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In this post, we have done the Simplilearn SEO course review. I am sure you must have Googled something or the other in your lifetime, but you’d hardly scroll down to see results on the next page. This is a common human tendency that becomes the deciding factor for a website’s survival. Now, imagine the power to reposition a page to a more favorable rank in the search result.

This is not impossible, nor is it illegal with the right set of applications; it is just an acquirable skill for any qualified mortal to cash upon. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is defined as the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s natural/ un-paid/ organic results. But if you really wish to find how it can change your career path then follow me on this topic with

SEO Certification Training: Pros

  1. Over 25 hours of quality e-learning material and instructor-led seminars for an in-depth exploration of SEO
  2. Exhaustive practice sets and downloadable workbooks for evaluating the level of expertise with the subject
  3. The access to Advanced SEO certification course content is unlimited and lasts for 180 days
  4. Advanced SEO certification comes with a self-learning option, for those who are busy with unavoidable responsibilities
  5. Simplilearn is suitable for anyone looking for a rising career with promising returns, including freelancers
  6. The market is continuously tracked for significant changes so that proper updates can be applied to the course structure.


  1. Online Classroom mode of training is  not available for this course on Simplilearn at the moment
  2. Discounted price rates are mostly applicable during holiday seasons.



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Simplilearn is a trusted name among Fortune 500 companies for conducting top-level training exercises for their employees. But the best part is that its services are not enclosed to just industrial level training. Even you can attend online sessions under the coordinated guidance of well over 2000 certified trainers.

Why Simplilearn?

As a learner, you receive an end to end assistance at all times, whether it is a self-paced course or the ones that come with training sessions. Simplilearn deploys an extensive screening process to make sure that you are educated by none but the world-class trainers.

It provides a vast profile of certification courses that are designed and tested to deliver the courses in various formats that go flexible with its user. The unique learning framework employed by Simplilearn has so far proven to hold a success rate of 98.6% with learners in their first attempt.

These training programs have been accredited and recognized by globally renowned institutions, which makes its certifications more than just a paper to validate things. With a variety of dates, timing and locations to find the next class, it gets tough to lag behind in the learning process.

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What is the SEO course all about?

SEO strategy and application are said to be a highly powerful skill set that holds great demand in the current online industry. The advanced SEO certification course inculcates you with the right kind of knowledge under expert faculties and helps you exploit the essential factors that are responsible for a page’s ranking.

By understanding the ways in which search engines classify and rank documents you can learn to create a strategy for SEO, based on things like keyword research, content development, sitemap optimization, design and speed of your website. After all, it is highly crucial for any business to have a respectable rank over its market rivals and attract higher income.

Studies show a 112 percent year-over-year increase in demand for SEO professionals with salaries as high as $94,000, as reported by Conductor, an SEO technology company based in New York. This is one of the best SEO courses while we are doing Simplilearn SEO course review.

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Course Content: Simplilearn SEO course review

Enroll yourself with the Advanced SEO course by Simplilearn, and you will become highly trained with a key understanding of On-page Fundamentals, Keyword research, competitive/ opposition analysis, Site design and Information Architecture, Site Optimization and Best Practices, Link building and off-site value, SEO for local search and even Conducting SEO site audit.

These HQ contents have been widely distributed across 25 hours of e-learning sessions, followed by numerous exercises and practise tests. For an offline mode of practice, downloadable versions of some of these workbooks are also available.

The entire study session is comprehensive and is regularly updated due to its vast background. A self-paced learning of the Advanced SEO certification course comes with an unlimited access to its materials for 180 days. 6 months are more than enough to grow and practise your expertise.

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What’s in it for me?

SEO has become the turning point for many businesses, due to which top firms are getting their employees trained in this discipline for a more optimized ROI. This boosts the running status of online traffic and justifies the high monetary compensation that an SEO expert receives.

The advanced SEO certification course turns you into a professional who is capable of building internal/ external link structures for a site’s optimized visibility. Further, you gain an in-depth knowledge on keyword usage, the functionality of a search engine, and how you can manipulate these various factors for attracting organic traffic.

Career Options

Like I said, almost every company needs its business to open up on the starting pages of a search result. Other than ensuring quality content from their end, these companies rely on SEO consultants for meeting their expectation. So, whether it is a start-up or an already established firm, your skills will attract lucrative job offers from those in need of an SEO expert.

If you are willing to un-follow the paradigm, then you can probably start your own thing. Right from the point when a website is designed to provide further online services, SEO sets the parameter for everything. For a nominal course fee of $299, you could empower yourself to a great position in life.

Do you qualify for Simplilearn SEO course review?

If the advanced SEO certification course sounds like your thing, then you can follow this link to the main page of the course. Here you can get the requisite overview of the course and take decisions confidently.

However, it would be great if you already have the basic working knowledge of HTML, Internet and MS-office. Besides HTML, rest sounds handle able to me.

Is it for you?

Search Engine Optimization has become the nerve of every major business plan, without which the wheels could not roll smoothly. The Advanced SEO certification is for anyone who realizes the true potential behind this subject and wishes to tap into the flourishing market for SEO experts.

These courses are studied by smart entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to polish the presence of their business by personally looking into the matter. Digital marketing professionals are the most likeable candidates for studying these tactics, and then applying them for the needful jump.

The Advanced Online Marketing Bundle enables you to master the major domains of digital marketing to become a complete digital marketer. Check out their Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Courses

Meet the faculty

Now that ideas have already begun to pop into your head, so it’s time you get to know the person who is actually going to do it. Todd Malicoat is a renowned online marketing consultant and author of the popular The guy has literally spoken at over 35 conferences and 60 Ad Words seminars, which sum up to reflect his experience in the field of work.

Here is the link to a demo video by Todd Malicoat over SEO, as seen on Go through this and you will understand what makes him an outstanding speaker at world’s leading digital marketing conferences like SES and PubCon.

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Customer Support is supported by a 24*7 customer oriented team which is available on all major ends. The simplest option is that you click on the Live-chat window provided on the bottom right of the page.

Other ways include calling their helpline number or request a call back by filling in your contact details. You can also refer to its FAQ section to clear out issues with course completion certificate, tips for booking exams, and also how you can refer these courses to earn Amazon vouchers.

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Learning is an ever going process which only stops with our life, then why don’t we direct it for more life-oriented returns. At, there is an ocean of opportunity for almost anyone, and things could turn really bright for those who are subject matter experts with something as crucial as SEO. Follow this link to and find out what’s in the package of the Advanced SEO certification course, for you.


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