Adcash Review 2020: Is It Worth The Hype?? (READ TRUTH)

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Website Monetization


  • Growing popularity
  • Campaign tracking and reports
  • Quick, easy and time-saving!
  • Adcash receives around 200 million ad requests every day
  • Centralize all marketing campaigns under one hood
  • Self-managed and easy to use
  • Supports ads formats ad formats including Pop-Under, Native Ads, Push Notifications


  • Customer support needs improvement

Adcash has been around in the marketing world for over a decade now, 12 years to be precise, and has become a reputed name in the field of website monetization platforms. Since its inception in 2007, the company has been refining their algorithms for several years to keep up with the stiffening competition while delivering on the expectations and needs of businesses.

The platform has been a dependable solution for centralizing all your marketing campaigns easily and efficiently under one hood. So this post is a quick review involving all the necessary information you need to know about this great website monetization platform.

Adcash Review 2020: Is It Worth The Hype

About Adcash

Adcash is a popular website monetization platform based in Estonia and functioning around the world. It is a Demand Side Platform (DSP) focused on mainstream traffic. The company initially began as a managed-only platform which aimed at providing every user with a personal account manager who helped them with pretty much every issue and aspect regarding their marketing campaigns including campaign set up, segments, optimization, etc.


 Adcash ReviewOver the past few years, Adcash has refined their algorithms to stay at par with the market trends and customer’s expectations. Today the company also offers a self-managed platform that lets users set everything by themselves, just like you’d usually do on other networks. The platform has been praised by critics and customers from across the globe for their easy-to-use platform and a centralized design which allows users to run, manage, analyze and control all campaigns in one place.

Adcash is well set up in the competitive market today and receives around 200 million ad requests every day from their exclusive supply and 200+ trusted RTB partners.

Know more about Adcash!

Adcash uses a dynamic CPM optimization to keep ad inventory relevant to your likely traffic, but also offer the option of manually controlling the ads served on your site. This choice is a departure for some in the realm monetizing content through ads and can help give the publisher more control for better chances of conversion traffic.

  • Homepage: Adcash
  • Founded In: 2007
  • Employee Count: 150+
  • Ownership: Private

Understanding Adcash

Adcash lets you set up your campaign, choose from different ad formats including Pop-Under, Native Ads, Push Notifications, Interstitials, and Display Ads, everything in less than 3 minutes. Along with all these, editing and tweaking in order to make a change on your campaign are also extremely quick, simple and you can do it all by yourself without having an Account Manager to do it for you.

Understanding how Adcash work is also pretty clean and simple. The platform has two main types of traffic:

  • Desktop traffic
  • Mobile Web

These two types of traffics are and can be handled with the help of the advanced campaign creation wizards developed by Adcash. The platform has 2 campaign creation wizards:

  • Express
  • Advanced

It is interesting to note that the features offered by both these words are the same. What differentiates them is the layout:

Advanced layout

This is a quick 4-step campaign creation wizard that allows you to run your campaign across all their available ad-formats. However, do note that the bid type you will choose later will matter. This simply implies that you could not run all ad-formats into 1 campaign if you choose to go CPC, which is not available for Pop-Under.

 Adcash Review- Digital Advertising

Express layout

This is a more simple 1-page campaign creation wizard that has been designed for a specific ad-format which you initially choose to create a campaign for.

Pricing models and payouts: Adcash Review 2020

When it comes to the monetary front, Adcash offers some very reasonable guidelines for a Minimum deposit of $1000 for the managed platform and $25 for the self-managed platform.

 Adcash Review- Pricing ModelWhen it comes to Payment Methods, the platform supports multiple payment methods like PayPal, Skrill, Bank Transfer, WebMoney, and even Credit Card to facilitate customers with easy payments and deposits.

What’s even more appealing and worth mentioning here is that Adcash offers refunds for unspent funds, minus a refund fee. If you need additional information about the Finance side, you can check out more details regarding this with this link.

