Affiliate Booster Review 2023: #1 Theme For Affiliates

Affiliate Booster

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Affiliate Booster is an ultra-fast loading and schema optimized WordPress theme for affiliates. It can help create stunning affiliate websites that help you create millions

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  • Fast Loading
  • Gutenberg Compatible
  • Easy to Customize
  • 100% Responsive
  • Free Booster Plugin
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • #1 Theme For Affiliates


  • Need improvement in UI


Price: $ 21.75

Welcome To My Affiliate Booster Review 2023

Whether you take an eCommerce, personal, or agency website, its design makes a lot of difference in not only improving the user experience but also conveying the right message effectively at the right moment 

The layout of the website represents the personality of the creators. Your readers remember your site long after they leave it. Therefore, you want to make sure that you strike the right first impression on your website design. 

The way you design your website will impact how you make people feel in a certain kind of way. Therefore, the website design goes deep into the psychological factor that determines the user experience in this digital world. 

The point being, your website’s theme and the layout of a website tremendously impact your business growth online. In other words, the internet has over a billion sites. If you don’t give your audience a good user experience online, they will move to other sites. 

Bottom Line Upfront: In my opinion, Affiliate Booster is an ultra-fast loading and schema optimized WordPress theme for affiliates. It can help create stunning affiliate websites that help you create millions. Affiliate booster is specially built for affiliate marketers, so they can easily promote affiliate marketing products without any hassle. I would recommend it to any Affiliate and someone willing to build an affiliate website.

Affiliate Booster Review 2023: Overview

So, the first step to digital success is to have a solid website. In WordPress, you require a theme and a plugin to create stunning websites for your audience. 

Theme and plugins will take all the heavy burden of programming and create a layout the way you want. You cannot afford to invest time and energy just on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and suffer in other departments of your business.

Especially, themes and plugins are even more important for affiliate marketers as they are making a living through their sites. They want to ensure that maximum visitors click their link and purchase the products and services they are recommending. Hence, the site has to be high-quality in performance. 

Today, we are going to talk about a product that gives a reliable affiliate marketing theme and plugin at an affordable price.

We are talking about Affiliate Booster by Kulwant Nagi who is a well-known name in the affiliate marketing space. We will discuss the affiliate booster’s theme and plugin and find out whether it is a real deal for affiliate marketers.

So without wasting any more time, let’s begin.

Affiliate Booster Review- Overview

Affiliate Booster Theme And Plugin Is Free

This is a crucial aspect of having the Affiliate Booster theme and plugin for your affiliate marketing website. In any business, capital determines every decision. Many people who are starting out might not have enough capital to invest in affiliate marketing, and therefore, they don’t get an attractive website.

And even though their content is of high quality, they cannot smoothly entertain their readers and convert them into customers.

Affiliate Booster understands this situation. So, they have a free plan for the plugin and theme. Both provide helpful features to affiliate marketers who manage their websites and build professional websites easily. 

Affiliate Booster’s plugin comes with six blocks in the free plan. These blocks let you implement interactive elements on your website. 

Free plan covers: 

  • Pros and cons of block
  • Comparison block
  • Star rating block
  • Notification block
  • Notice block
  • Button block

With the theme, you get optimization of Schema and Microdata along with advanced typography, custom color controls, a flexible menu, and home page layouts.

The theme is SEO friendly- Affiliate Booster Review

The Theme is SEO-friendly

Search engine optimization is night and day different than what it used to be a couple of years ago. Today, with a couple of article submissions and link profiles, you cannot expect improvements in search engine rankings. You have to rely heavily on content marketing and technical SEO to be able to stand out from the competition.

Affiliate Booster takes care of a lot of technical aspects on a website thanks to its SEO-friendliness. The optimizations become frictionless and the site keeps getting organic traffic with minimal effort.

Being an affiliate marketer, the site owners can save a lot of time in SEO optimization thanks to this SEO-friendly theme and plugin.

First of all, the complete theme is schema optimized so you don’t have to do complicated coding and get overwhelmed when it comes to implementing schema markup. 

Theme’s CSS and JavaScript programming ensure unstoppable performance with quick loading speed. Affiliate Booster claims to score over 95/100 in loading speed. 

This faster loading speed guarantees an excellent browsing experience for website visitors. 

Irrespective of images, videos, embedded content, forms, or any other content, the pages load quickly which works as a boon in ranking to any affiliate site.  

The plugin is also coded with excellent source code files that don’t raise the server load whenever a page is requested at the browser’s end.

The faster loading speed feature will help any affiliate site owner save a lot of time and resources. The site owner no longer has to waste time on programming and optimizing CSS and HTML files.

The owner can only focus on other aspects of the affiliate marketing business and deliver high-quality content in the most efficient way to the targeted audience.

Made of Gutenberg Blocks

The Affiliate Booster plugin is 100% Guttenberg compatible.  If you understand WordPress development then you will know that Gutenberg blocks are the future. Developers believe that Gutenberg is never going anywhere and it will continue to be the default editor for WordPress. 

headers and layouts- Affiliate booster review

Gutenberg editor is a similar editor of popular page builder plugins. Due to that fact, adding content commerce elements and other blocks for WordPress websites becomes effortless. The affiliate Booster plugin makes the Gutenberg editor more visually user-friendly. 

Users no longer have to worry about margins and paddings for any element. Thanks to responsive Gutenberg support, the plugin will work with all the WordPress themes, free and paid.

Plus, thanks to Gutenberg blocks, people who are new to web development and designing, can effortlessly develop stunning landing pages. 

