Adport Review 2023: Is It a Reliable ad Network for Publishers?

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Ease of Use
Customer Support


  • Easy to use: Adport is user friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for even the most novice users to get up and running quickly.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Adport provides a detailed overview of campaign performance and ROI, giving you an in-depth look at how your campaigns are performing.
  • Mobile-friendly: Adport is designed with a responsive design, which makes it easy to access and manage your campaigns from any device.
  • Automated optimization: Adport’s automated optimization algorithms can help you get the most out of your campaigns by making real-time adjustments based on performance data.
  • Customizable dashboards: Adport provides customizable dashboards, allowing you to create your own unique view of your campaigns and performance metrics.


  • Limited support: While Adport does offer customer support, it is limited in scope. This means that if you have a more complex issue or need more in-depth assistance, you may have to turn to a third-party provider.
  • Lack of customization: Adport is designed to provide basic campaign management capabilities, and while there are some options for customizing your campaigns, it does not offer the level of customization available with other platforms.

Adport is an advertising network that provides a distinctive set of services to publishers and advertisers. Its strongest feature is being self-serving while providing various monetization options: you can register on your own without needing prior approval from the Adport team, add different websites you wish to monetize, and pick from different ad formats.


Looking for Adport Review, you are at the right place.

Ad networks are a crucial component of the mobile advertising ecosystem’s profitability. They provide a commercial and technical bridge between publishers and advertisers. On a technological level, integrations are frequently offered so that the demand side can launch and track campaigns, while the supply side can sell their goods.

Are You Looking For A Reliable Ad Network?

Ad networks facilitate payments and business activities. Publishers would have to negotiate contracts with each individual advertiser if ad network services weren’t available to pull demand. While some mobile ad networks specialize in particular formats, like video, others support a broader range of formats, from banners to native ads, and everything in between.

Some ad networks provide a platform for advertisers to sign in and control their campaigns on the demand side. Others provide managed services where account managers take a consultative approach and apply their knowledge to make sure the campaign performs at its best.

So, if you are confused about where to start looking or perhaps which ad network to choose and monetize your website content with, then we suggest you read this review on Adport, a fresh and reliable advertising network.

Adport Review: About Adport Review

Adport is an advertising network that provides a distinctive set of services to publishers and advertisers. Its strongest feature is being self-serving while providing various monetization options: you can register on your own without needing prior approval from the Adport team, add different websites you wish to monetize, and pick from different ad formats. 

Also, Adport is a platform that focuses on performance, created exclusively for affiliate marketers, webmasters, advertisers, brokers, etc.

Supported Ad Formats

Adport currently offers the following Ad formats to choose from: - Supported Ad Formats

Push notifications: Push notifications are one of the best ways to monetize traffic and aggressively promote ads. At Adport, large volumes and the best rates are available based on CPC, you can also get good CTRs.

Pop-Under: Pop-under ads are preferable since they are displayed in a different tab, which increases user engagement. You can easily incorporate this ad format, thanks to Adport’s intuitive platform, if you want to make the most money.

In-Page push notifications: This advertising strategy offers a simple way to reach your target market while being completely user-friendly. These advertisements resemble push notifications but don’t require any prior authorization. The adverts appear alongside your website’s content. The best feature of this format is that it supports all browsers and operating systems.

Smartlink: One of the greatest ad formats at Adport is SmartLink. It’s a link that automatically chooses the best offer for each user. The best part about smartlinks is how simple they are to install, at any place you want on your website. To get the greatest results, smart links can also be used in conjunction with other formats.

New Ad Formats 

Adport has just released some very interesting new ad formats for advertisers and publishers: interstitials and rich media. Here’s how they work. 


These full-screen ads generate great CTRs because they demand the user to interact with them, either by clicking on the ad itself or closing it. They also provide plenty of space for storytelling and Adport allows advertisers to pick between a classic or scratch format.

Rich Media

Rich Media ads are those of dynamic display that include advanced features to effectively engage the user. Put in other words, they are animated images containing an ad. To fit all businesses, Adport offers 4 skins to choose from: 

  • Casket: a display that expands from the bottom of the page, collapses, and stays fixed until the user interacts with it 
  • Puncher: two images that appear at the bottom of the site and stay fixed until interacted with
  • Spinner: a spinning fixed display showing two images like two sides of the same coin
  • Tripod: like a puncher, but with three images

How Does Adport Work? - Supported Ad Formats

The entire experience of onboarding and publishing your first ad through Adport is pretty seamless. The entire platform is very easy to use and will suit all kinds of advertisers and publishers whether amateurs or experienced.

  • Adding your website to the portal

Before you get started, the first thing to do is to register with Adport and add your website. Almost every style of website and blog is currently supported. Simply add the page by going to the “Sites” area in the left side panel, once within the platform.

  • Basic details of your website

You must now provide the necessary information, including the website address, the anticipated monthly traffic (within a particular range), and the key categories or themes that best describe the page.

