Ad Inserter Review 2023: A Reliable WordPress Ad Management Plugin?

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Inserting ads on a website is the primary and most amazing way of monetizing your website and monetizing for future upgrades. But managing these advertisements requires the right tools and expertise to obtain fruitful outcomes. But today internet technology has become so advanced that you no longer need to hire ad marketing officials to manage your ads and ad campaigns.

Today we have numerous ad management tools and platforms that help website owners handle their ads by themselves from a single laptop. One such popularly used tool for WordPress websites is Ad Inserter. In this post, we have Ad Inserter Review 2023 that includes all the detailed insights about Ad Inserter pricing, features, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

Ad Inserter Review 2023: Should You Buy It?

About Ad Inserter Pro

Ad Inserter is a free plugin (with a premium version) designed to manage multiple advertising options and features on any WordPress website. It was developed to help users manage any of the ads including AdSense and Amazon Associates. It is one of the most popular and highly rated ad management plugins at

Ad Inserter Review – AdSense plugin WP Ads Header Code

Ad Inserter has garnered critical and commercial acclaim since it’s launch into the professional market primarily for two reasons:

  • It making inserting and managing ads on websites much easier and hassle-free. Its automatic insertion feature helps save valuable time.
  • Extra functionality like A/B testing, ad rotation, adblock detection, and a lot more.

Highlight features

Both Ad Inserter free and pro versions are packed with amazing and powerful features that help insertion and management of advertisements a cakewalk for website owners. Some of its most important and useful features are described below.

Insert Any Code Anywhere on the Page

The Ad Inserter plugin is powered with an advanced automatic ad inserter that makes insertion of ads on your website an easy and time-saving task. It has tie-ups with all the leading online advertising platforms like Google AdSense, Amazon,, banners and more with support for different ads on desktop, tablet or phone.

Ad Inserter Review- Pro Version (Insert Code Anywhere)

When it comes to adding codes and scripts, Ad Inserter lets you insert HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP code, opt-in forms, header and footer scripts, analytics or tracking code, widgets, shortcodes and more.

AdSense Support

One of the biggest plus of this plugin is that it supports Google AdSense, which is the world’s largest and most trusted online advertising platform. Ad Inserter supports responsive AdSense ads, AMP ads and lets you play with all the important Adsense tools and options like:

  • Advanced AdSense plugin
  • AdSense account integration
  • AdSense code generator
  • AdSense code preview
  • AdSense code editor

Limit Insertions

With Ad Inserter WordPress plugin, you can filter/limit your insertions and insert ads based on category, tag, taxonomy, post-type, post ID or URL. You can further set URL parameters and insert exclude ads on individual posts or pages ads based on cookies or referrers.

What makes it even more useful is the amazing “Clearance options” to avoid insertion near images or headers. This will help you avoid clusters and keep the overall layout of your webpage clean and organized.

Advanced Features

Users also get access to some advanced tools and features, which include:

  • Ad statistics
  • Impression and click tracking
  • Country-level geotargeting
  • WordPress multisite support
  • Ad blocking detection and statistics

With the Ad blocking features, you get to do a lot more with actions like the pop-up message, ad replacement, content protection and more. The plugin also supports custom WordPress hooks using do_action

Advanced Ads

Both the Ad Inserter free and pro versions enable users to experiment with a number of ad types based on preferences, business type, and audience types. With Ad Inserter, you can play with the following types of ads and ad options:

  • Sticky ads with animations and triggers
  • Slide, fade, flip, turn, zoom
  • Ad rotation
  • Ad scheduling
  • Lazy loading
  • A/B testing

Editing, Debugging, and Support

Ad Inserter has also garnered critical acclaim and customer respect courtesy of its miscellaneous features like:

  • Syntax highlighting editor
  • Code editor for rich media ads and banners
  • Code preview with visual CSS editor
  • Powerful debugging functions
  • Support via email

For more information about features, specification and other important documentation, and more visit the Ad Inserter Pro Documentation page.

How to Create An Ad?

Creating an ad using Ad Inserter is a very quick and easy task. The plugin works by using something called “Blocks” which is simply a location where you want to display ads. These ad blocks are pretty customizable and you can choose to include single or multiple ads in a single block. You can even tweak them by rotating ads within a block. You can use 16 different blocks just in the free version of the plugin.

Here’s how you can manage your ad blocks:

  • Ad Inserter Review – Create Your First AdFirst, go to Settings → Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter Review- Create Your Ads Here

  • For inserting an ad, you simply need to paste its corresponding code into the box.
  • You can paste in the code for an AdSense block, block, etc. You can also instantly generate the AdSense code right from your WordPress dashboard using the Ad Inserter code generator.