Campaign Tracking (Reports)

Campaign tracking is one of the most important things to have when you are signing up to a platform that claims to help you manage all your campaigns under one platform. Adcash offers exactly that to its users!

The platform provides you with some powerful tools to give you instant access to all your stats and stay up on it on the go. You get to choose from 4 different options to check your reports.

  • Daily spending

This option gives you access to a summary of how much you spent along with the main indicators, such as impressions, conversions, eCPM, and some others

  • Detailed statistics

This option allows you to see data sorted and organized by category, format, zone, creative, SSP and some other parameters

  • Request reports

This unique gives you the power and choice to ask the network for reports to be delivered at your email. These reports contain all the necessary details for all your campaigns or just for specific ones and can be summarized or detailed.

  • Reporting API

This option is perfect for all the detailed statistics. You can use this feature to emphasize the zone parameter so that you can effortlessly check all the targeted placements and understand which ones are converting and which are spending a lot without converting. You can basically check whatever else you want to check to help you optimize your campaigns.

 Adcash Review- Advertisers PublishersYou might wonder if the statistics and reports shown by Adcash are genuine or accurate. That’s a valid concern and applies to numerous customers since they are investing their money into this to smooth up their campaign management! Toe convinced about the authenticity of your Adcash reports, I can recommend you to set up tracking so you can rely on these statistics

Furthermore, you can also click the icon that appears by the side of each Zone while checking Zones. Doing so will allow you to easily and systematically breakdown the statistics of this particular Zone by another filter (date, country, etc.)

Customer support

There may be a moment where you may feel that your activity on Adcash has reached a high level of activity. In such a case, you can easily get in touch with their support team and request them to get in touch with a Sales Manager. The Adcash boasts of a super responsive, multilingual support team that can speak different languages and is most of the time available 9am-7pm on UTC+2.

As mentioned earlier in this post, Adcash still offers dedicated account manager if you need extra help and guidance from their team. This offering can become further flexible for high spenders in many aspects to fit your needs and even allows you to create landing pages and banners for free.

Contact them via:

Social media

Support Email

[email protected]


Kentmanni 4, 5th/6th fl. 10116, Tallinn, Estonia

Top reasons to try Adcash

Sliding towards the end of this review let me give you the top reasons for trying out Adcash for your marketing campaigns.

  • Self-managed and easy to use

Adcash is as you have clearly understood by now a self-managed platform that lets users set everything by themselves and centralize all their marketing campaigns under one hood. It is something just like you’d usually do on other networks. The platform is extremely easy-to-use for all kinds of users, novice or pro allowing you to effortlessly run, manage, analyze and control all your campaigns in one place.

  • Quick, easy and time-saving!

The entire campaign set up process takes less than 3 minutes to set up and you can choose from different ad formats including Pop-Under, Native Ads, Push Notifications, Interstitials, and Display Ads.

  • Growing popularity

Adcash receives around 200 million ad requests every day from their exclusive supply and 200+ trusted RTB partners.

  • Campaign tracking and reports

Adcash flexible and diverse, allowing you to build revenue through ads by doing test runs. You can even compare the easily generated reports to see which configurations give you the best individual results. Accordingly, you can easily change the mode of operation on your site with the ease of configuring ad space offered by Adcash.

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VERDICT: Adcash Review 2020: Is It Worth The Hype

Adcash has been in the market for more than a decade and has gained the necessary exposure and knowledge to serve the audiences with the best services and tools to ease their campaign management efforts. The platform has grown in versatility and allows you to try multiple different configurations that might be better for your individual site/blog if the ads you’re using aren’t quite working or generating the revenue you want.

They also offer some really nice and effective mobile app advertising solutions that a lot of users and critics around the globe are very pleased with. The platform’s ease of use lets you play with interstitial or footer ads, publishers of companion apps or stand-alone mobile applications to create a great and easy to use revenue stream. So if you are looking to step up your marketing game and easing your campaign management woes while enhancing your revenue stream, then Adcash is definitely worth a try!

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