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      Parallels Desktop 10 is the fastest, most tightly integrated way to run Windows apps on OS X, plus it’s also a well-stocked one-stop shop of Windows and other operating systems for you to download and install. You don’t even need your copy of Windows to get excited because Parallels’ availability menu lets you download plus install the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

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      You can use the free view for 90 days. You can connect any Windows app you want inside the virtual Windows running in Parallels, plus the Windows app can work in an OS X window on your OS X desktop, externally the rest of Windows cluttering the screen. You can drag including drop text or images between Windows apps and OS X apps, in the same way, you drag plus drop between native OS X apps. Parallels Desktop 10 is our Editors’ Choice for easy-to-use software that lets you run Windows (and other operating systems) on a Mac.


      Parallels Product:-

      1. Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac
      2. Parallels Access
      3. Parallels Mac Management


      1. Parallels Remote Application Server
      2. Parallels Mobile Device Management
      3. Parallels Transporter

      Features in Parallels Desktop:-

      1. Support for OS X Yosemite: – Parallels Desktop 10 holds OS X all the step after to 10.7 Lion, but a key benefit is a full support for Apple’s upcoming OS X Yosemite, both as a host also guest operating system. We will touch on why this is both important plus controversial later on.
      2. New Platform to Install, Launch, and Manage VMs: – Parallels Desktop brings a new “Desktop Control Centre” interface that follows the old “Virtual Machines List.” The new interface allows larger live previews of active including suspended VMs, easy access to VM configuration settings and also a quick visual indicator of whether or not anti-virus software is installed in each VM.
      3. Upon further investigation with Windows VMs: Parallels continues its quest to integrate the operator experiences of both OS X including Windows in Parallels Desktop 10.
      4. 3-Button Mouse Support: A big win for gamers, Parallels Desktop 10 brings support for 3(+)-button mice, gives permission for the use of various extra gaming accessories. As Parallels already offers relatively good 3D graphics support, a Parallels VM is becoming a credible clarification for Mac users regarding play Windows-only games.
      5. Extra Hardware Options for Power Operators:- While nearly some Parallels Desktop 10 users will be able to realise the advantage of this new feature, power users as well developers will be happy to know that they can now give up to 16 virtual CPUs plus 64GB of storage to a single virtual machine (up from 8 vCPUs and 16GB of storage), satisfying the needs of some power-hungry virtualized apps.
      6. Free Disk Space Wizard: – The memory space increases, saving some gigabytes of storage which is not used.

      Parallels Advantages:-

      How to Run Windows on Mac: Parallels Desktop for Mac 12

      The near-effortless foundation of Windows in Operating System X gives you access to open Windows files in Mac apps or Mac files in Windows application. Extensive integration choices provide Windows application access to OS X folders. Fastest performance of any virtual machine software.

      Parallels Disadvantages:-

      Minor durability matters. Unless you turn off various options, the OS X interface gets jumbled with Windows icons.


      Parallels Desktop is the first selection for beginners as well non-technical users who need to run Windows application under OS X.

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