AdSpyglass Review 2023: Boost Your Website Revenue Up To 100% [Working]

The concept of Ad meditation has slowly grown into international prominence with the rapid development of the internet and advertising industry. The term basically means a technology that ensures web publishers find the best available network to fill their ad slots by sending advertising requests to multiple ad networks.

With ad mediation, publishers can manage, optimize and increase the profitability of their inventory. This innovative technology helps tackle many crucial hurdles of ad networking and other related fields by ensuring

  • Increased competition and higher CPMs from multiple ad networks
  • Increased operational efficiency by managing your ad stack from a single point
  • Transparency on how partners are performing
  • Add/remove partners easily

Over the past 6-7 years, many ad meditation platforms have been developed to empower businesses, publishers and advertisers to realize these objectives to bring out the most profitable results that satisfy and balances all the ends involved. One such popular ad meditation platform is AdSpyglass.

So this post is to give you a quick yet comprehensive  AdSpyglass Review 2023 of the entire platform including features, prices, working and other aspects you need to know about.

AdSpyglass Review

AdSpyglass Review 2023: Ad Networks Meditation System

About AdSpyglass

AdSpyglass is an advertisement management platform whose primary focus lies around ad network mediation, which enables publishers to always generate the highest revenue on every single impression by effectively managing multiple networks from a single place. Many publishers across the globe today have the desire to integrate more partners into their ad stack and diversify their income but somehow fail to execute this objective effectively. This is where AdSpyGlass comes into play!

Based on AdSpyglass’s research, every single advertising network has offers for 10-50% of your traffic. The rest of your traffic is bought by the underpriced CPM for resale to the other networks or stay unredeemed at all. With the help of AdSpyglass RTB mediation platform, dozens of advertising networks and direct advertisers bid in real-time for your traffic simultaneously.

Thus, near 100% of your traffic is sold at the highest price and your income will increase by 40%-107%. Moreover, you can turn off unperformed networks and change the aggressiveness level of advertising for each network at any time

Adspyglass reviews online

AdSpyglass is one of the most popular of its type that works directly with over 4,000 publisher websites. Their specialties primarily include:

  • Selling views to the most profitable ad networks.
  • Managing all ads from the single place.
  • Managing direct advertisers ads and Handling unbought traffic.

You can increase your income up to 100% if you work with ExoClick, PopCash, Ero-Advertising, JuicyAds and other advertisement platforms. AdSpyglass automatically selects and displays ads with the highest CPM on your websites from the most profitable offers from top ad networks.

AdSpyglass is of the fastest growing platforms of its type, already being used by over 4500 websites, 10000 ad campaigns displaying over 300 Million ads daily.

Highlight Features

Adspyglass reviews by customers

AdSpyglass has made a name for itself in the fast-growing niche of ad meditation by providing some very powerful, efficient, yet cost-effective tools and features. With the help of the following features, Adspyglass has helped businesses across the world in:

  • Selling views to the most profitable ad networks
  • Managing all ads from the single place
  • Managing direct advertiser ads
  • Handling unbought traffic

How does AdSpyslass work?

Here is a brief run through to make you understand how AdSpyglass actually works. A very common problem today for almost all webmasters is managing the monetization of websites. Rates of your favorite ad networks may keep fluctuating as time passes by and you search for alternatives. Suppose you have been trying 3-5 ad networks this year and found that every network has its share of merits and demerits. Naturally, you would desire to remove all cons and leave pros only.

AdSpyglass consists of a team of skilled and experienced webmasters understand your problems. This network system helps to get the benefits of each ad network by allowing webmasters to work with multiple ad networks simultaneously. AdSpyglass displays ads with the highest CPM on your websites automatically by continuously monitoring CPM rates of all ad networks you work with.

Just take a look at the example of ads optimization below to get an idea of how simple the whole process is:

Let’s suppose you work with 3 ad networks, Ad Network 1, Ad Network 2, and Ad Network 3. You link these 3 ad networks to AdSpyglass by setting the API keys and place their ad codes to your websites. Now, AdSpyglass will automatically start checking the CPM rates of all linked ad zones of all ad networks.