Ad Inserter Review- Add You AdSense Code

  • You even have the option to use the WordPress Visual editor tools to manually create your ad in case you don’t like using the code directly. This is a great option if you’re working with custom banner ads.
    Ad Inserter Review- Visual Code Editor

Once you have successfully entered your ad, you can insert it pretty much anywhere on your site according to your preference. This is Inserter’s automatic insertion feature which I had mentioned earlier in this post. It is one of the most powerful features of Ad Inserter and lets you automatically insert ads before or after:

  • A post
  • Content
  • Specific paragraphs
  • Random paragraphs
  • Comments
  • Excerpts

Furthermore, you can also put them:

  • Near a specific element (using CSS)
  • Above your site’s header
  • In your site’s footer
  • Between comments, excerpts, or blog posts
  • At custom positions using hooks

Apart from these options, you can also manually insert ads with:

  • Shortcodes
  • Widgets
  • PHP functions

Ad Inserter Documentation

No other ad insertion tool in the market right now has a well-explained and advanced level of documentation featuring “Everything about the tool” like Ad Inserter Pro does. If you visit the features page in the Ad Inserter documentation section, you will find a list of over 50 well-defined features that power Ad Inserter to what it is known for. Here is a quick walk over of some of those features:

  • AdSense integration

Google Adsense is one of the top names when it comes to helping online businesses advertise on their websites. The platform is used by over 80% of the online businesses for marketing campaigns and advertisements, thus it becomes necessary for an ad insertion tool to have Adsense integration options like:

AdSense plugin

AdSense code generator

AdSense code preview

AdSense code editor

Ad Inserter Pro allows website owners to integrate their Adsense accounts with the plugin and all the above-mentioned options that are necessary for managing your Adsense advertising campaign.

  • Syntax highlighting editor

Syntax highlighting editors are commonly used for programming, scripting, or markup languages, such as HTML. Ad Inserter’s Syntax editor lets you display source code without affecting the meaning of the text according to the category of terms.

  • Code preview with visual CSS editor

Previewing your codes before inserting them into your website is important and Ad Inserter lets you do just that with the help of a powerful CSS editor to preview selected CSS selectors in a separate column inside the vscode editor.

  • Automatically inserts ads in posts and pages

As mentioned earlier, Ad Inserter boasts of a state of the art automation system that is capable of inserting the right ads at the right places on your website as and when needed, saving you a lot of valuable time.

  • Insert ads ANYWHERE

Perhaps the best thing about Ad Inserter is the option of adding advertisements ANYWHERE on your page. As of the latest functioning update of the tool, you can insert ads:

Before or after post   

Before or after excerpt    

Before or after content    

Before or after any paragraph    

Before or after comments   

Between posts on blog pages    

Between comments   

At custom hook positions

Before or after any HTML element on a page

Below <body> or above </body> tags

  • Manual insertion option

For some users who are not always convinced with the automatic insertion, Ad Inserter also offers options for manual insertion of widgets, shortcodes, PHP function call, etc. This is a useful option considering the fact the manual insertion allows more customizability of elements as compared automatic insertion.

  • Ad rotation options

This is a very unique and equally interesting feature in which users are allowed to rotate the ad in an ad block to make it look more attractive and catchy. Furthermore, there is also an option of “Timed ad rotation”, which lets you rotate ads in a single ad block without page reload.

  • Sticky ads, widgets and more

Another eye candy feature of Ad Inserter where you can insert ads, widgets other elements as sticky on your website to make it look catchy. This is an optional feature and enabling this ensures that the element simply sticks or is fixed to the page or content as you scroll up and down the page. Ad Inserter tool lets you add the following elements as sticky:

Sticky positions with optional close button

Sticky sidebar ads

Sticky ad trigger

Sticky ad animations

Sticky (fixed) widgets

  • Insert Google Analytics and other web analytics code

Ad Inserter also supports the insertion of Google Analytics and other web analytics code so that you can have instant and real-time access to your website analytics anytime. This along with support for Adsense makes Ad Inserter a very capable tool for managing your ad campaigns efficiently in one place.

  • Additional ad statistics   

Ad Inserter gives you instant access to valuable insights on ad statistics like impression and clicks tracking.

  • Ad blocking detection and other options

Browsers these days come with inbuilt ad blockers or the support for third-party ad-blocking tools for users to block ads that hamper their website viewing experience. Ad Inserter comes with several options that help the website owners detect when their ads are blocked by viewers and more.