  • Select a suitable theme for your website

Adport can be utilized to monetize almost any kind of website, including those with adult content. That’s because it has a wide variety of themes that cover almost all scenarios, including one specifically for adult websites. Since there will be more campaigns in the advertisements, it is advised to include a number of categories (as long as they make sense with the online content).

You can also select the general “Uncategorized” option if, for some reason, your website does not fall under any of the listed categories.

  • Verify your website using meta tags

You must validate the website after adding the page to the panel. With the help of a meta tag, you can complete this rather routine task quickly and easily.

  • Create your ad space

Once the verification is complete, you may begin generating and setting up the advertising areas. It’s very simple to achieve this because all you have to do is choose the ad unit you’ll be using from the Sites area on the “Add Ad Unit” page.

  • Select Ad format

To monetize your website, you may pick from a variety of advertising options. You can combine them as you like because many of them are completely adjustable, as well as customizable. Direct links, pop-under advertisements, traditional push ads, and in-page push ads are among the available ad formats. You can also choose their fresh new and advanced ad formats, which would include Rich Media and Interstitials to enhance your ad campaigns and boost your revenue.

Advanced Metrics To Check The Performance

Adport has the advantage of having all of the ad formats set up and ready to go when they are installed on your website.

This indicates that you may view the real-time statistics at any moment by visiting the “Statistics” section to learn how your advertisements are doing or which ad styles are doing the best. You can also use other filters in this section to ask for in-depth reports. This way, you may later modify the ads more effectively or learn which ad formats generate the most revenue.

Getting Paid With Adport

Adport has a $50 minimum payment requirement. The option to seek payment will become available after your advertising campaigns hit the $50 threshold. The “Payments” tab is where you can find all the information you need about the monthly earnings, including the information for the collection. Sending an email to Adport support asking for the withdrawal is required if you want to withdraw the money. Payout options include bank transfer, PayPal, and Paxum.

Benefits for Advertisers - Advertising

  • Multiple Ad formats: Adport offers advertisers several responsive and productive ad formats to choose from. This ranges from full-screen ads to push notifications. There is a suitable ad format for every kind of content you wish to advertise.
  • Global Reach: Adport’s ability to give you a global reach is one of its strongest features. You can quickly receive thousands of impressions. More than 220 geolocations have the ads already vetted and organized. 
  • Targeting Options: At Adport, you may choose from a variety of targeting possibilities. You can effortlessly target customers as an advertiser by using factors like geography, OS versions, devices, and more. This enables you to reach your desired users by filtering out your audience.
  • Easy Setup: Adport makes it straightforward and easy to set up campaigns. Additionally, you receive clear insights about the effectiveness of the advertisements.
  • Optimization and Automation: Adport offers you a variety of optimization solutions you can use to increase productivity and hence save more time.
  • Anti-Fraud Protection: They place a high priority on security, which is why they also provide anti-fraud protection. You receive a variety of tools that you may utilize to quickly and successfully filter out the bots. You can maximize the earnings from organic traffic in this manner.

Benefits For Publishers

  • Earn High Revenue: Adport offers the greatest revenue share, up to 85%, which is one of its top features. As a result, it’s a very reliable choice for all publishers.
  • Optimization: Adport offers automated optimization, which will allow you to save a lot of time. Additionally, it works really efficiently, giving you a ton of spare time you can use elsewhere.
  • Seamless Onboarding: If you’re searching for a platform that makes onboarding simple, Adport’s platform is almost unmatched. Thanks to their incredibly easy onboarding, you can get the advertising running quickly.
  • Transparency: You can manage the ads using the admin interface that Adport gives you. This is a fantastic feature because it offers you control and enables you to view all earnings in real-time.
  • Easy Monetization: Adport is your platform if you want to monetize every user and generate the greatest money. You can acquire a high eCPM using Adport, which will enable you to boost your earnings even more.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: At Adport, a variety of payment options are available. Credit cards, PayPal, Paxum, and other methods of payment are all convenient.

Is Adport A Reliable Google Adsense Alternative?

In all fairness, yes it is. While most people might pick Google Adsense as their first bet due to its Google tag and market experience, is a trustworthy and suggested substitute for Adsense. Adport has changed significantly over time and has grown to accommodate numerous successful products like the advertising formats previously mentioned. 

Additionally, we reiterate that the platform recently released two new ad formats.

Publishers will have more monetization possibilities thanks to the following: Interstitial, a very profitable full-screen or overlay ad that is displayed to users as soon as they land on the page; and Rich Media, an interactive ad format for mobile websites monetization.

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Conclusion: Adport Review 2023 is considered an intriguing web ad and monetization platform that gives publishers access to some of the most lucrative formats currently available. This business is one of those crucial alternatives to Adsense to know about and test because of its exceptional performance and the dependability that comes from having the Kimia group behind it.

So, if you are looking for a dependable platform that allows effortlessly bridging the gap between businesses, advertisers, and publishers, then you should definitely have a go with Adport! 

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