Adspyglass ad targeting

Suppose after first CPM check, Ad Network 1 CPM showed $0.5, while Ad Network 2 CPM and Ad Network 3 CPM showed $1.2 and $0.8 respectively. So you can see that Ad Network 2 has the highest CPM and this will be shown on your website.

Now as mentioned earlier, the rates of ad networks may keep fluctuating, so the next CPM check situation could be changed and Ad Network 1 CPM may show $1.3. In that case, AdSpyglass will display Ad Network 1 on your website and so on. All these processes are real time and help you stay on track with the dynamic market rates.

If you are looking for an ad spying tool, then you should check out our review of AdPlexity, which is an awesome tool that will help you keep a close eye on the best performing ads. Click here to read out a detailed review.

Adspyglass Earnings Calculator

One of the best things I loved about Adspyglass is that when you open their official website and scroll to the bottom, you will find their native “Earnings calculator” that has been designed for publishers and businesses to estimate their future incomes and average profits by setting up various combinations of daily traffic and current daily incomes.

Adspyglass income

The calculator is an easy to use slider mechanism in which you can slide the bar right or left to fix your average daily traffic or daily income details. The system will then tally both the data and yield an average estimate for your future income. This calculator is ABSOLUTELY FREE to use, whether you are signed up with Adspyglass or not!

Why do we recommend AdSpyglass?

Hoping that you have understood what Adspglass is, what it does and how it work, let me give you a couple of reasons as to why we recommend you to try AdSpyglass.

  • Benefits of all networks under one hood.

Adspyglass allows webmasters to work with multiple ad networks simultaneously, thus enabling you to get the benefits of each ad network. Though continuously monitoring of the dynamic CPM rates of all ad networks you work with, Adspglass will display the ads with the highest CPM on your websites automatically.

AdSpyglass Review — Income Reports

  • Their process is simple and easy to understand.

AdSpyglass makes sure that you do the least of the work by automatically selecting and displaying ads by studying the most profitable offers from top ad networks with the highest CPM on your websites.

AdSpyglass Review— The Process Is Simple

The network gives complete transparency to their publishers over the data they collect making sure that nothing remains hidden from them. No need to worry about any hidden terms and clause as they will automatically switch your ad tags to the most profitable offers available.

  • Massive and the best advantages for the users.

AdSpyglass works in a manner that almost ensures you an income boost of up to 100% automatically. The network is able to create the following major advantages for customers:

AdSpyglass Review— Reports

  1. You are able to manage all network ads or your own ads directly via AdSpyglass admin panel.
  2. There is no need to change ad tags to reply on your websites templates.
  3. If you have numerous sites, AdSpyglass will help you avoid mistakes while you add your website templates, thus saving you valuable time.
  4. You can see detailed statistics from all inventory ad networks in AdSpyglass reports in one admin panel. This allows for granular analysis and the optimizing of campaigns from all your networks.

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Final verdict: AdSpyglass Review 2023

Business owners and publishers are multitasking heads and prefer solutions that can unify and simplify their advertisement management to whichever extent possible. Managing multiple networks from a single place is perhaps the best solution for unifying all the ad networks you work for, and this is exactly what AdSpyglass expertizes in.

The signup process is totally free and secure. Their working is quick and easy to understand, allowing you to have complete transparency and control over your ad networks. AdSpyglass brings you the most profitable offers from top ad networks with the highest CPM on your websites. A good thing is that the platform stays at par with the fluctuating CPM rates to effectively show the ads with the highest rates.

I totally loved their native “Earnings calculator” that helps publishers and businesses to estimate their future incomes and average profits on the spot. Their network is growing fast and is very reliable, ensuring almost 100% boosted incomes. Altogether, Adspyglass is one of the best platforms for managing all your advertisement networks in one place to ensure higher revenues and profits.

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