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In this post, I have featured Review 2023 that includes detailed insights of its pricing, features, benefits and more. Stick to the review and know what makes the best solution for sales and customer support.

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Detailed Review

Acquire is the best live chat software for sales and customer support. This is a multi-channel communication software that makes it easier to empower your sales, support and customer service teams to put their best.  

We all have gone through poor customer experiences. Poor customer services left a bad impression on businesses and their customers. This may cause them a huge loss in business and sales. But Acquire is all about real-time customer support.

Acquire Review - Customer Communication Platform

They provide great support no matter where you and your customers are. 

Acquire offers such tools like speech recognition, instant file sharing, live call recording, and call center support. This software automatically assigns calls to available agents for instant customer support. They also include one-way video support so that only the user being able to see the advisor. There are so many other features included such as tracking, visitor journeys, full chat history, and detailed analytic reports. 

Key Features of Acquire

  • Live Text Chat
  • Live Call Recording
  • Live Video Assistance
  • Live Voice Call
  • Co-browsing Software
  • Extensions and Plug-ins
  • Instant File Sharing
  • Screen Sharing
  • On-way Video Assistance
  • Speech Text
  • Statistics and Analytics

Products Offered by Acquire


Co-browsing is a browser-based solution that empowers customer support agents to collaborate with the customer’s browser in real-time. With this product, your agent can view to identify the issue and jointly navigate over the customer’s screen to guide interactively for sales or customer support assistance. 

Acquire Cobrowse Feature

Co-browsing is the ultimate solution that gives customers meaningful end-to-end customer experience with interactive and real-time support.

There are three types of co-browsing methods available to Acquire:

  • On-chat co-browsing: On-chat co-browsing delivers effective support during a live chat session with visual engagement tools like co-browsing and video chat.
  • On-phone co-browsing: With on-phone co-browsing agents instantly get the view of caller’s screens and see where they are stuck by entering their details or asking for a unique pin number.
  • Contact-base co-browsing: Users get a unique identification code that allows you to initiate a co-browse session from the dashboard.

Live Chat

This is an online customer support product with live support, help desk software, and web analytics capabilities. This product allows your agent to instantly communicate with your website visitors via instant messaging. 

This chat box simply appears within the browser window then visitors can chat with an agent by typing into the live chatbox. The live chat automatically assigns chat requests to relevant departments and distributes chats evenly to your team members.

Customer Support- Live Chat

Acquire automatically detect and translate the customer’s language and converse in the language they understand. We hope this Acquire Review helping you getting detailed insights into this customer relationship management platform.

The biggest benefits of using live chat are 

  • Increasing sales
  • Improving customer service
  • Finding and solving customer’s issues
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Expand market reach
  • Competitive advantages

Video & Voice Call

Acquire offers a simplifies video & audio call solution for customer support. Acquire allows you real-time support with video chat. The agent will help customers through visual support across customers’ journey and interact with your customers’ screens securely. 

You can initiate a video or voice call session with your web and mobile app users right from your dashboard. You allowed recording every online conversation like audio, video, or phone calls across devices and platforms.

Video Calls- Acquire Review


Customers can easily browse the different web or mobile pages while supporting customers online on a voice or video call. To download this product you don’t need any kind of third-party downloads or extensions. This software easily runs on your browser with Acquire.


The chatbots of Acquire use powerful AI and machine learning algorithms to offer smart responses to basic queries of customers. It almost solves 80% of customer’s queries by itself.

Chatbot- Acquire Review

When the basic queries are taken care of by the chatbots then agents serve solutions to the really complicated issues of customers. It means chatbots automatically course complex questions to human representatives for advanced responses.

You can also train your bots by putting your bots in Bot Camp then bots immediately use your internal data to train for customer chats.


With chat analytics, you will learn how to serve your customers better with insights. You can monitor how your team is performing against set goals using Acquire’s live monitoring dashboard.

You can also measure customer happiness and conversions, along with the key chat metrics such as average response time and handle time. You can optimize test and report on campaigns and identify which messages were most successful with your prospects and customers.

Acquire Review- Analytics

You can identify the number of chats that converted into sales, sign-ups, and demos to learn the ROI of your team efforts. You can also measure their performance by tracking open, click, and response rates. You can also see the statistics of your chatbots to know how many questions your bots struggle to answer so you can improve their performance.

Benefits Of Acquire

Quick & More Personalized Support

Acquire offer customers a huge collection of support features and tools that allow for faster and smarter delivery of personalized support at any scale. On-screen chat will enable you to answer and engage your customers in real-time. This will give a great impact on customer satisfaction and it will give you a significant improvement in your business and sales. 

With Acquire your agents will have instant access to updated customer profiles. When your agents know their customers well then they can provide relevant solutions and responses to their queries and issues. Then customers will get smart suggestions from advisors so they can save time finding the right words. 

Powerful AI Chatbots

The chatbots of Acquire use powerful AI and machine learning algorithms to offer smart responses to basic queries of customers. When the basic queries are taken care of by the chatbots then agents serve solutions to the really complicated issues of customers. It means chatbots automatically course complex questions to human representatives for advanced responses.

Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers

Poor customer support causes you a high bounce rate but when you have excellent customer support like Acquire then you don’t have to worry about that. So no more bounce rate because Acquire opens up so many opportunities for interaction and marketing that result in more conversions and better sales. 

With Acquire your agents will reach customers at the right moment along their purchasing journey. It simply means that Acquire will improve conversions by sending the right message at the right time.

Smart Suggestions

You can accelerate sales by sending smart suggestions and targeted messages based on customer insights. Acquire sends contextual and timely messages to customers based on predefined conditions.

It also sends group messages tailored to your customers across your website and mobile platforms. These suggestions and instant response will convert a visitor into a buyer before they bounce.

Pricing Plan Offered By Acquire

Basically, Acquire offers three types of pricing according to the level of companies and businesses. Get in touch with the sales team.


Acquire Customer Review

Acquire Customer Review

Acquire Customer Testimonials
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Conclusion: Review 2023 | Should You Go For It Or Not? was structured for immediate customer support. The founders of Acquire worked hard to find instant and on-screen assistance while purchasing designs on a website. When a customer couldn’t get the support they needed that’s why they bounce without any purchase. Founders realize that this happens in almost all kinds of businesses so they built Acquire. 

They built on behavior-based customer satisfaction algorithms. It means if you are using Acquire, the customer will never get disappointed because they are getting satisfactory answers to their queries and problems so they will never bounce. Then you get your targeted conversions and sales.

If you are owning business then you definitely need good customer support and Acquire is giving the best customer support right in front of you. 

So don’t wait, give this amazing software a try…

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