Users no longer have to be dependent on WordPress developers to amend any changes and add any segments on the site. The intuitive Gutenberg blocks by the Affiliate Booster plugin will help them add any content quickly.

Wide Range of Templates and Layouts 

Layout and design of the website are crucial; and when you are aspiring to create a unique brand image for a website through the design, you should look for a theme that comes with an ample number of readymade designs that you can plug and play and get started. A good number of readymade design options will save a ton of time building a layout from scratch.

With the Affiliate Booster theme, you get a decent number of pre-made designs.

  • 6 Homepage Layouts

6 Homepage - Affiliate Booster Review

You can choose how you want the front page of your site to look from 9 attractive and high-converting layouts. No need to design the homepage from scratch, use any one of the designs you like and make changes as per your requirements. Time-saving and smart!

  • 5 Single Post Layouts

You can decide how the articles should appear on readers’ screens. The single post layouts are very attractive, on-point, and optimized to give you the chance to deliver your message elegantly and most effectively to the readers. 

5 Single Posts Layout - Affiliate Booster Review

  • 6 Header Designs

The header of the website is responsible for navigation and how users browse your site. With Affiliate Booster, you get 6 types of head designs to choose from.

No need to work on custom coding to develop headers for your site; choose the one you like and you are all set!

6 Header Designs - Affiliate Booster Review

Affiliate booster understands the necessity of having different designs and unique layouts so that affiliate marketers can emphasize communication and deliver their information attractively to the readers. 

Therefore, such a wide range of designs will help you choose what suits best for your website layout and entertain your website visitors uniquely. 

Made for Beginners and Professionals Both 

Affiliate Booster theme and plugin serve both types of affiliate marketers, beginners, and professionals. You get topography control to give a unique aesthetic to your website along with changing the menus, header, and footer of the site. 

Even if you have developed branded fonts, you will be able to upload them and use them for posts.

Additionally, thanks to the custom color control, you can implement your brand guidelines on your affiliate website. You can ensure the right set of color palettes is used in texts, menus, hyperlinks, and header tags. This will give your site a concurrency look that supports your affiliate website’s brand guidelines. 

Plus, all these tweaks are possible to execute from your WordPress dashboard. You don’t have to work with your PHP and HTML files to change anything.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, such control makes website management enjoyable and productive. You can save a ton of time in making a professional-looking website with intuitive page-building tools powered by this plugin and theme.

With Affiliate Booster, you get to share your custom library of templates with limited permission so that only relevant authorities can make amendments and change the layout whenever required. 

Huge List of Blocks for Unique Content Orientation

Just for one second, can we just all appreciate how many blocks do we get with the theme to showcase the products and content on the affiliate marketing website!

Page blocks for booster theme- Affiliate booster review

Here is a list of blocks you get with the theme and plugin.

  • Single product block
  • Pros and cons of block
  • Star rating block
  • Notice block
  • Notification block
  • Button block
  • Comparison table block
  • Top picked block
  • Good bad block
  • Call to action block
  • Table of the content block
  • Coupons block
  • Progress bar block
  • Conclusion block
  • 3 premium tables
  • Single pros cons block
  • List items block

Keep in mind that all these blocks come in different sizes and designs. 

So, you get practically countless variations to showcase your products and content in the most efficient way possible through the most clean-looking theme for your affiliate marketing website.

Fantastic Compatibility and Responsiveness

Whether you have a mobile or tablet, the theme is responsible for all devices. 

You no longer have to worry about the compatibility and the responsiveness of the theme which is one of the most prominent search engine ranking factors out there. 

You no longer have to worry about if the readers will be able to access your website in the way you want them to. Because it is automatically compatible with all digital devices. 

Moreover, the affiliate booster plugin is compatible with all the plugins and themes. Even if a site already has a theme, then it does not need to buy the Affiliate Booster theme to use the plugin. 

Affiliate Booster theme and plugin both are standalone products and both of them support all the leading major themes and plugins of the market.

The fact that it is a relatively new theme is the only drawback of Affiliate Booster. Otherwise, it has got all the relative features that an affiliate marketer is required to manage a successful affiliate marketing blog in 2021. 

Since it was only launched a few years ago, there are not many case studies or success stories we get of Affiliate Booster as compared to the number of success stories of other leading themes like GeneratePress. 

Having said that, Affiliate Booster has crossed the user base of 2700 recently, which shows prominent growth of the product. 

Fantastic Compatibility and Responsiveness-Affiliate Booster Review

The digital marketing community is speaking very highly of Affiliate Booster which is also a positive sign of where this product is headed.

Moreover, the team behind Affiliate Booster is working tirelessly to provide the most suitable and SEO-friendly affiliate marketing theme and plugin to users. Hence, they constantly deploy relevant updates and helpful features so that users can get the most out of the theme and eventually grow their profit margins.

Affiliate Booster Theme Pricing Plans:

Affiliate booster theme pricing planws

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Conclusion On Affiliate Booster Review 2023

Well, it depends. It depends on your requirements and what your plans are with your affiliate marketing business. Either way, you can try the free version of the theme and plugin and experience its excellent performance before deciding whether to invest in them or not. 

Affiliate Booster theme’s premium version starts at $21/year, and the plugin starts at $29/year. If those 25 Gutenberg blocks can save time for you and the theme is what you are looking for, then Affiliate Booster is a no-brainer. 

Let me know what you think about this blog post. If you would like to add something to this blog, you are welcome to share your comments below. 

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