Affiliate Lab Review 2021: Is It Worth Your Money? (TRUTH)

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  • 24+ Hours of training
  • Templates & Tools
  • Checklists & SOPs
  • Exclusive FB Group
  • Perfect niche selection using the Niche Grading Tool.
  • The irresistible site architecture that Google LOVES.
  • How to create content that ranks and makes sales.
  • Step-by-step how to build a website from scratch
  • create an online persona that builds trust & authority.


  • A little bit expensive

Price:$ 997

In this post, we’ll do a complete Affiliate Lab Review.

Are you planning to start your affiliate website? or your affiliate website is getting highly competitive. This affiliate lab course by Matt Diggity comes with comprehensive step by step videos on how you can rank high-difficulty affiliate sites and sell them over 30X profit. This course offers you multiple bonus lessons as well like white-hat outreach, live webinars, flip lab and more.

To be very honest, I have applied the site size explosion technique of the Kitchen Sink Module and reached the #1 position for highly competitive keywords also with ZERO additional backlinks I have seen a 200% increase in traffic and well over 100% increase in earnings. So, if you are looking for some real and actionable course here is one for you. You’ll be wondering:

What Is Affiliate Lab?

Affiliate Lab is a comprehensive training course for marketers, SEO specialists, and students who want to know everything about to rank and flip affiliate websites also you will learn search engine optimization, test-backed strategies to build backlinks, and more.

This course covered hundreds of training videos starting from website creation, on-page, off-page optimization to flipping a website. When purchasing the course, you will receive six pre-made templates and checklists for on-page and off-page optimization and it has more than 12 hours of content. You will also get access to his private Facebook group.

Who Is Matt Diggity?

How Matt Diggity Sold Multiple 6-7 Fig Sites Through SEO (Affiliate Lab)

Matt Diggity is an SEO expert and creator of Affiliate lab generating all his revenue through SEO and affiliate-related tasks. Before putting his hands into SEO, he graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. He got a job at a software startup and learned a lot during his work that he could use for his digital marketing.

After returning from work, he started to develop new techniques which helped him to rank affiliate websites. Eventually, he started selling his partner websites and earned hundreds of thousands of dollars by allowing him to discover a new freedom in his life.

In This Affiliate Lab Course You Will Learn:

  • Niche Selection
  • Domains and Hosting
  • Keyword Research
  • Site Architecture
  • Content Building
  • Site Building (Single Page)
  • Site Building (Site-Wide)
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Featured Snippets
  • Affiliate Links
  • CRO
  • Website Maintenance
  • Creating a Google Persona
  • Social Fortress Creation
  • Anchor Text Analysis
  • Local Citations
  • Social Signals
  • The Bulletproof Backlink Strategy
  • PBN Linking
  • Technical Audits
  • The Kitchen Sink
  • Scaling Multiple Affiliate Sites
  • Sleep Hacking

Bonus Lessons By Affiliate Lab

affiliatelab bonus

  • The Flip Lab
  • The Beginner Lab
  • The Truth About Penalties
  • The White Hat/Outreach Lab
  • Downloadables

You Can Steal Featured Snippets For Most Competitive Keywords

affiliate lab featured snippets

One of the biggest advance with this course is that you’ll learn to steal featured snippets for most competitive keywords. The method works best if you are already on the first page of Google like 7th or 8th position. It showed 90% results if you are in 3rd position of Google. This is by far one of the best things I have learned with affiliate lab.

You Will Learn CRO

affiliate lab CRO

Suppose you are ranking an affiliate website and with lots of traffic but you don’t know to convert them, what will happen?

You will not earn any revenue.

CRO is one of the most important parts of affiliate SEO because it’s so close to the money. The changes you make with regards to the conversion will increase your income immediately.

The Kitchen Sink

affiliate lab the kitchen sink

Last but not least, you know every site gets stuck to some degree before it gets to #1. The key to success is to make good notes, track all your data, so when it comes to that day, debugging becomes easy.
In this lesson, Matt introduces you to a few kitchen sink techniques that will help you get unstuck and rank for competitive keywords.

How Much Affiliate Lab Cost?

The original price for the affiliate lab course is $ 2,997. Now available for sale, it costs $ 997. This includes the main content as well as the bonuses. Keep in mind that if the 50 member limit is exceeded, the price will rise to $ 1,497. It’s an incredible deal as the total value including bonuses you get is $13,055.

Once you’ve set aside money for the course, you can pay the one-time fee of $ 997. However, if you are facing budget issues, you can use the Affiliate Lab payment instalments, which makes two payments of $ 597.

Who Can Benefit Most From Affiliate Lab?

  • SEO for Beginners: It is for beginners who are ready to directly access advanced SEO practices.
  • Advanced SEOs: People who want to optimize their SEO game and take it to the next level with a tactical link building, debugging and monetization strategies.
  • SEO who gave up: If you’ve tried other methods and failed, it’s because you had the wrong information. There is no theory or guesswork in The Affiliate Lab, everything is based on real evidence.
  • SEO for clients: agencies that want to diversify their residual income through affiliate marketing.
  • Complete beginners: who have never created a website This course starts from scratch and you will also join the advanced SEO community.

Limitations Of Affiliate Lab

  • There are no upsells: Matt promises that once a person purchases the training program, there will be no additional sales.
  • There is no refund policy: Unfortunately, affiliate lab has no refund policy. Make sure you want this SEO and affiliate course as it is expensive and does not offer a refund policy in case if you are not happy with the course.

What People’s Say About Affiliate Lab

affiliate lab testimonials affiliate lab testimonials by peoples

Bottom Line: Why Affiliate Lab Is The Best In My Opinion?

The Google algorithm is constantly changing and it rolled out multiple updates this year like E.A.T, BIRT, NLP, Snippets and more. So, your SEO strategies should also be updated constantly. Matt Diggity promises to update Affiliate Lab’s training program and SEO strategies so that it can adapt the content of its website accordingly and will not be penalized by search engines if changes are made. This is the ultimate course I have opted until now and recommending all of you. With this course, you will not get disappointed for sure.

Let me know, what you think about this course and your opinion in the comments section below.

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