, helps manage your login information for all your favourite sites and apps, generates super-strong passwords and randomizes them for you – this eliminates any need to remember endless passwords! Free Blur includes features such as blocking many different types of requests from being able to go through or reading what type of content it is that you’re going to see on the web before it loads. There are also tools available in paid subscriptions if needed: credit card protection when shopping online, removing phone numbers from your social media account contacts list because spammers have been known to mine this information for personal data, plus analysis tools to help detect potential threats much earlier on.”

  68. As a high school student, I am always on the lookout for new apps that not only do their job but take specific features into account. The big selling point with Blur is security and this app doesn’t disappoint in any way. Blur looks good, it works well and does what it promises to do beautifully. This app deserves all of the credit that its receiving because this is one of those rare finds that just gets everything right.

  69. Blur has an instant solution to the modern problem of digital privacy. It does all the heavy lifting, making it easy for you to be anonymous online without any extra thinking or apps. Blur will do more than secure your information; it gives you control over what shows up on Google and Bing—even if somebody hacks them! The App is accessible with one click, works on any browser, can hone in on sensitive material automatically (like passwords) and allows users to share only what they want using their own “mask” They also let us know how many of our friends are password sharing across social media platforms like Skype or Snapchat. An excellent user-friendly app that will keep us safer all while giving us even more convenience.

  70. I’ve been using Blur for a couple of years now and it has saved me from countless moments I could have easily forgotten my passwords. There are so many things you don’t want to remember, but if you do forget your password, this app will save the day.
    Best password manager I’ve ever seen. It can do everything you need, and it’s speedy enough to boot!

  71. Blur works with your existing browsers, instead of requiring that you use the browser on their site. Instantly turn off information sharing for specific sites or anonymize everything else by running all traffic through Abine’s anonymity service without changing any of your settings.

  72. In a world full of hackers and internet scammers you might feel left out in the cold when it comes to strong passwords. That’s okay! Abine Blur Password Manager is up for the task. It uses complex mathematical algorithms and cross-platform technology to generate random passwords that can be used from any device, no matter what type or how old! It starts with a few rounds of creating a password before spending $99 per year. And its value is worth it – think about all the money you save when your accounts are kept safe from harm! This service is free and perfect for those who want to meet their standards while trying not to worry anymore about unwanted login changes on popular sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

  73. Username and passwords are not the most fun part of internet surfing. If you want to use your favourite sites but don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to remember where they are, it can be time-consuming. That is why Abine Blur was made – so that users would not have this problem again whenever they need them! No more complicated math or cross-platform technology is needed; just click on “Create” and enjoy all the benefits that come with Abine Blur! Stronger passwords for any account? Check. Easy access anywhere? Yep! It’s free too, which makes it even better. Now you can head over to all your social media accounts without noticing anything different about their logins.

  74. I’ve been a heavy user of services like Lastpass and 1password for years, but when I heard about Blur I had to try it out. It felt so weird not having the option to install an app on my desktop or mobile device because essentially nothing can be done on my computer without typing in a password, which is hard on some devices with small screens. But it turns out that this browser-based approach makes using Blur more streamlined. The thing that really hooked me was being able to set up a multiple-step process where you have to enter your login credentials three different times before getting into the site’s main dashboard. That puts major security measures in place while also making logging in faster!

  75. Blur is a product designed to help with password management. It is perfect for professionals who are having trouble keeping track of which passwords go to what accounts because they have so many! This software can help organize your passwords, create strong ones for you automatically, and even store them in the program seamlessly, so you’ll never need to type it out or remember it at all! You can also use this for home use-since we know that lots of people refuse to memorize their own passwords (we know why). How many times do you log into an account without remembering? Well, now you can generate strong passwords on the fly and stop worrying about creating one more secure than the next.

  76. My favourite part of the product is the convenience of being able to log in from any device. I can generate random passwords using a few rounds before selecting one for my account, which gives me peace of mind knowing that I have increased password protection across all devices. In addition to providing security, Abine Blur also improves online shopping. Random passwords always help with keeping track of credit card information and other sensitive information, because no one will be able to access your sensitive information except you! This browser extension securely stores all your personal info so that only YOU have access! You don’t need a separate piece of software or hardware interface – just download this tool onto any device and you’re good!

  77. Have you been worrying about the various passwords and security codes that you have to keep track of for your different accounts? These can easily become a burden, but don’t worry. In order to create strong passwords without hassle, use the latest password management system from Abine! You won’t be any more worried about either forgetting or compromising your personal data thanks to this easy-to-use product!
    A secure login experience is necessary for all kinds of businesses these days, and with Blur Password Manager Review on board, you can rest assured that all of your information will stay safe and sound. It takes a lot of work out of remembering all those different account details so you can dedicate yourself more effectively to whatever it is that really fulfils.

  78. Many companies have a very difficult time maintaining their technical security. The reason for that is the often too many passwords you need to remember and keep track of or just simple systems of logging into your business data. If you want to find an easy way how to manage your accounts, then this article is for you!

    Abine Blur Password Manager can help solve these problems by giving its customers certainty that everything will be safe and accessible at any time they need it. Basic features include accurate password generators, automatic form fill tools, the ability for quick copying between devices(most popular browsers), secure encrypted storage under military-grade AES 128-bit encryption algorithms, remote access to your account via e-mail notifications if someone’s email has been compromised.

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    Abine Blur removes this problem by creating a method similar to “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” What they do is take your sensitive data from online sources such as Facebook or your email account and put them in an “anonymous bucket,” so no one but yourself has access to what’s inside.

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    Blur also keeps two backup copies of accounts—on their server.

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