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On January 23, 2017
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I would like to state this AdNow is an excellent choice as it works well for the various legit sites. The prices are slightly higher for the sites that have Canada, US, European and UK traffic.

Have you been trying different kinds of marketing strategies? Did you get the desired results?

If the answer is yes, then I must say that you have been very lucky. But in case this is not true, then it is high time that you pay close attention to the marketing methods you are using.

A lot has changed in the world of advertisement. I feel that you need to be well aware about the strategies that are used now and not the ones popular two years back.

AdNow native advertising network

One thing that is fading away with time is banner advertising. If you are thinking about PPC advertisement, then it is important to understand that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. You will have to spend quite some money.

There are many smart advertisers who are shifting their focus towards improved methods like Native Ads. I would say that if you are one of those who are interested in making it big over the internet, then Native ads offers the perfect solution.

These days you cannot just bank upon Google Adsense. You need to think out of the box and this is where Native ads play a crucial role in changing the face of digital advertising.

What is AdNow?

It is a popular native ad network and is already working for approximately 150,000 publishers. CPM and CPC are its commission types. This is an ideal network not only for the app, but also for the website owners.

Thus, I would say that this network is extremely reliable kinds. I find it beginner friendly and the step by step instructions make everything very simple. So you can simply start with setting up the ad for a particular blog.

Here I am mentioning some of the key benefits of using AdNow network:

  1. You get payment on a weekly via Payoneer, PayPal or Wire.
  2. You get the opportunity to customize the appearance of the ad.
  3. Language is not a problem with this network and you can easily customize the dashboard for different languages.
  4. It supports impressive features like performance monitoring capability and real time CTR.
  5. Referral system offers an earning for a lifetime.

How do you get started?

Let’s go step by step. For getting started you just need to go to the site and give the necessary information for signing up. This is when you get the entry into the dashboard.

AdNow review native advertising network

Now you are good to go and manage all the sites, create ad widgets and monitor the over-all performance. You can use the “Add site” button and add the blogs or sites to the dashboard. One you have added the site, you need to look for the WIDGETS tab.

What I personally like about this network is the fact all that you need to do for showing your Native ads on the blog is simply copy and paste the HTML code on the blog.

STATISTICS TAB: This has a major role to play in monitoring the performance and earning.

Adnow has made everything very simple for the users. The sites are reviewed before these are approved. For the purpose of verifying the verification code needs to be added by the publisher in the site’s root folder.

You get the opportunity to easily install the Javascript code on the site when these are in the moderation mode.

To make things simple for you, I have jotted down the pros and cons for you.

Have a look so that you are able to make up your mind.

Best Features:

  1. Installation is hassle free
  2. Rates are highly competitive
  3. Worldwide coverage
  4. This network can be joined by the non-English sites also

AdNow revie- native advertising network

  1. Support is dedicated types
  2. You get the opportunity to track the performance and revenue real time
  3. The ads can be used in association with other ad networks
  4. In case of any problem you can also reapply later on


  1. The support system is helpful and faster
  2. There is a customized tool for weekly payments for publishers
  3. The deposits for advertisers are very low
  4. Non-English sites also get approved
  5. Works well with all the platforms


  1. CPC is slightly slow for the non-English sites
  2. There is not sufficient ability for filter ads

Final Verdict:

In the end, I would like to state this AdNow is an excellent choice as it works well for the various legit sites. The prices are slightly higher for the sites that have Canada, US, European and UK traffic. You should place the widget below content. So all the publishers out there, what are you waiting for? It is time you get started.


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  1. Hey Akansha,

    AdNow is really amazing advertising network which offers widget based native ads, to be used by publishers on their website.

    AdNow native ad network doesn’t need any specific traffic requirement from its publishers but it is significant to have quality content on the website for maximize traffic. Eventually, thanks for reveling a light on this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  2. Hi Akansha,
    Thanks fo the post. Seem like worth to give a try to adnow.

  3. Hi Akansha Thakur,

    How about the AdNow CPM rate compared with Adsense?

    Do you have any earning statistics for AdNow network?

    It is great if there is a case study Adsense VS AdNow to be published soon.

    Thank you.

  4. Thanks for sharing this review.. i was very curious about adnow, now i know a little bit about addnow.


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