Admitad India announces Monsoon Unlocked Festival

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India is gradually unlocking and opening up with all non-essential goods, labels and channels returning back to normal. Activities in the past three months have been marginal, but the gap between demand and supply is increasingly bridging with the start of the unlock process. The logistics are getting back on track as more and more e-commerce companies are rekindling their operations, players in the extended e-commerce sector are looking to make the most of the “New Normal”

Admitad is a globally recognized affiliate network that is taking a step forward towards solidifying their presence in the effort to build this “New Normal” scenario. How? Let’s find out!

About Admitad!

Admitad is an affiliate marketing network that provides advertisers and publishers with the right technology and services to execute and put together high-yielding affiliate campaigns. Founded in Germany in 2009, the company is expanding its business is the markets as Europe, North-America and Asia. With a mission of creating a healthy affiliate ecosystem, Admitad focuses on giving a platform that helps advertisers to increase their online reach and publishers to monetize their inventories. To give this objective an added boost, post lockdown, Admitad is initiating the Monsoon Unlocked Festival.

Welcome to the Monsoon Unlocked fest!

The goal of the Monsoon Unlocked Festival is to allow Admitad publishers to increase their earnings and make up for the opportunities they lost during the period of lockdown.

The festival will be held from 6th to 12th July 2020, and Admitad India will link up with some of the top advertisers across categories such as eCommerce, Beauty, Fashion, Health and more, to provide exclusive advertising opportunities, tools and content to publishers, including exclusive promotional codes and deals, along with additional payouts.

Monsoon Unlocked is an important step towards trying to stabilize the badly hit internet economy and support the businesses that are experiencing a slump in profits and ROI in India. 

June is over already! Hurry up and join the fest right away.

Perks of being a part of Monsoon Unlocked!

As I mentioned in the beginning, Admitad always works at bridging the gap between advertisers, publishers and entrepreneurs by providing the right technology and services to help execute high yielding affiliate campaigns. So, here are the major perks that publishers and advertisers will get by being a part of Monsoon Unlocked.

For Publishers

  • Gain a competitive advantage in the market through exclusive promotional tools
  • Increased profits through higher payouts
  • Opportunity to promote leading brands and advertisers and get more exposure

For Advertisers

  • Opportunity to attract more customers via exclusive traffic sources
  • Get priority promotions done and build partner loyalty
  • Possibility of boosting the sales of your affiliate channel by 20-25%

Advertisers at Monsoon Unlocked!

Admitad India has tied up with some top advertisers to provide publishers with exclusive promotional opportunities, tools, and content. The list includes:

  • Lenovo
  • NortonLifeLock
  • LimeRoad
  • McDonald’s
  • Zivame
  • AJIO
  • 1mg
  • Mama Earth

**And many more!

3 Admitad tools to boost your online ad campaigns!

Admitad is no stranger to online advertising and the affiliate marketing world because it is one of the top leading ad networking platforms in the circuit right now. The company has been praised globally by clients and marketing experts for providing powerful tools and services that help improve the online ad campaigning potential of businesses by bridging the gap between publishers and advertisers.

So, here are 3 free and amazing content monetization tools from Admitad that I recommend you check out if you are looking forward to making the most out of your content and online ad campaigns. 



A very handy tool to create links but this time in the form of an extension to the browser. It’s very convenient for bloggers, content sites, vloggers, forms, social messengers and those who just want to advise friends about different products. 

The recently added new feature now allows you to add links to “Favorites”.  This feature is extremely useful for those who have a content plan ready to be worked on. Another major perk of this function is that you will be spared from the hassle of saving everything, not in documents or notes. Everything will now be saved in the extension itself! 

All you need to do is simply Install the Admitad Extensions and start earning. 



Convenient bot for affiliates with Telegram and any messenger Apps. The Telegram bot by Admitad can save a lot of your time by instantly creating deep links. In addition, this convenient tool will help you to promote cross platforms, create links in bulk and check on generated deep links. The tools work on any device where Telegram messenger is installed – tablets, smartphone, laptop as well as in the browser. 



Moneylink has been designed to turn all direct links on your site to advertisers into affiliates and does so in real-time, and it works wonderfully for blogs and content sites. The link remains clear for the user, and only changes when you click on it. This tool is the ideal option for monetization of very small, beginner, or highly specialized blogs. You can easily connect it to your Admitad account.

A valuable piece of advice would be that the more actively you post content and the wider your audience, the more you will earn!


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