Adbuff Review 2022 : Pros and Cons of CPM Based Network

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Every business realizes the importance of going online to cash on the maximum audience worldwide. Thus, the majority of companies going digital are new to this field and trust in online advertising to grow their online business. This is the main reason advertising has become a crucial part of the online marketing arena. In this post, we have featured Adbuff Review that includes detailed insights of this ad network. In this post, we have featured Adbuff Review 2022 that includes detailed insights of this CPM based ads network.

Whenever we talk of advertising, online marketing can never be ignored. Considering its importance, many companies have taken it on their shoulders to offer an amazing platform for advertising on behalf of a multitude of businesses. One of the most renowned among the companies is Adbuff which is a CPM & CPC based ad network.

Adbuff FAQs

🤔What is Adbuff?

Adbuff is one of the incredible ad networks and is also the best alternative to Google Adsense.

💵What are the Adbuff Payments Methods?

Basically, payments methods available at Adbuff are Paypal, Wire, and Payoneer. Also, the minimum payout threshold is like $100 minimum for PayPal as well as Payoneer along with $500 Minimum for Wire Transfer.

✅Is Adbuff Legit or Scam?

Without having any second thought I would like to say, Adbuff is a legit platform that you can rely on and it is one of the best AdSense Alternative. Overall its a reliable CPM based network.

Detailed Adbuff Review 2022: (Must Read)

Adbuff Review

Adbuff is one of the incredible ad networks and is also the best alternative to Google Adsense. This ad network is apt for the web and mobile channels and has many unique and innovative features, expertise, and capability for the businesses to take advantage of.


The network uses the best ad server technology that works in favour of both Advertisers and Publishers to yield them maximum benefit.

Why is Adbuff apt for the Publishers to join?

  • Stats are offered in detail so that it becomes easier for you to monitor everything.
  • The network offers a higher eCPM rate.
  • The payment cycle is 30 days, and the payment is issued after 45 days.
  • The minimum threshold for payout is $100 for Paypal and $500 for Wire Transfer.

How can I register for Adbuff?


If you have some prior experience with or Google Adsense, you would know how tough it is to get their approval.Even if your application is correct and you have put in all the hard work, still most of the times they would reject your application.

But with Adbuff, there is no such problem. You get to join this incredible network soon after Signing up. They do have a procedure to manually check the website to make sure the site, you are applying Adbuff is of optimum quality, but that process is very quick and not that strict. Once, your site gets approved, you can soon start implementing the ad units on your website and start your earning.

On Signing up, you get $25 credit amount. So, why wait, sign up right away!

Features of Adbuff:-


Different Payment Methods:  To offer utmost convenience to publishers, multiple modes of payment are provided like Payoneer, PayPal, and Bank Wire Transfer.

Dedicated Account Managers: For every publisher, there is a dedicated account manager who can guide them at every stage. These managers help them to optimize their website to earn the maximum revenue.

Higher Fill Rates : Adbuff offers higher Fill Rates as compared to other ad networks like Popcash, PopAds, and Adsterra.

Technology: For delivering contextual advertisements, the ad network relies on the most advanced and innovative technology. All the ad widgets are integrated into the most simple and straightforward method.

Publishers are given myriad options to customize the widgets depending on their requirements. Publishers are also given different display ad unit sizes for both sidebars and headers to customize both mobile and desktop platforms.

Adbuff has an anti-fraud system in place. The company makes use of all the essential and advanced detection systems to ensure; the advertisers are protected from fraud clicks and impressions.

It is worth mentioning here that publishers are strictly prohibited from clicking their ads.

Real Time Dashboard: Every second the dashboard gets updated so that you can make all the decisions instantaneously and in real time.

Detailed Reports: At the dashboard, you get the detailed statistics on ad tags and revenue generated from them. If you want more information, you can log into your publisher profile and get the detailed report from the panel.

Friendly Support: Their dedicated and friendly customer support helps you in all your matters regarding the monetization methods and other issues. You can call them at +1 647-715-6770 and email for further assistance.

Requirements for Publishers:

There are strict guidelines for publishers so that the network maintains their reputation.

  • Minimum traffic requirement is of 2000 unique per day
  • Language Requirements for Publishers: Only English
  • Prohibited Content for Publishers: No advertisements will be displayed on a website that have content based on guns, violence, bitcoin faucet, adult, gambling and other illegal content. Also, free sites such as Weebly and Blogspot are not approved.
  • To read more about the terms on publishers click here

Advertisers & Offers

  • For Advertisers, Pop-ups are not allowed.
  • Offer types are CPC, CPM, CPA
  • Most of the Verticals are allowed.

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Pros of Adbuff:

  • The network offers lucrative CPM rates to publishers. Sometimes, the rates are even higher than provided by Adsense.
  • The support desk is highly supportive, and round the clock assistance is available.
  • On signing up- $25 bonus is provided
  • High Sharing of revenue.
  • Offers Weekly Bonuses
  • Reliable and Efficient tracking
  • Payments are paid timely
  • Real-time dashboard offering Real-time reporting
  • A personal account manager is provided to every publisher

Cons of Adbuff:

  • Minimum traffic requirement has to be 2000 unique visitors daily.
  • Only English sites are accepted with a majority of traffic from Canada, UK, USA, and Australia.
  • The minimum payout threshold is higher than other ad networks. $100 for Paypal and $500 for Wire Transfer
  • NET45 payment terms while other Ad networks offer NET30.

Conclusion: Adbuff Review 2022 | Should You Go For It??


Adbuff is an incredible ad network especially if you have a constant traffic from Canada, UK, USA, and Australia. If you are a newbie, you might find their requirements difficult to follow initially, but after working with them for a while, you will find the ad network rewarding.

A personal account manager offers all the assistance; you get facilitated with highest rates of revenue. As a publisher, you get access to the top advertisers. Also with real-time reporting and real-time dashboard, timely payments, weekly bonuses and $25 bonus for signing up; this ad network promises you much more than you might have thought of!

Try it out and maximize your online earnings!


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  1. I have seen in several digital forums that Adbuff won’t pay you. The people behind it have had several ad networks before that did not pay people.

  2. I signed up, was asked to check my mail and click a confirmation link, i checked but no mail was sent, waited but still have not seen a mail. what could be the issue?

  3. I signed up, was asked to check my mail and click a confirmation link, i checked but no mail was sent, waited but still have not seen a mail. what could be the issue?

  4. Hey Abhishek,

    As modern world is going digital day by day, almost every business is trying to come online and start taking the benefit of it. The majority of this business is new to this field, so they choose online advertising in order to grow there business rapidly. It is the vital reason that advertising has became an integral part of marketing domain.

    When it comes to advertising, online advertisement can never be ignored. By realizing it’s importance many of the companies have taken it on shoulder to serve advertisement on behalf of businesses. One among them is Adbuff, really it is a CPM based ad network.

    Adbuff is an amazing ad network and can be a best adsense alternative who pays really well. Adbuff is a ad network for mobile and web channels with many unique features, capability, expertise and huge experience in revenue maximization for both Publishers & Advertisers. One thing which I like most about Adbuff is that they are using the latest best technology for its ad server which in return increasing the reach of advertisers. Due to the best servers, they are also delivering maximum benefits to publishers as well. Eventually, thanks for sharing your informative information with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

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