Ad blocking detection – popup message, page redirection   

Ad blocking detection actions – ad replacement, content protection    

Ad blocking statistics

As you can see, describing every single feature of Ad Inserter will convert this article into a thesis literally. Apart from the features mentioned above, Ad Inserter further comes with the following useful features:

  • Insert custom fields    
  • Individual exceptions for posts and pages   
  • Support for ads on AMP pages
  • Custom block alignments and styles
  • Desktop, tablet and phone server-side device detection
  • Clearance options to avoid insertion near images or headers
  • Options for insertion on 404 error page, Ajax calls, RSS feed
  • Client-side device detection (works with caching)
  • A/B testing
  • Support for lazy loading (load ads only when they become visible)
  • Custom CSS class name for wrapping divs to avoid ad blockers
  • PHP code processing
  • Banner and placeholder code generator
  • Support for header and footer code
  • Black/White-list categories, tags, taxonomies, users, post types, post IDs
  • Black/White-list urls, url parameters, cookies, referers
  • Black/White-list IP addresses or countries (works also with caching)
  • Multisite options to limit settings on the sites
  • Support for export and import of block or plugin settings
  • Scheduling with the fallback option
  • Country-level GEO targeting (works with caching)
  • Support for MaxMind geolocation databases
  • Simple troubleshooting with many debugging functions
  • Visualization of inserted code blocks
  • Visualization of available positions for automatic insertion
  • Visualization of HTML tags for easier ad placement between paragraphs
  • Clipboard support to easily copy code blocks or settings

Visit the Ad Inserter Pro Documentation page for more information regarding these features, specification and other important documentation, and more.

How To Install Ad Inserter Po Easily?

If you are currently using the free version of  Ad Inserter then you need to deactivate that and remove it. Don’t worry the saved setting will be preserved. The pro version will easily import all of the existing settings will be saved.

ad inserter pro review

And when you choose the pro plan you will receive an email with a license key along with a downloadable link right fro the Ad Inserter Pro plugin. From there you can download the plugin and simply save it in zip format right to somewhere safe for further use.

Now you need to go to WordPress dashboard and then WordPress Plugins and then after that click on Add New click on Upload New just choose the zip format file and choose the plugin you have already downloaded. Just click on the install now button and then after that click on the Enter License Key and then just enter the license key you have received in your mail.

ad inserter pro review

What Makes Ad Inserter Pro Invincible?

Ad Tracking and Click Detection

Basically, there are two types of Ads: one that comes with simple banners right with links and other javascript based ads. Here the Ad Inserter Pro mainly supports two methods right for click detection. Let’s check them what they are?

  • Standard: this method can easily detect clicks right only on the HTML banners right with links and is mainly available with all the versions of Ad Inserter Pro.
  • Advanced: this method can easily detect clicks right on any ad codes including javascript ads just like the AdSense. But this one is not available in the Ad Inserter Pro Personal version.

Geo Location and Geotargeting:

Basically, the countries are determined from the IP address of any website visitor. Here all of the Ad Inserter Pro version mainly supports the Webnet77 geolocation database. Also, the pro version supports the Cloudflare geolocation and more.

The default database Webnet77 database is mainly lightweight and it’s around 2Mb but it is mainly less accurate than MaxMind. If you select the MaxMind database and enable the automatic updates then the Ad Inserter Pro can download and simply use GeoLite database that is around of (60 MB).

Plans and pricing

Ad Inserter is one of the most cost-effective ad insertion tools available for WordPress users. The plugin offers 4 different packages that are priced conveniently to suit your pocket and preferences.

Ad Inserter Review- Pricing

  • Personal (Price: $20)

64 code blocks and use on 2 sites

  • Freelancer (Price: $30)

64 code blocks and use on 5 sites

  • Business (Price: $500

80 code blocks and use on 25 sites

  • Corporate (Price: $100)

96 code blocks and use on 100 sites

Plugin features - Ad Inserter Review

For more information regarding its packages, feature lists and prices visit the Ad Inserter Pro official website.

Why Should You Use Ad Inserter Pro?

Both the Ad Inserter WordPress plugin free and pro versions possess an entire package of amazing and powerful features. The plugin includes most of the features, which makes ad insertion and management an excellent option for bloggers. Just have a look at its stats.

Ad Inserter Review- Pro Version (Insert Code Anywhere)

However, to make it sweet and direct, here are 6 handpicked reasons why you should use Ad Inserter Pro:

  • A simple user interface that gives you instant access to all the settings on a single page.
  • A powerful and fast AdSense integration and code editor to generate code for AdSense ads.
  • Live code preview with visual margin/padding editor
  • Insert any code anywhere on the page whether before or after any HTML element using CSS selectors.
  • Multiple effective debugging functions to diagnose insertion issues.
  • Additional PRO FEATURES like replacement of ads, content protection when ad blocking is detected, etc.

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Conclusion: Ad Inserter Review 2023

Really, Ad Inserter is one of the highly rated and most popular plugins that is available at platform. Ad Inserter offers free as well as the paid version. Here if you want to have some more flexibility then you should go for the Ad Inserter Pro version.

Ad Inserter really makes it easy to manage your ads and display them on your site effortlessly. And also Ad Inserter offers fully functional small as well as advanced features that will give you deep control over how your ads function. Feel free to drop your reviews about Ad Inserter right in the comment section below. Do share the post if you liked it.

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