AdCash Review 2021 Can it Really Monetize Your Blog?

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The world of blogging has provided an excellent platform for the bloggers and webmasters to earn decent money through monetization of their blogs/websites. The widely used method by the bloggers are monetizing the blog/website with third-party ads.

Until the entry of Adcash, Google Adsense continued to rule the ad network but now it is facing allegations for being too strict, and this is why it is losing its popularity among the users. The webmasters are now attracted to a newer, a better source with easy approval policies – Adcash.


Adcash-The Brief

Adcash has carved a niche in the World Wide Web and the ad network world as the best ad CPM network. The organization was started way back in 2007. Today, it has become one of the largest networks that run in over 196 countries of the world, serving about a billion ads to over 200 million users. It has more than 150K publishers and 3500 actively running ad campaigns.

Adcash is an Estonia-based company. It has an exceptional and extraordinary support team of more than100 employees which lends an ear to all the problems of the customers, thus providing a constant assistance. It also provides certain control to the publishers in the matters of ad serving wherein they can control it through the dashboard.

Who All Can Join Adcash?

The answer is ANYONE, from a publisher to an advertiser to an ordinary user but certain criteria need to be fulfilled before joining as an advertiser or a publisher. Let us look at those requirements:

Joining As Publishers

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The first and foremost requirement is to sign in as a publisher to display the third-party ads. To do so, one must have a site.The site is not restricted to a particular language but should not support any inappropriate content such as pornography, adult content, etc. One must read the terms and conditions before signing in as a publisher.

Benefits Of Joining As Advertisers

The advertisers have a mass reach and that too in a lesser period and at a lower cost. Nearly, 150k publishers are working with Adcash making it convenient to the advertisers as well where ads are displayed on CPC, CPM, CPA, CPL or CPV basis.

Top Features To Look In Adcash Ad Network


Adcash is surely one of the best ad networks. Here are the few amazing features from which the users derive benefits:

Multilingual Site:

Adcash’s website is supported in 8 different languages that are Chinese, French, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Italian so as to make it user- friendly. Therefore, the accessibility of the website has increased.


Adcash provides a dashboard to the users through which the ad campaigns, ad units, and other useful tools are tracked and handled. Payment info can also be viewed and that too in real time. This dashboard is offered in 8 different languages that are mentioned above.

Customer Support:

Adcash provides a dedicated manager as soon as you are approved with AdCash. The skilled and quick employees of the support team looks after the queries of publishers as well advertisers and responds at earliest.


earning adcash

Real time stats can be viewed from this section in the dashboard, and one can even get the statistics emailed to his email id.



The two different methods of payment often used by the advertisers are credit card and PayPal. Adcash follows the NET-30 payment scheme for payment to the publishers which they receive at the end of 30 days. The threshold value of 100 Euros is set, and that can be withdrawn through WebMoney, Skrill, Payoneer, Wire Transfer and PayPal.

Conclusion: Adcash Review 2021

Adcash has become a powerful tool for the monetization of blogs. Both the advertisers and publishers have earned benefits from it in the way that the publishers get paid off for the displaying the ads while the advertisers earn a good amount of money from the higher sales.

Overall, AdCash is a superior CPM based ad network that every publisher and advertiser should give a try too.



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  1. I have used Adcash for one year, but now their CPM is dropping very badly. Can you recommend some other good ad network instead of this one? Many Thanks


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