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User Interface
Ease to use
Customer Service


  • The company offers global service.
  • Flexible and useful at the same time.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Payments are processed quickly
  • You can increase your profit
  • Advertising with Adlane can be done in every country
  • You can track your marketing expenditures


  • Costly

Adlane is a traffic monetization platform with multiple advertising formats that started on the journey back in 2019. A wide range of payout options, reliable customer support, and AI-driven optimization algorithms are available at this platform.


AdLane Review is rare to find a platform that monetizes traffic solely. Affiliates and publishers are typically served by such platforms. Publishers expect higher payouts and some kind of special treatment when a network focuses on a particular activity, such as traffic monetization.

Do things work that way all the time? According to AdLane, is an ad platform that aims at improving traffic monetization through advertising, this is the case.

What is AdLane

Adlane is a traffic monetization platform with multiple advertising formats that started on the journey back in 2019. A wide range of payout options, reliable customer support, and AI-driven optimization algorithms are available at this platform.

They support a variety of ad formats, including Browser push, In-page push, Popunders (Onclick), Native/Banner and Video ads with CPM and CPC pricing options. 

Join the network if you wish to monetize your traffic and see for yourself just how easy it is to work with the network and how lucrative the payouts are. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at what the network has to offer. 

Advertising formats


Adlane is a publisher-only company, providing publishers with the opportunity to monetize their traffic using the following most popular ad formats

Browser push An example of a push advertisement is a browser notification. Users need to accept push subscriptions to receive them, but once they do, they will see them even if they aren’t actively looking at your site. 

In-page push 

A push ad on a page does not need an opt-in. Also, they appear much similar to classic push notifications and get delivered to all the users that visit your website. There is only one difference between them: they can be delivered to users of iOS and MacOS.

The platform limitations of native advertising make this option inaccessible to a share of your audience that can be reached with classic push ads. 

Popunder Onclick ads, or popunders, are one of the earliest and most effective forms of monetization. With this full-screen banner, you can monetize every visit by opening a separate window or tab. 

Display Native ads and banners make up the display. Every day, you can also see the display ads on dozens of sites. They can be animated creatives or static images, and they come in all shapes and sizes. 

There are currently thousands of webmasters, media agencies, affiliates, and publishers that work with Adlane


Benefits of working with Adlane

Publishers of Adlane’s platform can take advantage of the following features: 

  1. A plug-and-play registration is what the company calls it. You begin generating profits once you add an ad script to your site and your audience starts seeing the ads. 
  2. Payments are processed quickly using the most popular payment methods. In addition to micro payouts on demand, the company claims to have no lengthy hold periods. 
  3. The company offers global service. GEOs are not restricted by Adlane in terms of what they can work with. Advertising with Adlane can be done in every country and in every niche, so no matter what GEO, mainstream or adult, your traffic is monetized.
  4. Excellent customer service. With a team of professionals always available to assist you, the company takes pride in its support. You will be able to reach them through a variety of channels once needed. 
  5. Monitoring your performance online is possible with the network’s real-time reporting. You can analyze data in a variety of ways. 
  6. Using AdSense allows you to monetize in any way you see fit. By combining advertising formats from various platforms, including AdSense, you can increase your profit. 
  7. Flexible and useful at the same time. Using this robust self-service platform, you can monetize your traffic quickly and hassle-free, since it is built for fast approval and quick setup. 



Compared to other networks, Adlane’s registration procedure is relatively simple. After you click “sign up “, you’ll be redirected to the Adlane registration page. 

Upon submitting the form, you’ll immediately be able to access the dashboard. 

How To Start Monetizing Your Traffic


In order to monetize your traffic, you must add Adlane to your account. Below are the steps to take.

Start by clicking on the Sites tab. Adding websites you wish to monetize is as simple as clicking Add Site(s). 

Its domain name and IAB category must be specified during the process. Otherwise, you won’t be able to receive the ads that are most appropriate for your traffic. 

Go to Spots once you have added your site. You can add new advertising spots using the Add Spot button on this page. 

If you wish to work with multiple ad formats, you can setup codes here. Once you do that, you will then be prompted to add the script to your site’s script.

A nice touch: advertisers with a higher budget can only be accepted if the minimum bid is lower. 

There you have it. Your site visitors will see the ads as soon as you add the script. Using the RTB system, the platform sends the most profitable and relevant ads your way, so the first payout won’t be long in coming. 



Adlane offers a variety of payout methods for its customers.

Their particular areas of expertise include: 

  • Qiwi
  • WebMoney
  • Skrill
  • Capitalist
  • Yandex.Money
  • Wire transfer

The manager can negotiate a smaller payout if you so desire. However, there is a $50 minimum payout. 

Why Do I Recommend Adlane?

  • You can track your marketing expenditures’ return on investment via the internet’s minute tracking capabilities.
  • Monitoring and analyzing the campaign performance is possible with digital advertising.
  • Digital advertising allows you to set a budget for the ad and restrict how many times an ad can be seen by prospective clients within a period of time.
  • Spending should be closely monitored. An advertisement on television may cost you thousands of dollars to capture the attention of someone later on.
  • Aiming successfully is possible. Imagine you can multiply the value of your most valuable client by a hundred. Social media can help you do that almost.
  • You can advertise your goods or services to potential customers through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Summing it up | AdLane Review 2023

Considering what we’ve seen, Adlane has the potential to be a very powerful traffic monetization platform. Their team strives to capture the market share, so they develop mutually beneficial relationships with publishers and offer them the best traffic monetization terms. 

Our favorite aspects are the super-fast approval time, AdSense compatibility – very important for seasoned webmasters – the friendly support staff that responds to third-party forums as well as a variety of ad formats. 

AdLane is an excellent platform for monetizing traffic.

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